How to ship scuba gear abroad and domestically?

Whether you are fond of scuba diving as a hobby or do it professionally exploring the bottom of the ocean, for instance, then you certainly need to take your diving equipment with you. Instead of travelling with it by plane, train, car, or any other means of transport, you can ship it with courier services for scuba gear. We will provide instructions for packing scuba equipment properly before transportation. You will also get the best price to send scuba gear internationally or across the country. If you are interested in snorkel set transportation, packing scuba fins, or scuba tank transportation, we will also help you with that.

Best price to send scuba gear with courier services

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Once you decide to ship scuba gear abroad or inland via our platform, you will get a range of benefits:

  • As we collaborate with reliable logistics companies only, you can easily and safely send your diving equipment with courier services for scuba gear shipping;
  • It will take you about 5 minutes only to place an order;
  • You will be able to contact our experienced support team agents who speak many different languages;
  • If you have any specific requirements regarding your shipment, you can always request an individual offer so that all your nuances are considered;
  • You get a bonus of gratis insurance when booking Eurosender services as each shipment sent through our platform is automatically insured for the amount of up to €200. Consider purchasing extra insurance package for valuable items.
  • Track the status of your shipment online.

Tips for shipping scuba diving equipment

  1. It is essential to book courier services for scuba gear at least 2 working days before the planned pick-up date. This is particularly important when you are going to leave the pick-up address in a short time.
  2. Prepare your scuba gear according to the instructions for packing scuba equipment provided in this article. Afterwards, check the dimensions of your shipment and insert them in the Shipment Size Checker. It will help you to determine an appropriate type of shipping service needed.
  3. Fill in the order form. It will take only several minutes to book shipping services using our platform online. Just remember to indicate exact delivery and pick-up addresses, precise parameters of your parcel, and a local telephone number.
  4. When your pick-up address is in Poland, Sweden, or Spain, you will need to print a label and attach it to your parcel later. In other cases, a courier will take care of that.
  5. Overall, we will take care of your shipment and organize everything with chosen courier services for scuba gear. Meanwhile, you can simply enjoy the convenience of the door-to-door shipping services and wait for a courier to collect your parcel.

In case you are wondering how to ship scuba gear abroad or send other items of scuba diving equipment with courier service, do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail or phone. Our logistics experts would help you with all your queries related to the ordering or shipping process and provide the best price to send scuba gear internationally or domestically.

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What materials do you need to pack scuba gear?

We provide a list of necessary packaging materials that will protect your items and ensure their safety during transportation. Almost all of them can be found in your local supermarket and in stationary or hardware store.

  • Scuba gear bag – if you have it, you can place the items of your scuba diving equipment inside this bag.
  • Cardboard box regardless of the fact that you have a scuba gear bag, you need to take a cardboard box obligatory. Whether it is a new or used one, make sure it is sturdy enough.
  • Plastic bags – they are particularly essential for safe snorkel set transportation. You need to place your diving mask inside a plastic bag for granting extra protection.
  • Bubble wrap – it is used for the protection of delicate items.
  • Cushioning materials – crumpled paper, foam wrap, or more bubble wrap is necessary for internal cushioning of the box and filling the voids inside it.
  • Adhesive tape – to fix the items and close the box.

Instructions for packing scuba equipment

There are many different components and accessories of scuba diving equipment. Some divers do not use all those things but customize their scuba kits according to their needs. Nevertheless, you need to prepare your diving gear following the instructions for packing scuba equipment in order to avoid any damages during transportation.

  • Fold a wetsuit. It is necessary to minimize the folding of your scuba suit so that it occupies little space in the package.
  • Prepare fragile items of scuba gear. Take bubble wrap for covering regulators, dive masks, snorkel sets, or accessories. If you decide to ship dive knives, lights, watch, waterproof camera, or dive computer, you need to place them in the original bags to ensure maximum protection.
  • Packing scuba fins. You need to cover scuba fins with bubble wrap as they are a bit sharp.
  • Prepare other items of scuba gear. Use foam wrap to cover your BCD, boots, and wetsuits.
  • Place the items in a scuba gear bag. You need to put heavier items on the bottom of the bag and lighter items on top. Make sure that all items fit inside the bag and you can easily close it.
  • Put the bag in the box. As it is not allowed to send the items that are not properly protected, so you need to place your scuba bag and other accessories inside a sturdy cardboard box.
  • Close the box. Before you do that, make sure that the items are not moving around the box. Put extra cushioning materials to fill any voids and seal the box with adhesive tape.

Is scuba tank transportation possible?

Apparently, scuba tanks or diving cylinders constitute probably the most important part of scuba gear. However, it is not always possible to transport them personally or with courier services. We have prepared some tips for you to be aware of any regulations regarding scuba tank transportation.

In general, empty scuba tanks or those pressurized at less than 200 kPa are not considered to be hazardous. For scuba tank transportation, you need to completely disconnect the valve from the cylinder.

Pressurized diving cylinders could not be sent via air means of transport. You can check IATA regulations for more details. In all other cases, they are also considered as hazardous materials. That way open vehicles or trailers are required for scuba tank transportation. Furthermore, strict rules apply for their packaging and fixation inside the vehicle.

Pressurized diving cylinders are dangerous goods in commercial transportation. Regional and international standards of many European and world countries require packaging and labelling them according to special requirements. Courier companies usually include diving cylinders on the list of restricted and hazardous items, so they may refuse to ship them.


For more information about scuba tank transportation or details on how to ship scuba gear abroad contact our logistics experts.

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