How to Ship a Fur Coat?

Shipping fur clothing overseas and across the country

Are you an individual willing to send a real fur coat or jacket safely? Or an outerwear boutique looking for a logistics partner for shipping fur clothing overseas and across the country to your clients? Check our guidelines on how to protect a fur coat for shipping and find answers to your questions related to sending animal furs and skins domestically and internationally.

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Pack and send genuine fur clothing internationally

Here is how you can protect a fur coat, jacket, and accessories for shipping:

  1. Make sure that the fur coat is not wet. If your garment has been exposed to moisture, hang it in a well-ventilated room to let it dry completely. Avoid using metal hangers and placing fur clothing near radiators.
  2. Fold your coat carefully without pressing too hard.
  3. To avoid wrinkles, fill the sleeves with crumpled paper. Turn the shoulders inside out without touching the sleeves. If it is a long coat, fold it in half lengthwise.
  4. Put your coat in a cotton bag.
  5. Fill in all the empty spaces inside the box with padding materials. If you ship real fur clothing abroad in a suitcase, you can surround it with other clothes to ensure extra padding.
  6. Put the fur coat in a cardboard box and seal it box with adhesive tape.

Regulations for shipping fur clothing overseas

Some countries strictly prohibit shipping real fur clothing from abroad (India), while others do not have any regulations in this regard (China, etc.). Countries like New-Zealand specifically regulate imports of several types of furs, such as mink.

It is recommended that the shipper checks regulations applicable both in the pick-up and the destination country to be able to send animal furs and skins safely abroad.


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FAQs on shipping real fur coats and other fur items nationally or internationally

Can I ship real fur clothing abroad by post?

Shipping real fur coats, jackets, hats, and accessories by post is allowed, even though there may be local restrictions and specific rules regarding certain types of furs depending on the country. To avoid risks when shipping fur clothing overseas, we suggest checking the official customs websites of the countries involved in the shipping process.

Can I send my old fur coat by courier for remodelling?

Yes. Given the extremely long lifespan of clothes made of this noble material, many people want to have their outdated garments restyled. If the atelier is in another city, some clients opt for shipping real fur coats by courier.

What should one keep in mind before shipping real fur clothing abroad?

People who have already sent genuine fur clothing for their personal use internationally strongly recommend cutting the labels before transportation. It will help you avoid additional charges at customs.

Is there any insurance coverage for sending animal furs, skins, and real fur clothing?

When shipping real fur coats across the country or abroad, you must understand that luxury goods are considered as restricted items, which implies that the insurance will not apply. Correct packaging will minimize potential risks.

Where can one buy fur items when travelling abroad?

Some travellers enjoy visiting popular luxury outlets during their trips to Paris, Milan, London, Los Angeles, or New York to buy fur outfits from world-famous fashion designers. Others go to Greece and Italy to buy garments made of this noble material. Tourists from Eastern European countries love to go hunting for fur coats to Athens, Kastoria (the Greek fur capital), or to Crete. According to the data published by the Kastoria Chamber of Commerce, Greece comes in second in the world in terms of fur production, thanks to an exceptional price/quality ratio. Some Greek regions rely on more than 400 years of fur trade experience.

Disclaimer: Take these guidelines into consideration when sending genuine fur clothing internationally. Nevertheless, please bear in mind that following them does not guarantee that the courier company will transport your package without restriction. In case you decide to send animal furs and skins using our platform, Eurosender will not be responsible for any damages caused by the transportation of your shipment.