Shipping Windsurfing Gear by Courier

How to transport windsurf boards and equipment abroad

Get matched with a trusted courier and start transporting windsurfing equipment all over the world. Our platform will get courier delivery services of windsurfing boards and equipment for you or your shop Learn how to pack and easily transport your windsurfing equipment with Eurosender, whether domestically or abroad!

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Transport windsurfing boards and equipment

Transportation solutions to consider depending on the size and time-sensitivity of your shipment:
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How to pack windsurfing equipment

Knowing how to pack windsurfing equipment is the first step to a successful water sports gear delivery. Follow the steps below when preparing yourself for shipping of windsurfing gear by courier:

  • Detach or fold all parts of your windsurfing equipment. Put the folded sail into a resistant canvas bag.
  • Bubble-wrap small details and accessories and put them in a plastic bag.
  • Bubble-wrap the board, sail, and mast and fixate everything with tape.
  • Put your items in a sturdy cardboard box. Fill all the empty spaces with cushioning materials.
  • If your windsurfing board is foldable put it in a cardboard box together with all other accessories to ship via a standard shipment.
  • If your package is too big or you are transporting windsurfing equipment in bulk you can put the boxes on a pallet for more security.


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How to transport windsurfing equipment: FAQ

Do I need to register to transport windsurfing equipment as a business?
No, any business or private customer can access multiple shipping services on our page without registering. However, to get all the features, benefits and discounted business prices, we suggest you to register an account for free in just a few minutes. Create your own logistics account with Eurosender to manage all your transport operations in one place and enjoy the exclusive benefits! With Eurosender, you will easily arrange door-to-door courier deliveries of windsurfing equipment to guarantee the best experience for your customers and partners.
What is the cheapest way of transporting windsurf equipment abroad?
The most cost-effective courier delivery of windsurfing equipment is our pallet delivery service. Eurosender offers you low-cost courier services for sending you windsurf board, sail, and mast to the desired destination, whether domestically or overseas. Our booking tool matches your requests automatically with the offer with the best price-to-performance ratio for your route.
How much does it cost to ship windsurf gear?
The price of shipping windsurf gear by courier will depend on the size and weight of your parcel as well as the selected route. You can get an immediate quote for your specific delivery by entering your details in our booking tool.
Can I book a pallet delivery as an individual?
You can book a pallet delivery for transporting windsurfing gear abroad or domestically as a private customer. Simply book your service directly on our booking tool and you will get a quote immediately. Make sure to pack your windsurf gear properly on the pallet before the courier driver arrives.
Will I have to print a label when shipping windsurfing gear by courier?
Most of the time the courier driver will provide the label when sending windsurf gear or boards by post. However, the sender will have to print the label for certain routes. This information will be sent to your email address after you have confirmed the booking. If you need to print out and stick the shipping label on your package, make sure you attach it correctly by following our instruction on this page.
How long will it take to transport windsurf equipment abroad?
It will depend on the selected route, but a domestic shipment can take anything between 2-5 working days. You can use our estimated delivery time tool to determine the estimated time for the delivery of your windsurf gear by courier. Make sure someone is present at the delivery address if you are shipping your windsurfing gear to your vacation location.
Can I carry my windsurf board on a plane?
Although most airlines allow some sports equipment to be carried onboard, passengers usually pay high fees for additional baggage. To avoid such costs, you can let Eurosender transport your windsurfing equipment abroad – directly to your hotel.
If I transport my windsurfing equipment abroad with Eurosender, will my shipment be insured?
Each shipment with Eurosender is covered by insurance, the amount of which depends on the shipping service selected and the type of items. Additional insurance is also available at a low cost.

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