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How to send candies and sweets to someone?

Sending candy in the mail allows you to show your love to someone who is far. And even though it sounds like a simple idea, packing and shipping candy in the mail works best with the help of experts. At Eurosender, we know how important it is for businesses and individuals knowing their sweets will be safely delivered. Follow our guide and check our tips to start shipping candy in the mail with the best couriers.


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How can you ship candy by mail or courier?

Eurosender provides multiple door-to-door shipping options to send shipments overseas or across the country:
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How to package candy before shipping

The proper packaging will ensure the safe delivery of your candies. Follow our experts’ tips on how to package candy before mailing it:

  1. Place your candy into a plastic bag, container or jar. You can wrap candies with wax paper or foil first, for extra precaution.
  2. Bubble wrap the container or jar with your candies.
  3. Place the candies into a sturdy shipping box.
  4. Add cushioning material such as bubble wrap, packing peanuts or bagged foam.
  5. Close and seal the box.

For additional protection, you can pack the candy in an insulated box or envelope and use dry ice to make sure your sweets won’t melt.


How much does it cost to send sweets to someone?

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FAQs about sending homemade treats and other candy internationally

Can you send candy in the mail?
Sending candy in the mail may be tricky as they are considered as restricted items by most of the post and courier companies. Still, many people send candy, marshmallows, and homemade sweets every day. Usually, senders pack candy together with other goods in the box, such as clothes or toys. However, keep in mind that when you decide to ship candy in the mail, you do this at your own responsibility.
How can I send candy for Valentine’s day by courier?
Sending candies in a box for Valentine’s day is a great idea if you want to surprise someone. Eurosender offers different courier services for shipping packages or boxes directly to the recipient’s door. Take care of the packaging and book the standard or express service in advance to make sure your shipment will be delivered on time.
How to send homemade marshmallows without melting?
If you are shipping temperature-sensitive candy, such as marshmallows, follow our packaging guidelines and choose the fastest available shipping option. Additionally, you can place dry ice or gel ice packs on the bottom and on top of the box. However, consider that there might be other factors that influence the safety of your shipments, such as the product’s ingredients and the quality of the cooling packs.
Will my shipment be insured if I send sweets to someone?
If you decide to ship sweets or any other perishable items, keep in mind that your shipment will not be insured. Thus, the shipper cannot claim any possible damage.
Take into consideration these guidelines when shipping candy overseas or domestically. Nevertheless, please consider that following them does not guarantee that the courier company will transport your package without restriction. In case you decide to send candy, Eurosender will not be held responsible for any damage caused by the transportation of your shipment.