Regardless of where you’re going next: Ship your lost luggage from Frankfurt Airport

It happens more often than you think when coming home from a recent trip, you realize that you left your luggage behind at the airport. It could be your carry-on bag, a box or your bag with ski boots. Thankfully, your items have been found but you are unable to go reclaim them yourself, due to the distance. Traveling back would cost a lot of time and money but, on the other hand, your lost and found item is quite valuable to just leave it behind. An answer to this dilemma is lost and found shipping services. A courier company will pick-up your items from the airport and will bring them to your doorstep at home, your next hotel or wherever. Regardless of where you’re going next, with Eurosender, you can ship your lost luggage from Frankfurt Airport

In general, you’d follow the following steps: you look for the Frankfurt Airport contact number and ask for their details. So you can have your lost luggage pickedup. Next, you book a courier service, through Eurosender for example, and you wait for the package to be delivered at your door! In this article, we’ll go in more detail for Frankfurt Airport.

Luggage delivery to Frankfurt Airport with Eurosender.

Not only can you reclaim lost luggage from the airport, but you can also order a luggage delivery to Frankfurt Airport with Eurosender. See hereunder how to do so!

Choose the pick-up and delivery countries, the number of packages and their weight.

You will be provided with the best available offer.

Fill in the form with your details and pay for the service.

Get informed on how to pack your items for shipping

Type to search
Type to search

By following these steps and filling out all information, Eurosender can find you the best courier to ship your lost luggage from Frankfurt Airport or book a luggage delivery to Frankfurt Airport. Do you already have a particular question on shipping with Eurosender or questions in general? Please follow the button and speak to one of our agents.

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Before you ship your lost luggage from Frankfurt Airport, please check:

Check your parcel's dimensions

Reclaim lost and found luggage from Frankfurt Airport.

Frankfurt Airport is one of the biggest airports in Europe. Luggage gets lost all the time. Here’s what you need to do to ship lost luggage from Frankfurt Airport:

  1. The Frankfurt Airport lost and found office has a dedicated page on which you’ll find most information.
  2. Fill out the form and await their response.
  3. Ask them for the exact pick-up address and ask if your left luggage has received a reference number. Also, ask whom you can put down as “point of contact” for the pick-up.
  4. Book your shipment with the tool above.
  5. Insert the information.
  6. Select the pick-up address and delivery address.
  7. Continue to the payment section.
  8. Wait for the confirmation in which you can find the name of the courier company.
  9. Inform the Frankfurt Airport lost and found office that your left luggage will be picked up.

While every shipment is covered by the standard insurance (200€), we highly recommend that you also choose one of our extra insurance packages (1000€, 2000€, 5000€), especially when the content of your luggage contains some high-value items like a camera, laptop, tablet, action camera or even a drone. Add additional insurance during the booking process at extremely low prices while giving you the necessary piece of mind.

Eurosender services

Shipping a suitcase from Frankfurt Airport or any other airport.

So you see, shipping a suitcase from Frankfurt Airport is not that difficult. But you might not want to get your lost property from Frankfurt Airport but from Heathrow Airport or Brussels Airport. As long as the pick-up location is in one of the countries in which we operate, we can arrange the pick-up with one of our logistics partners. Just make sure that you inform the airport’s lost and found department or private company that stores and handles your lost property. So they know about the courier company that will come by to pick up your suitcase.

As long as you provide us with an accurate address and there is at least one person willing to pack and hand-in your belongings, then we can ship your items. The pick-up location does not matter, as long as it is accessible and the people involved in the shipping process are informed about the pick-up dates and on how to properly pack the items.

Frankfurt Airport same day courier

Unfortunately, we don’t provide same-day courier pick up service at Frankfurt Airport just yet, we are working hard to make this service available in your country. Hitherto we provide this service to our business customers in Portugal, Poland, Croatia, Romania, and Slovenia.

Other services we do provide are:

  • A high volume of shipments is booked through our platform. That means that our negotiating power increases and we are able to offer you some of the most competitive prices on the market.
  • We always provide our customers with a tracking number. In this way, you receive live information on your shipment’s whereabouts.
  • Although our prices are low, we do not compromise on safety. We only work with the most reputable shipping providers in Europe and we constantly keep track of their performance.
  • We have a very active customer support team that will always answer your questions – as long as they are related to shipping.

Do you still need help shipping a suitcase from Frankfurt Airport or do you need help booking a luggage delivery to Frankfurt Airport? Then click the following button and contact one of our agents in more than 15 languages!

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