How to Pack and Ship a Drone?

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Are you a traveller looking for a safe and budget-friendly option for shipping a drone abroad to avoid any potential difficulties at the airport? Or a company willing to find a reliable partner for your deliveries? Explore our safe door-to-door logistics solutions for shipping drones internationally. Get the best price/quality ratio in a few clicks through our easy-to-use platform! Check our drone packaging tips, as well as the FAQ section for useful information.

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The optimal way to pack a drone for shipping

Whether you are planning to send a drone by courier or by post, be it a brand-new or a used device,
here are the steps to follow to ensure maximum protection during transportation:

  1. Disassemble all outer parts of your flying device. Be careful not to lose any screws or small details.
  2. Put small details in a plastic bag.
  3. Wrap bigger parts such as the propeller and the camera, as well as the drone itself in bubble wrap.
  4. Take a cardboard box, fill the bottom with cushioning materials (packing peanuts, crumpled paper, etc.).
  1. Place the drone in the box. Add some more cushioning to fill empty spaces.
  2. Place the bag with details in the box.
  3. Make sure that there is enough cushioning material between the drone and its disassembled parts.
  4. Close the box and seal the box with adhesive tape

How to ship drones with li-Ion batteries?

Regulations on shipping lithium battery-powered drones internationally

Sending a drone by courier or by post can be carried out by individuals and authorized resellers if the devices comply with the requirements below.

Items containing attached, non-removable lithium-ion batteries can be sent by all modes of transport, provided they comply with the parameters outlined in the UN Manual of Tests and Criteria:

Single-cell batteries
No more than 2 cells, ≤ 20Wh

Multi-cell batteries
No more than 4 cells, ≤ 100Wh

Devices with lithium batteries exceeding the above specifications cannot be transported by air but can be carried by road or travel by sea.
Before packing a drone for shipping, remember that batteries of any kind must always be transported inside the device. All other relevant battery charge and other transportation recommendations for every gadget model can be found in the manufacturer’s product information sheet.

If you are shipping a drone abroad between non-EU member states, a customs declaration will be required. Do not try to lower the value of imported goods, otherwise, the package may be seized by the customs officers. Check all the details in advance.
If you are still unsure about the delivery options, let our logistics experts walk you through the process. Receive real-time assistance through our live chat.


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FAQs on shipping drones internationally

Can I buy a drone abroad and bring it to my country?

Many countries have local rules and regulations regarding importing, carrying and using drones, and these rules keep changing. In most cases buying, transporting and shipping a drone from abroad is not a problem. However, certain countries, like India, have adopted strict policies regarding the import of this popular gadget. Thus, we strongly recommend consulting the local customs office of the destination country before sending a drone by courier or by post.

Do I need to register my quadcopter before sending it abroad?

It depends on whether you are shipping a new or a used drone abroad. If it’s a brand-new device, you simply need to comply with the customs regulations and pay import charges during the customs clearance procedure. If the device’s take-off weight is more than 250 gr, you will need to register it with the national authorities before starting to use it for recreational or commercial purposes. This rule applies in countries such as Canada, China, the US, the UK, as well as in all the EU countries.
If you intend to sell your device and send a used drone by courier or by post, do not forget to remove your unique registration number from the unified system online before your device gets to its new owner.

Can you mail a drone?

Yes, if you comply with the existing requirements regarding the transportation of li-Ion-powered devices. If you are shipping a drone abroad, check the official customs office website of the destination country to see if there are any specific regulations regarding this type of items.

Can I travel with a drone? Can I carry a quadcopter on a plane?

Yes. If the drone weighs more than 250gr, you will have to show your license. It is generally recommended to transport drones in your checked luggage. Travellers also advise disassembling the propellers. Do not forget to check the destination country’s customs office website to avoid any issues. You can also check our useful tips on how to pack a drone for shipping to learn how to prepare your quadcopter for transportation.

How to ship a drone safely?

When shipping drones internationally, remember that only the original padded packaging can offer maximum protection to this type of articles. Add enough cushioning materials and follow our packing guidelines to make sure your item is safe and protected for transportation.

Can I receive compensation for my device if anything goes wrong during transportation?

Depending on the selected shipping service and the type of article being transported, shipping insurance may be included in the price of the service. For extra protection, we also offer additional insurance options with higher coverage at very low rates. To make sure your device is eligible for insurance, always pack it in its original packaging with the original cushion material and keep the original invoice of your drone as it serves as proof of its value. This document will be required by the courier company in case you decide to start a claim procedure. Please consider that insurance may not apply when shipping used or second-hand electronic devices.

Take into consideration these guidelines when shipping electronic devices. Nevertheless, please consider that following them does not guarantee that the courier company will transport your package without restriction. In case you decide to ship used or second-hand electronic devices, Eurosender will not be held responsible for any damages caused by the transportation of your shipment.