How to Ship Hookah Pipes and Shisha Accessories

How to pack and ship hookah pipes and accessories

Before you decide to send a glass hookah, hookah supplies or shisha tobacco with a courier, make sure you know the best way to ship hookah and shisha accessories and prepare your shipment properly. Trust Eurosender to find you the cheapest way to ship shisha accessories overseas, with a network of world-renowned international couriers, and easy booking platform – all you have to worry about is packaging your hookah for safe transport.


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The best way to send hookah pipes and accessories overseas

Depending on the size and urgency of your shipment, Eurosender has a solution to send hookah pipes
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How to pack a hookah pipe for safe shipping

Follow these easy steps to protect your hookah pipe and accessories for safe transport:

  1. Remove all detachable parts including the tray, clay bowl, hose and tongs. Pack these separately in a bag or small box, and remember to protect the clay bowl with additional bubble-wrap.
  2. Protect the hookah stem and vase using several layers of bubble wrap and fill the inside with tissue paper or additional foam.
  3. Fill the box with packing peanuts halfway, and place the main piece inside. Place any accessories inside, making sure they are protected.
  4. Fill empty space ensuring that parts cannot move around during transport.
  5. Label and seal the box with tape. You may also wish to label the box ‘This way up’ to minimise the risk of mishandling during transport.

How to prepare shisha charcoal for shipping

Although shisha tobacco and charcoal are restricted with many courier companies and subject to customs regulations when sending internationally, many people still choose to ship shisha tobacco as gifts or for personal use, at their own risk. Here are a few tips on preparing shisha charcoal for transport:

  1. Place the shisha charcoal into a zip-lock or air-tight plastic bag/container to prevent moisture.
  2. If you are using a plastic container, wrap the charcoal discs with plastic first, then a few layers of bubble wrap to prevent crushing.

Regulations for shipping shisha charcoal, flavours and tobacco

While carrying shisha charcoal when travelling between countries can be legal for personal use, shipping tobacco products is illegal in most countries. If you do choose to send shisha tobacco with courier domestically or internationally, please be aware that individuals do so at their own risk and insurance will not apply. For more detailed information regarding shipping tobacco products, please check with the customs authority in the country you wish to ship to and from, and also see our dedicated page on shipping tobacco products.


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Frequently asked questions about shipping hookah pipes and accessories

Is insurance included with my shipment of hookah pipes and shisha accessories?
When booking shipping services through Eurosender, basic insurance is already included in the price. However, have in mind that insurance won’t apply when sending fragile items such as glass hookah pipes of prohibited products such as shisha tobacco.
How to pack a glass hookah for shipping?
When packaging a glass hookah pipe, you should use additional layers of cushioning and bubble wrap to prevent damage during transport. For instructions on how to pack glass products for shipping, please see our dedicated page. Please bear in mind that insurance may not apply when shipping fragile items such as glass hookahs.
Is it possible to buy a hookah pipe and shisha tobacco online and have it delivered?
It is possible to buy shisha flavours and accessories online and have them delivered legally in Europe, providing the seller has the correct license and is subject to customs limitations and charges.

Take into consideration these guidelines when shipping shisha, hookah pipes and accessories in Europe and internationally. Nevertheless, please consider that following them does not guarantee that the courier company will transport your package without restriction. In case you decide to ship shisha and hookah pipes and accessories internationally, Eurosender will not be held responsible for any damages caused by the transportation of your shipment.