Fishing gear shipping tips & services

Are you planning your next fishing trip with your friends? Instead of carrying your fishing equipment you can simply ship directly at your destination. Maybe you are moving instead and you need to transport your fishing rod and fishing tackle to your new address. Whatever the case might be, Eurosender can take care of your shipping needs and assist you in finding the best fishing gear option available. We also offer you packing tips to help you out with the whole process.

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You can use our fast shipping engine for shipments that are up to 40 kg. If your shipment surpasses that limit, you can request an individual offer. Our team of experts will look carefully at your requirements and will come back to you with a very competitive offer as soon as possible.

*In case you are sending your fishing equipment for your next fishing trip, we recommend you to check our tips for sending camping equipment!

Fishing gear packaging materials

Before you start packing your fishing equipment it is important to have the following:

  1. A sturdy (used/new) cardboard box*;
  2. A fishing rod shipping tube;
  3. A tackle binder;
  4. A fishing line spool box;
  5. Bubble wrap bags;
  6. Bubble wrap;
  7. Packing peanuts and/or crumbled paper;
  8. Adhesive tape and scissors.

*Make sure that the cardboard box is big enough to fit the fishing rod. An average fishing rod is usually 2 meters tall. However, most of the newer fishing rod models are now foldable. That means that you will need a much smaller cardboard in length.

Fishing equipment packaging tips

Packing a fishing gear for shipping can be proven quite challenging for many people. If this is the first time shipping your fishing equipment, we recommend you to take the following steps into consideration.

  1. Carefully remove the reel from the fishing rod (and any other detachable parts);
  2. Place the fishing reel in a bubble wrap bag;
  3. Fold the fishing rod if it is foldable; the rod should not have a fishing line attached to it;
  4. Store your fishing line in your spool box;
  5. Place the fishing rod in the shipping tube;
  6. Store your tackles in the tackle binder or utility box;
  7. Wrap all the small boxes (spool box & tackle box) with bubble wrap;
  8. Place everything with care inside the cardboard box;
  9. Fill the empty spaces with packing peanuts and/or crumbled paper; make sure that the items will not be moving violently inside the cardboard box.
  10. Seal the box with the adhesive tape.

*Please, we kindly ask you to not ship any live baits via courier services. If you are not sure whether you can store a specific item in your cardboard box, we recommend you to contact our friendly customer service.


Reasons for shipping your fishing gear | Fishing gear shipping services
  1. Maybe you are planning your next father-son fishing trip or a fishing trip among friends in a location away from home;
  2. You could be moving to a new address;
  3. You might need to send your fishing gear abroad for repair;
  4. Or you want to sell your fishing equipment to someone who lives in another city or country.
Why choose Eurosender
  1. Eurosender collaborates with reputable shipping companies only;
  2. We offer free shipping insurance of up to 200€ and the possibility to add more coverage;
  3. Our experts negotiate better prices for our customers. Therefore, you will find the lowest shipping quotes available;
  4. We will offer you guidance throughout the whole process.