International shipping services for non-profits

Humanitarian shipping

Natural and human disasters can devastate entire communities and displace people. When a disaster occurs, sometimes wide areas become vulnerable and people living there lack the resources to recover or even to sustain life.

Eurosender values the involvement of NGOs and private people in humanitarian aid. We strive to help and support humanitarian cases in any way we can in order to bring relief and enable faster recovery. We can assist in organizing the logistics processes in the areas covered by our services.

We have given our support to private customers who want to send "care packages" to different humanitarian organisations in Europe or directly to other people in need.

We want to bring our contribution to making things better and easier to bear for those in need. We cooperate and join forces with those people and organisations that are actively supporting humanitarian causes.

How can we help NGOs?

Our dedicated programme to humanitarian aid translates into providing shipping services to communities in need, in the areas that our services can cover.

If your NGO is planning to ship aid packages in some parts of Europe, contact us and together we will define the most appropriate way to offer support. Our team will offer their expertise in shipping and inform you about the types of shipping we can accommodate and the type of items you can send.

We can organise the transport to almost all countries in Europe.

How can we assist people who want to help others?

We want to be part of your story and accompany you in your effort to help others. Have you found out about a region affected by disasters and you want to show your support? If you plan to send a package with essential things for people in dire need, reach out to us and together, we will find a way to make it possible.

Write us on or directly on our contact form , and give us some information about the cause you want to support and how are you planning to do it. We will bring our expertise to the table and tell you what is the most effective way to make things happen.

We would be glad to be part of it!

What can we do?

  • We can organise transport of boxes and pallets of physical goods at lower prices or for free;
  • Special agreements - we can offer discounts and/or make agreements with foundations or non-profit organisations;
  • Sharing content – we can spread the word about your case on our and through our social media channels. We can support various campaigns and cover any stories or content that we find to be in support of a humanitarian cause.
We aim to be involved in major humanitarian effort on a daily basis. Small proves of kindness have the potential to set an example and make a change.
If you have a story to share and you need assistance in making things happen, contact us and we would be happy to lend a hand.

For updates about the humanitarian cases that Eurosender have supported so far, you can read more on our dedicated blog section.