Courier Services from Madrid Airport

Reclaim and ship left luggage and lost property from Madrid Airport

If you have left luggage or property at Madrid-Barajas Airport, chances are it could appear at the Lost and Found Department. It is possible to have items and left luggage shipped from lost and found at Madrid Airport to avoid you the hassle of travelling back to claim them. Regardless of the destination, we can help you recover your lost baggage from Barajas and ship lost items from the lost and found department at Madrid Airport to any address in Spain or abroad

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Sending left luggage from Madrid Airport with Eurosender

Booking a courier service may be the best and fastest option to recover your lost baggage from Madrid Airport. Find out what courier services from Madrid Airport we can arrange for you to reclaim forgotten suitcases and other items lost in Barajas Madrid Airport.
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Steps to recovering lost baggage from Madrid Airport

Follow these steps to reclaim your forgotten suitcase or property from Barajas and get your left luggage delivered from Madrid Airport:

  1. Contact Madrid Airport Lost & Found Department for lost items inside the airport or contact the airline for lost property on board an aircraft;
  2. Confirm they have your item – you may need to prove you are the owner with ID or by providing a description or serial numbers;
  3. Ask if they are willing to hand over your items to courier services, before arranging collection. You may need to complete an authorization form;
  4. Ask for additional details for collection – the courier needs as much information as possible, including pick-up locations and a contact;
  5. Remember that your item needs to be packed in order to be collected by courier services. Inform airport staff of our packing guidelines;
  6. Book the courier service from Madrid Airport with us, and relax. Just make sure someone is home at the time of delivery.


How to write de address to ship left luggage from Madrid Airport

To ensure hassle-free collection, providing a complete pick-up address is crucial. Follow the example below so couriers can successfully collect your parcel and forgotten suitcases and items from Madrid Airport on your behalf:

  1. Country
    Choose the country of pick-up/delivery
  2. Name & Surname
    Add the name of lost and found desk contact followed by the name of the consignee
    Ex.: Madrid Airport Lost & Found, Attn: Juan Cuesta (lost property for) Emilio Delgado
  3. Address
    Fill out the airport address, check their website to make sure it is correct.
    Ex.: Terminal 4, Arrivals Hall, Floor 0, Av de la Hispanidad, s/n.
  4. Additional info – Optional
    Keep in mind that the courier does not always take this into consideration.
    You could choose to include a reference number or officer contact here.
  5. ZIP code
    Add the zip code, please double check it to make sure its correct.
    Ex.: 60547
  6. Town/city
    Add the full name of the town or city
    Ex.: Madrid
  7. Phone number
    Add the phone number, change the area code if needed.
    Ex.: +34 947 85 56 448/span>

What items are usually shipped from Madrid-Barajas Lost & Found?

Travelers often ship back their missing carry-on luggage items, as well as important documents like passports or ID. Most people get their left luggage delivered from Madrid Airport to retrieve:


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Sending lost luggage with courier services from Madrid Airport: FAQ

Are there any packing specifications for shipping items from lost and found at Madrid Airport?
When using courier services from Madrid Airport to retrieve your lost luggage or items, the items will need to be packed inside a cardboard box in order to ship them safely. Some couriers may refuse collection if your suitcase is not packed properly according to our instructions and insurance will not apply to the suitcase or its contents. Please see our dedicated page and inform airport staff prior to collection.
What is the cheapest way to ship passports and IDs and other small lost property from Madrid Airport?
The best way to ship a lost passport, ID or any other type of document from Madrid Airport is through our Express Document service, suitable for documents and envelopes for delivery worldwide in as little as 24-72 hours. For lost keys, phones and smaller lost property, the cheapest way to ship them from Madrid Airport is via our standard service, packed inside a box.
I lost an item in transit, but Madrid Airport lost and found have not found it. Where else could I contact?
You may have lost your item or luggage on board your flight, in which case you should contact the particular airline to arrange collection. The airline will inform you of the delivery options and sometimes will ship the item themselves. If they do not offer this possibility, you can always book a service for shipping lost property and luggage from Madrid Airport with Eurosender.
Will the courier take unpacked lost property or items?
When you book courier services from Madrid Airport with Eurosender, your lost items need to be packed according to our instructions. Be sure to inform airport staff beforehand because the courier might refuse to collect items not packed properly.
How can I be sure the items are being sent back to me?
You can track the progress of your forgotten suitcase on our tracking tool, from the time it is reclaimed from Madrid Airport to delivery, and always know where your item is.
Are the lost items sent from Madrid-Barajas Airport insured?
Suitcases bags and other left luggage items have to be packed properly to be covered by insurance, but only if they are packed properly and you are not sending prohibited or restricted items. Please note suitcases are not covered by insurance unless they are packed in a cardboard box and safely secured.