Shipping scuba gear and scuba tanks by courier

Shipping dive gear and scuba tanks ahead


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Find a reliable solution for sending your diving equipment around the world. On Eurosender platform, you can easily find different specialized solutions for shipping scuba gear and scuba tanks internationally by courier. Learn how to pack and mail a scuba tank and other diving equipment and have them sent to your next destination!


Options for shipping scuba gear ahead by courier

At Eurosender, we offer multiple shipping solutions for sending diving equipment abroad:
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How to properly pack scuba gear for shipping

If you want to take your scuba gear with you on your next trip, have your diving gear shipped ahead. To prepare a package, follow our instructions.

  1. Detach the removable parts and package each item you are sending (such as wet suit, dive masks, fins etc.) separately.
  2. If you decide to ship dive knives, lights, watches, waterproof cameras, or dive computers, you need to place them in their original bags to ensure maximum protection.
  3. Place all the items in a box of appropriate size. Fill all the empty spaces in the box with cushioning materials such as crumpled paper or packing peanuts.
  4. Close the box and seal with adhesive tape.

How to pack a scuba tank for shipping

Pressurized scuba tanks or other compressed gas cylinders containing air or other non-flammable gases are considered dangerous goods. Therefore, make sure the scuba tank you’re shipping ahead is empty and follow these packing steps to ensure its safe transportation.

  1. Disconnect the valve from the cylinder and empty the scuba tank from the air.
  2. Protect the valve and the tank with bubble wrap.
  3. Place the scuba tank and valve in the cardboard box. Add cushioning materials like foam, bubble wrap or crumpled paper.
  4. Close the box and seal with adhesive tape.


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FAQ on shipping scuba gear and scuba tanks internationally

How much does it cost to ship a scuba tank internationally?
The price of sending diving equipment abroad by courier will depend on the total size and weight of your parcel, the service selected, and the distance between the pick-up and delivery addresses. You can get a final price for shipping your dive gear ahead by introducing your details directly on our booking tool.
Is flying with diving equipment allowed?
Flying with diving equipment is not forbidden, but certain pieces of diving equipment cannot simply be taken on the plane. The reason behind it is that each individual airline company has strict regulations and some larger items like spear guns and knives are not allowed on planes. For flying with scuba tanks, they need to travel empty and without the valve. Since these items are heavily regulated, you will have to undergo several checks if you choose to take them on a plane. Reduce the hassle of your next trip and have your dive gear shipped ahead.
Can scuba tanks be shipped?
Yes, scuba tanks can be shipped, but they need to be depressurized and the valve needs to be taken off. Most courier companies allow shipping of empty scuba tanks or those pressurized at less than 2 Bar.
Is international shipping of full scuba tanks allowed?
No, international shipping of full scuba tanks is not allowed. Shipping scuba tanks filled with air can cause damage to other items and parcels if the valve gets knocked off and the tank turns into a rocket. In such a case, you would be liable for the damage to your parcel and all the other parcels.
Can I arrange shipping of my dive gear ahead to my hotel or apartment?
Yes, you can send your diving equipment to your next international destination ahead of your journey. This way, your diving equipment will be waiting for you as soon as you arrive at the hotel or the apartment, and you will be able to travel with much fewer suitcases. You can schedule the collection of your package with the diving equipment a few days prior to the trip. Check our estimated delivery time tool to know when your parcel arrives at the desired destination.
If I choose to send diving equipment abroad with Eurosender, will my package be insured?
Each shipment with Eurosender is covered by insurance, the amount of which depends on the shipping service selected and the type of items. Additional insurance is also available at a low cost.

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