How to Ship a Rug or a Carpet by Courier?

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When you need an effective solution for transporting a carpet, know you can always rely on Eurosender to find you the best courier services. We collaborate with multiple logistics companies to provide solutions for shipping carpets and rugs of any size. Check our guide to discover how to pack your rug for shipping and book the delivery service right away.


Services for sending a rug by courier

At Eurosender, we offer a wide variety of shipping services. Choose below the option that best suits your requirements for shipping a carpet internationally:
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How to pack a rug for shipping?

When shipping rugs internationally, you should make sure that you know how to prepare your package for transport properly. Follow these instructions on how to pack your rug for shipping so that your piece will be well protected for delivery:

  1. Make sure the rug is clean and dry.
  2. Fold the rug(if applicable).
  3. Roll the rug along the width.
  4. Secure it with adhesive tape and ropes.
  5. Wrap the rug in plastic foil, but do not make the packaging airtight.
  6. Add an extra layer of cardboard sheet.
  7. If the carpet fits into a cardboard box, put it inside and add cushioning materials to cover empty spaces.


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Van Delivery is the best way to ship a large rug

When shipping large rugs such as area rugs that cannot be packed in a regular cardboard box, the best option is to book the Van Delivery Service. With this solution, you will have an entire vehicle reserved solely for you that will go directly from collection to the delivery point.

Important: When booking a Van Delivery, you do not have to comply with any packaging requirements. However, we still recommend protecting your item to avoid any damage. When transporting a large carpet, this simply means to roll the rug and protect it with bubble wrap before transport.


FAQs about shipping carpets and rugs by courier

How much does it cost to ship a large rug?
To get a quote for sending a rug by courier via Eurosender, you first need to determine what is the best service for shipping your rug. In order to do that, pack your carpet and check the dimensions and weight of the final package. Then, go to our booking tool and select the pick-up and delivery countries. On the next page, you will be able to input the size details of the package into the shipping form and see the services available for you. If your shipment is too large for package delivery, switch from package to pallet, or book another one of our shipping solutions. The system will instantly calculate the cost of sending your rug by courier according to the information you provided.
If you need any help while placing your order, reach out to our logistics experts using the chat box in the bottom right corner.
Is there any insurance for shipping a rug internationally with Eurosender?
The vast majority of items shipped through the Eurosender platform are automatically protected by standard insurance. However, it does not apply to valuable and fragile items, as they are in the couriers’ restricted section, which may be the case when sending expensive or delicate rugs by courier. In this case, keep in mind that adequate packaging is of the utmost importance. Companies shipping rugs and carpets through the freight transport service will have their risks covered following the CMR convention.
How can I be sure whether I can fold the rug before packing it?
Common carpets can usually be folded without any issues. However, if you have a delicate carpet such as a Persian rug, we recommend you avoid folding it. Even if your carpet looks shock-resistant, make sure it does not make any crackling sounds when you fold it.
To be safe, the best way to pack a rug for shipping is by rolling it.
How to package a rug for return?
If you need to send a rug back to the store, you can follow our instructions above for preparing safe packaging. The best solution is to use the original packaging that the carpet arrived in since it was made by design to fit your item and will offer greater protection. However, if you no longer have it, you can use another cardboard box or cardboard sheets to pack your rug for return.
Can I send a rug by post?
Sending a rug by post is possible, as long as it fits into the allowed shipping dimensions. Unfortunately, most postal services only allow regular packages, which often means that shipping large area rugs internationally by post isn’t possible. As a solution, you can send your rug by courier instead.
In what cases is it preferable to ship a rug on a pallet?
Pallet Delivery is a good solution for shipping large area rugs that can be folded but are too big for a regular package delivery service. Pallet Shipping is also an effective solution when sending multiple rugs in one single shipment.

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