Shipping used medical devices via courier

Production and manufacturing of medical devices require solid research and development base. That is why medical equipment is usually fabricated at facilities with reputable R&D centres. Subsequently, there is a necessity to ship an ultrasound machine, MRI machine, dental equipment, and other medical devices from the production establishment to hospitals, medical centres, and private clinics. Shipping used medical devices via courier is also common as people donate or sell medical equipment. With Eurosender, it is easy to ship medical diagnostic equipment abroad and domestically as we collaborate with liable courier companies and carriers that grant high-quality logistics and transportation services. Furthermore, we provide an affordable cost to ship ECG machine, X-Ray scan, ultrasound machine, and other medical devices as we manage to make great deals with our logistics partners.

Cost to ship ECG machine, ultrasound machine, and other medical devices

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Eurosender is striving to accommodate shipping services to the particular needs of each consumer. Thus, you can ship an ultrasound machine, MRI machine, or any other type of medical equipment with one of our reliable partners. Before shipping used medical devices via courier, you need to consider the range of the following recommendations.

  • Take care of the packaging. Follow the tips for packaging medical devices for transit in the next section of this article to get your medical equipment ready for international or domestic transportation.
  • Measure your shipment. Take dimensions of your shipment and insert them in the Shipment Size Checker. If your medical equipment fits standard shipping services or pallet delivery, you will instantly see the cost to ship ECG machine, ultrasound machine, and other medical devices. In case you need to send non-standard items, fill out the form for requesting a customized offer.
  • Place an order in advance. It is highly recommended to place an order at least 2 business days prior to the intended pick-up day. At the moment, same-day delivery is available for business consumers only in certain countries, but we are constantly working to broaden the range of our services and offer express shipping.
  • Make sure you do not send prohibited items. As many logistics companies keep medical samples, medical waste, drugs, and pharmaceuticals on the list of prohibited and restricted items, you need to double-check whether you have any of those in your shipment.
  • Check whether you need to print a shipping label. After your order is confirmed, you will be instructed about the necessity to ship a label and attach it to your parcel or pallet.
  • Consult with our experts. If you have any questions about shipping used medical devices via courier, do not hesitate to contact our logistics experts via chat or e-mail for more details.

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How to ship dental equipment internationally

Whether you plan to sell used dental machinery or want to send dental supplies to your new clinics, Eurosender can arrange services for you to ship dental equipment internationally. You will also need to check the tips for packaging medical devices for transit in the section below. While dental machine or dental chair could be transported in the same way as other types of medical equipment, some dental supplies require special conditions such as temperature-controlled environment during transportation. That is why we recommend you to reach out to our team of agents who will guide you and explain which logistics solutions to ship dental equipment internationally could be provided.

Packaging materials for medical devices and equipment

In order to ship medical diagnostic equipment abroad safely, proper packaging is essential to prevent any damages or losses during transit. Depending on the type and size of medical equipment, you will need to use some of the following packaging materials:

  • Cellophane overwrap – to protect items from moisture and dirt.
  • Pouches – to put smaller items inside them.
  • Hard cases – to locate sharp instruments and tools.
  • Bubble wrap – to cover fragile items and sharp edges.
  • Moving blankets – to protect heavy medical equipment.
  • Cling film – to grant additional protection.
  • Adhesive tape – to secure and fix various elements.
  • Straps – to bolt heavy medical devices to a pallet.
  • Cardboard boxes – to locate the items for shipment.
  • Pallets – to use in the case of bulky medical equipment transportation.
  • Crates – to keep non-standard items safe.

Tips for packaging medical devices for transit

Once you decide to send medical equipment, you have to take several steps to prepare it for transportation. We will provide 2 sets of general guidelines on how to pack medical supplies depending on their size and some other characteristics.

Packing heavy medical equipment

If you want to ship an ultrasound machine, X-Ray scan, MRI machine, diagnostic equipment, or other bulky devices, take the following steps for ensuring protection during transit:

  1. Dismantle. If the particular medical device or dental machinery could be disassembled, take advantage of this feature. However, make sure that you have a list of instructions that will help you to re-assemble equipment in further.
  2. Cover each part. Take cling film or bubble wrap to cover each part of the device.
  3. Protect. If the parts of the medical device could be placed in a cardboard box, put cushioning materials and nest the items inside the box. Afterwards, seal the box and use adhesive tape to protect all seams. In case your medical equipment cannot be dismantled, secure it on the pallet with straps, cover it with moving blankets, and protect the entire pallet by wrapping it around with cling film. Alternatively, you can put your equipment in a wooden crate, which is particularly recommended for non-standard and fragile devices.

Packing medical supplies

When you decide to ship smaller medical supplies, follow a set of guidelines in that case.

  1. Check whether medical supplies are sterile. If you need to dispatch laboratory or surgical equipment, make sure that it is sterile so that no infectious substances are diffused during transportation.
  2. Cover sharp edges and parts. Medical instruments can sometimes be sharp depending on their functionality and the purpose of use. Thus, you need to take pieces of cardboard scrap and bubble wrap to cover sharp edges and parts.
  3. Protect medical supplies. Take a hard case or a toolbox to arrange your medical supplies there.
  4. Put the items in the cardboard box. Cushion the bottom of the box and nest protected medical supplies inside it.
  5. Seal the box. Use adhesive tape to seal the box and secure all seams properly.

If you need to pack and ship prescription drugs, check our dedicated article.

We strongly recommend you to keep the invoice for the items you want to ship. This serves as a proof of the item’s value and is therefore required by the courier company if you start a claim procedure following your shipping.

The best way to ship medical diagnostic equipment abroad with Eurosender

We acknowledge that shipping used medical devices via courier could be challenging as medical equipment needs extra care while handling and transportation. However, we have logistics solutions for those who need to ship medical diagnostic equipment abroad and domestically for certain reasons.

  • Donating medical equipment. In case your hospital or clinics does not need certain medical supplies any longer, it is possible to donate those to charitable or humanitarian organizations and use courier services if needed.
  • Selling used medical devices. In that case, take advantage of shipping used medical devices via courier.
  • Sending medical equipment for repair. Even though medical devices are programmed with extra accuracy, failures and malfunctions may still take place. In such occasions, Eurosender will help you to send medical equipment for repair to an authorized centre or facility.

When you send medical equipment, it is important to note that lithium batteries are forbidden for any items transported by air. For international shipments to and from Greece sent through Eurosender, courier services providers will not transport batteries or any type of electronic device including these batteries. When placing an order, check that the transport of your devices and equipment will be done by road as lithium batteries are allowed for shipping in such a case.

If you have any questions about logistics solutions for medical equipment transportation, do not hesitate to contact our logistics experts via chat or e-mail for more details.

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