How to Ship a Rug or a Carpet by Courier?

How to ship a carpet or a rug internationally

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Services you can use for sending a rug by courier

Standard shipping service

The optimal transportation and cheap service for the carpets that can fit within certain dimension limits
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Express shipping

Your customers are requesting an urgent delivery of a special carpet? Deliveries in 24h within Europe and 48-72h worldwide
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Van delivery

Service dedicated solely to you. The van can fit more than a carpet. Same day pick-ups available. Europe only
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Individual offer

We provide custom-made offers to accommodate all your shipping demands. Get an offer in less than 2 hours
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How to pack a rug for shipping?

When shipping rugs internationally, you should make sure that you know how to properly prepare your package for transport. These simple instructions will surely help you send rugs by post or via courier services:

  1. Make sure the rug is clean and not soaked in water.
  2. Fold the rug (if applicable).
  3. Roll the rug along the width.
  4. Secure it with adhesive tape and ropes.
  1. Wrap the rug in plastic foil, but do not make the packaging airtight.
  2. Add an extra layer of cardboard sheet.
  3. If the carpet fits into a cardboard box, put it inside and add cushioning materials to cover empty spaces.


Van delivery service
Price from only 0.48 EUR/km
Direct and fast delivery, same day pick-up possible
Safest mode of transport for packed or unpacked items

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FAQs about shipping rugs internationally

How much does it cost to ship a large rug?

To get a quote for sending a rug by courier via Eurosender, you need to insert your shipment dimensions in our size-checking tool. It will indicate the right transportation mode for you. Then fill in the pick-up and the destination country fields in the order form. The shipping price will appear in it at once.

Is there any insurance for shipping carpets by courier with Eurosender?

The vast majority of items shipped through the Eurosender platform are automatically protected by standard insurance. However, it does not apply to valuable and fragile items, as they are in the couriers’ restricted section. If you are planning to send expensive or delicate rugs by courier, keep in mind that adequate packaging is of the utmost importance. Companies shipping rugs through the freight transport service will have their risks covered in accordance with the CMR convention.

How can I be sure whether I can fold the rug before packing it?

If you have a delicate hand-knotted carpet, like a Persian rug, avoid folding it. Even if your carpet looks shock-resistant, make sure it does not make any crackling sounds when you fold it.

In what cases is it preferable to ship a carpet on a pallet?

It is a good solution for large area rugs that can be folded, as well as for the shipments consisting of multiple carpets.

Take into consideration these guidelines when packing and shipping a rug. Nevertheless, please consider that following them does not guarantee that the courier company will transport your package without restriction. In case you decide to ship a rug with one of our partners, Eurosender will not be held responsible for any damages caused by the transportation of your shipment.