Ship Fishing Rods, Tackle and Other Gear by Courier

How to ship fishing equipment by post or courier

Whether you are an individual looking to ship fishing tackles such as lines, hooks, and robs or a business selling fishing equipment, through Eurosender, you get the best logistics solutions at the lowest cost. Check the packing guide we prepared for safely shipping fishing gear abroad or domestically by courier. Learn how to pack and ship carp, tuna or salmon fishing tackle properly and book delivery at the best price.

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Shipping solutions for fishing tackle shops

If you are a company selling fishing supplies and equipment, you are surely interested in finding a reliable logistics partner for shipping fishing equipment both nationally and internationally at the lowest rates. Eurosender has created an easy-to-use platform to help businesses optimise their logistics by saving time, money and efforts. Join our platform and keep all your orders in one place.


How to ship fishing gear at the best prices

With Eurosender you get access to multiple shipping services that can serve any need: whether you wish to ship a fishing rod and other gear to a customer or have some carp or catfish fishing tackle delivered at your holiday spot:

Standard shipping

The most cost-effective option to ship fishing tackles in a box
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Pallet delivery

The best option for businesses shipping in bulk to customers or partners
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Priority Express service

The fastest service for urgent delivery of fishing gear worldwide
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Looking to ship a fishing boat? Get an individual offer from our experts and travel stress-free


How to pack fishing gear for shipping?

Packing fishing gear for shipping can be quite challenging. Follow our guide to pack your fishing equipment such as fishing rods, reels, and other tackles:

  1. Remove the reel from the fishing rod and any other detachable parts. Place the fishing reel in a bubble wrap bag;
  2. Fold the fishing rod if it is foldable. The rod should not have a fishing line attached to it;
  3. Store your fishing line in your spool box and place the fishing rod in the shipping tube;
  1. Place your tackles in the tackle binder or utility box. Wrap all the small boxes (spool box & tackle box) with bubble wrap;
  2. Place the items in the box and fill the empty spaces with packing peanuts or paper. Make sure that the items will not be moving violently inside the cardboard box.
  3. Seal the box with the adhesive tape.


How cheap is it to ship fishing rods and other tackle?

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FAQs on shipping fishing tackle by post or courier

Where to buy a fishing rod shipping tube?

You can visit a local store or check online shops that sell shipping equipment. Our clients recommend a 10′ tackle tube or a 2″ diameter PVC well casing as a cheap solution for sending fishing rods and equipment.

How to choose a cardboard box for packing and shipping fishing rods?

Make sure that the cardboard box is big enough to fit the fishing rod. An average fishing rod is usually 2 meters tall. However, most of the newer spinning and casting rods are now foldable or even telescopic. That means that you will need a much smaller cardboard box or a shorter tube. If you plan to transport fishing rods and tackle in the same box, make sure you wrap these items separately to assure bigger protection when sending your fishing gear by post or via courier services.

How to transport carp, tuna or salmon fishing gear safely and cheaply?

When it comes to transporting any type of fishing equipment, the most cost-effective solution is sending it as a standard-sized parcel. Of course, this option is available for those who have portable rods, like a telescopic spinning rod, for example. A two-piece or three-piece fishing rod can also help you keep the shipping costs low.

What is the best way to transport a fishing boat and equipment?

The most convenient way to move a fishing boat and rods across Europe is booking the Van service. Shipments are delivered directly to the destination, with no stop-overs, within the shortest time possible. Transport your fishing gear together with other belongings in a van dedicated solely for your needs.

Can I ship live baits?

No, shippers are not authorised to send any live baits by mail or via courier services. However, if you are going to use plastic bait and electronic lures to attract fish, they are perfect for shipping by courier.
Read the list of sports equipment that can be sent on the page dedicated to sports equipment.

Can I send my fishing equipment when going on a fishing trip?

Yes, many people choose to send the fishing roads and other gear by courier when going on a trip or vacation. With Eurosender you can organise door-to-door delivery in just a few steps. Simply pack your fishing gear, measure the package and choose the right service with our booking tool.

Can I take a fishing rod on a plane or should I ship it?

Fishing rods are allowed in carry-on and checked bags. Still, we recommend you to check whether the fishing rod fits size limitations for carry-on items set by the airline company you use. Alternatively, you can send the fishing rod and tackle by courier and avoid carrying your fishing gear on a plane.

How much does it cost to ship a fishing rod and other tackle?

The cost of shipping a fishing rod and other gear depends on the pickup and destination countries, weight and dimensions of the package. The cheapest way to send fishing equipment by courier is booking the delivery with Eurosender. Our algorithm automatically chooses the best price for you in just a few clicks.

What service should I book for shipping carp fishing bivvy and barrow?

Choose the Standard shipping service for sending a carp fishing bivvy and barrow within Europe or send it overseas with the Express option. If you are shipping larger or heavier carp fishing barrow, you can request an Individual offer and our experts will provide you with the best solution.