Pack and Ship Scuba Gear Internationally

How to ship scuba gear abroad? Send diving mask, fins and wetsuits ahead

Whether you are planning a trip and wish to book your scuba gear transportation ahead, or you are a seller shipping scuba diving equipment to your customers, Eurosender provides the best logistics solutions. The fastest and safest way to ship diving masks, snorkels, diving wetsuit or scuba fins is through a courier service. Find out how what regulations apply when shipping scuba tanks and read our tips on how to pack your scuba gear before sending it internationally. To prepare your shipment for the delivery, we made a list of recommendations regarding packing scuba equipment before sending.

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Shipping solutions for sending scuba gear internationally

Are you a manufacturer, a specialised scuba diving shop or a sports store that ships scuba diving tanks, masks, snorkels, and fins to buyers? Set up your own digital logistics department and have all your operations and invoices gathered in one place. With Eurosender you can send scuba gear internationally directly to your clients’ door anywhere in the world.


How to ship scuba gear abroad with Eurosender

When it comes to shipping scuba diving equipment by courier, it is of utmost importance to pick
the right delivery option and logistics partner for your transport.

Standard shipping

Most cost-effective method for sending scuba gear
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Express shipping

Fastest way to ship scuba diving equipment globally
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Pallet shipping

An efficient solution for businesses that ship in bulk
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Individual offer

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Instructions for packing scuba equipment. How to pack scuba diving wetsuits, masks, snorkels, and fins

There are many different components and accessories in scuba diving equipment. We have prepared a list with tips on packing scuba equipment for shipping to avoid any damages during transportation.

  1. Protect each item properly. Take bubble wrap for covering regulators, dive masks, snorkel sets, fins and other accessories.
  2. If you decide to ship dive knives, lights, watches, waterproof cameras, or dive computers, you need to place them in their original bags to ensure maximum protection.
  3. Place the items in a scuba gear bag and nest the bag in a cardboard box. Add extra cushioning materials to fill any voids.
  4. Close the box and seal with adhesive tape.

How to pack and ship an empty scuba tank

Pressurised scuba tanks or other compressed gas cylinders containing air or other non-flammable gases are considered as dangerous goods. Therefore, make sure the scuba tank you’re shipping is empty and follow these packing steps to insure its safe transportation.

  1. Disconnect the valve from the cylinder and empty the scuba tank from air.
  2. Bubble wrap the valve and the tank separately and fix it with adhesive tape.
  3. Place the scuba tank and valve in the cardboard box. Add cushioning materials like foam, bubble wrap or packing paper.
  4. Close and seal the box.


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FAQs on shipping scuba diving equipment domestically or abroad by courier

What regulations apply to scuba tank transportation?
The only way to transport scuba tank is by taking the pressure and the valve off. In general, empty scuba tanks or those pressurised at less than 2 Bar are allowed and can be shipped by couriers. When organising scuba tanks transportation, have in mind that pressurised diving cylinders are considered dangerous goods in commercial transportation. Regional and international standards of many European and world countries require packaging and labelling scuba or diving tanks according to special requirements.
How can I pack and ship a diving wetsuit by courier?
When shipping diving wetsuits, it is recommended maximising its folding, so that it occupies little space in the package if you ship it with other belongings. Keep in mind that if you store your wetsuit right side out, dry the inside first.
If I ship scuba diving gear by courier with Eurosender, will my shipment be insured?
When booking shipping services for scuba fins, masks, wetsuits or any other diving gear through Eurosender, basic insurance is automatically included in the price. Additional insurance is also available at a low cost. Whether you are shipping scuba fins, wetsuits, masks and snorkels or other diving equipment by courier, it is strongly recommended that you keep the original invoice as it serves to prove the value of your shipment.