How to transport a windsurf equipment abroad?

Are you a fan of windsurfing activities, or are you a store selling windsurfing gear? Discover Eurosender’s shipping services and advantages that we offer, and benefit from sending your windsurf board by courier at a low cost. Learn how to pack and easily transport your windsurfing equipment with Eurosender, whether domestically or abroad!

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International shipping of windsurfing gear by courier for companies

Think globally and expand your business opportunities. Create your own logistics account with Eurosender to manage all your transport operations in one place and enjoy the exclusive benefits! With Eurosender, you will easily arrange door-to-door courier deliveries of windsurfing equipment to guarantee the best experience for your customers and partners.


Choose a shipping option that will suit you best for transporting your windsurf equipment abroad

Eurosender offers you low-cost courier services for sending you windsurf board, sail, and mast to the desired destination, whether domestically or overseas:

Standard shipping

The cheapest service to send a windsurf gear by post or courier in a parcel that meets the specific size and weight limits
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Pallet delivery

Best transport solution for businesses shipping bigger and heavier loads to stores or customers
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Express shipping

Urgent international delivery of windsurfing gear to your customers or to holidays destinations
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Individual offer

The best solution to ship a windsurf gear by courier if your package exceeds the limits of standard shipment
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What to take into account when shipping windsurfing gear by courier?

  • Start by preparing your windsurfing equipment for transportation and pack it according to our recommendations provided here below. You can always contact our specialists if you need help.
  • Check if you need to print out and stick the shipping label on your package. This information will be sent to your email address.
  • Arrange your shipment in advance to avoid any inconvenience. Use our special tool to determine the estimated time for the delivery of your windsurf equipment by courier. Make sure someone is present at the delivery address if you are shipping your windsurfing gear to your vacation location.

How to pack windsurfing equipment before transporting it?

Follow the steps below when preparing your shipping of windsurfing gear by courier:

  • Detach or fold all parts of your windsurfing equipment that are detachable or foldable. In this way, you will minimize any risks of damages during transport and ensure that your shipment is less bulky.
  • Bubble-wrap small details and accessories and put them in a plastic bag, so they do not get lost.
  • Bubble-wrap the board, sail, and mast in several layers of bubble wrap and fixate everything with adhesive tape.
  • If your windsurfing board is foldable and you send it by the courier as a standard shipment, put your bubble-wrapped board in a cardboard box together with all other accessories.
  • Fill all the empty spaces in the box with cushioning materials.


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FAQs about transporting windsurf equipment abroad

Can I send a windsurf gear by post?

Yes, some postal services can do this, but very often, they have limitations in terms of the dimensions of the items they can accept for sending. However, Eurosender allows you to ship items of almost any size! If you are unsure which courier service to choose to best ship your windsurf gear, contact us so we can assist you.

Can I carry my windsurf board on a plane?

Although most airlines allow some sports equipment to be carried onboard, passengers usually pay high fees for additional baggage. To avoid such costs, you can let Eurosender transport your windsurfing equipment abroad – directly to your hotel.

How much will I pay for sending my windsurfing board with a low-cost courier?

To obtain an instant quote for shipping your windsurfing gear by courier via Eurosender, go directly to the booking tool here above, select the country “Pickup” and “Delivery” and choose one of the shipping options that suits you best. After this, you will immediately see the shipping price.

If I transport my windsurfing equipment abroad with Eurosender, will my shipment be insured?

Each shipment with Eurosender is covered by insurance, the amount of which depends on the shipping service selected. Additional insurance is also available at a low cost. Whether you are sending a new or used windsurfing board by courier, it is strongly recommended that you keep the original invoice as it serves to prove the value of your shipment.