Get your lost property from London King’s Cross | Lost & Found Items Shipping

Maybe you recently visited London King’s Cross and accidentally left a suitcase or another personal item at the station. Thankfully, the station’s employees have gathered and stored your belongings at a secure place. All you have to do is visit King’s Cross visitors’ center and retrieve it. However, you are in a different city and it would be extremely costly and time consuming to travel back to London. In this case, you could book a lost and found shipping service and have your lost property sent to you. Learn how to get your lost property from London King’s Cross by booking affordable shipping services!

Get your lost property from London King’s Cross | Eurosender

Eurosender is a leading platform for booking logistics companies in Europe. It helps you find the most affordable, reliable and convenient way to ship items from point A to point B in a matter of seconds.

We have created a vast network of logistics partners in Europe and we constantly negotiate better prices with them for our customers. Due to our large number of shipments, we are able to “unlock” very low prices, which then become accessible through our engine. Do you want to get your lost property from London King’s Cross? Then you can simply book a lost and found items shipping service through our platform.

All you have to do is go to our engine, insert the details of the shipment, submit the pick-up and delivery address and pay for the service. A reliable logistics company will then pick-up the suitcase or package with your items from the railway station and ship it at the address of your choice.

Please, keep in mind that you should always provide us with the correct pick-up address when inserting the order details. Otherwise, the courier driver might be unable to locate your shipment on time. That is why you should insert the exact location of your items (within the station/ airport etc.) to avoid a possible delayed delivery or even a canceled order. Courier drivers have usually a limited time to pick-up the items from the different addresses they are provided with. That means that they will not be able to go around the airport or train station for hours trying to locate an item. Please, make sure that he will be provided with all the information he/she might need.

Lost and found items shipping | Important steps:

  • Contact the train station and learn where your items are located;
  • Book the service through our engine;
  • Inform the train station about the pick-up date and on how to protect your items.


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Please, note that when booking a shipping service from an address other than your own, you need to provide all the information needed to the people who will hand-in your items to the courier provider. In this case, the employees at the King’s Cross railway station should know in advance the pick-up date and other details about the shipment. Also, it is important to remember that your items will have to be protected, so that they do not get damaged during transit.

About King’s Cross:

King’s Cross railway station, which is also known as London King’s Cross, is one of the 18 National Rail station in central London. It is one of the busiest railway stations in the UK and its first purpose was to accommodate the East Coast Main Line. Many Londoners and tourists visit King’s Cross railway station to catch a train to Cambridge, Birmingham and other cities in the UK and in Europe. Rumors have it that among them you’ll find many prospective Hogwarts students in search of platform 9 3/4.

Get your lost property from London King’s Cross | What items can I ship?

It could be a suitcase, your sports equipment, your musical instrument, an electronic device or something smaller, like your passport. Anything that is inanimate and not inherently dangerous, such as a gun, can be shipped through Eurosender. However, you should inform the people responsible for handing-in your items on how to prepare them for shipping.

  • For example, suitcases must be covered with protective plastic film, including the handles and the wheels. All zippers must also be closed.
  • Individual items that are left behind can be shipped in a package. Eurosender has created a detailed guide on how to pack various items for shipping. These include electronic devices, fragile items and musical instruments.


Packages and suitcases that fit our standard dimensions and weight (up to 40 kg, maximum length of 175 cm) are eligible for a standard shipping. All you have to do is use our engine and book the service. This will only take a few seconds.


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My shipment is too big and too heavy | Individual offer | Lost and found shipping

Maybe you lost two big suitcases or an oddly shaped item at London King’s Cross. You entered the dimensions in our engine but saw that they are not eligible for a standard courier service. That, however, does not mean that we are unable to accommodate your needs. If your item weigh more than 40 kg and/or is it more than 175 cm long, you can simply ask for an individual offer! All you have to do is fill-in a form with your shipment details and we will come back to you with a customized offer. You can then accept or decline this offer.


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I want to retrieve my items from another station. Is it possible?

London King’s Cross is not the only railway station from which we can pick-up your lost and found items. Lost and found items shipping is possible from any other train station or even from airport, hotel, apartment and office building. Just make sure that the address you submit is valid and easily accessible. Also, you will need to inform the people in charge of sending your shipment on how to properly pack them before the pick-up. Unfortunately, we cannot send shipments to Hogwarts.

Please, make sure that you always insert the correct address. Although your lost property might have been found at King’s Cross, it could be now stored in a different location. That is why you should ask where your items are located before booking the service. A wrong address could result in an unsuccessful pick-up attempt.

Things to remember | Eurosender | Lost and found items shipping
  • We offer free basic insurance (of up to 200€) for all shipments. You can purchase extra insurance at a very low price.
  • Our services are door-to-door; you will receive your items at your doorstep.
  • We always offer you the best price on the market, as a result of constant negotiations.
  • Safety is important to us; that is why we work with the most reliable logistics companies.
  • You will always be provided with a tracking number; you will always know where your shipment is located.
  • Do you have any questions? Our customer support team will be more than willing to help you.

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