How to Pack and Ship a Drum Kit

How to ship drums overseas and domestically

Drummers, musicians and music businesses all look for the best way to ship a drum set and accessories to ensure they arrive safely to their destination. Eurosender has a solution to suit any sized shipment of drums and urgency, so you can ship electric drums to the UK, transport a drum set to the USA, or send a drum set inland to any destination in a few simple steps. Before you ship drums internationally, follow our guidelines on arranging a drum kit for shipping.

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Shipping drums internationally or domestically

If you need to transport a drum set to a performance, to a customer, or when moving house, Eurosender has a shipping solution to suit any worldwide shipping requirement:

Express shipping

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Standard shipping

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Pallet shipping

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Van delivery

Book a dedicated van for direct transport with no stop-overs
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How to package a drum kit for shipping

Preparing a drum set for shipping can be tricky, but with our guidelines and the right packaging materials, you can ensure your drums arrive safely to their destination:

  1. Remove the hardware: including stands, legs etc. and put them to one side.
  2. Prepare bass drum: removing the drum hoops and heads. Wrap the bass drum hoops with bubble-wrap and slide them into the shell.
  3. Pack drums: wrap the bass drum floor tom with bubble wrap several times, and then wrap with a layer of cardboard and tape securely. Repeat for all drums.
  4. Prepare the box: with a layer of bubble wrap and additional cardboard on the bottom and sides.
  5. Place drums into a box: starting with the drum bass shell, and place each smaller drum inside one another. Place the bass drum heads into a box and fill any extra space with packing peanuts.
  6. Pack the snare drum separately: by covering both the drum and the bottom and sides of the box with bubble-wrap and cardboard.
  7. Pack the cymbals separately: by covering both the cymbals and box with additional cardboard and bubble-wrap as in steps 3 and 4.
  8. Pack smaller hardware and other items: by wrapping with additional bubble-wrap and tape, and depending on how much space is left, place them into each box.
  9. Fill any extra space with cushioning: to ensure nothing can move around during transport.
  10. Label each box and seal with tape: reinforcing the sides of each box.


Van delivery service
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Frequently asked questions about how to transport acoustic and electronic drums

How much does it cost to ship drums internationally?
You can check the price of shipping drum kits and anything else by first entering your chosen route into our booking tool, as well as the dimensions and weight of the shipment. For standard, express, van delivery and pallet delivery within Europe, you will receive an instant quote to ship a drum kit. Then, you can simply accept the offer and pay for the service. If your drum kit shipment requires an individual offer, our team of experts will prepare a tailor-made offer in the shortest time possible, and you will receive it by email.
Is insurance included when shipping a drum kit?
Each shipment has basic insurance included in the price. Additional insurance is also available to purchase during the booking process.
What is the best way to ship a drum set within Europe?

If you are moving house, or need to transport a used drum set to a buyer within Europe, a great way to transport an electric or acoustic drum set directly is to book a van delivery. This way, you don’t need to pack your drum set for moving, as the space in the van is dedicated solely to your shipment, with no stop-overs. The cheapest way to ship a small drum kit is to send it through our standard service, but if it is too large, we recommend to pack your drum set onto pallets instead. If you are unsure or have an unusual shipment, you can always request an individual offer and our experts will happily prepare a tailor-made solution to ship an electric or acoustic drum kit to any destination.

How to transport acoustic drums overseas?
To find out the cheapest and most reliable way to transport acoustic drums overseas, reach out to our experts, who can provide expert advice and prepare a tailor-made offer.