Shipping Services for NGOs and Non-profits

Logistics & transport solutions for non-profit organisations

At Eurosender, we strive to help and support humanitarian causes in any way we can. We value the involvement of individuals and NGOs in any kind of humanitarian aid, be it during natural disasters, for recurrent social causes or local institutions. When taking part in such actions or organisations, take advantage of our diversified selection of shipping services offered to NGOs and non-profit organisations for arranging efficient transport of supplies and charitable goods to those in need.


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What type of logistics support can we offer for humanitarian aid

Special solutions for shipping aid packages worldwide, including remote locations

Professional advice and discounted prices for saving on transport costs

Optimisation of the logistics processes for faster distribution of goods


Shipping services for non-profits and NGOs

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How can non-profits save money on shipping services?

Our program dedicated to logistics support for humanitarian aid highlights the importance of arranging secure and fast shipping solutions to destinations worldwide. To make sure we do our part in helping institutions ship charitable donations overseas, we offer special solutions and discounts to non-profit organisations. If you need help transporting supplies to those in need, reach out to us to see all the different ways we can help you.
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Comprehensive shipping services for NGOs and non-profits

It does not matter how small or big your load is – we always have the right shipping solution for you. Through collaboration with international logistics providers, we offer transport services for non-profit organisations who need to ship aid packages and supplies to those in need, wherever they are located. In the past, we have already organised the delivery of pallets with supplies directly to refugee camps in Greece, destinations in Africa and much more.


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International shipping of goods for charity

We help you send the donated goods to the institution of your choice. With Eurosender, NGOs and non-profits can organise shipping services to a variety of places and countries. Here are some examples of deliveries we have organised:

Pallet of supplies to refugee camps in Greece

Books and educational material to orphanages

First-aid kits and supplies to military bases

Specialised care items to nursing homes


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FAQs – Logistics & transport services for non-profit organisations

How do non-profit organisations pick up donations?
By partnering with logistics companies, such as Eurosender. To encourage more people to donate, many NGOs and non-profit organisations offer to pick up donations at the donor’s address. In order to arrange that, they can simply schedule a door-to-door shipping service through Eurosender and set the collection address at the donor’s house. With this service, it is easy to arrange shipping solutions for sending charitable donations to another city or overseas.
How can Eurosender help with humanitarian aid transport?
As an experienced logistics company, we are in an excellent position to offer logistics support for humanitarian aid transport whenever a natural disaster or atypical situation occurs. With our vast logistics providers network, we can organise shipping services in adverse conditions, with a fast response and the lowest costs. Get in touch with us to arrange a shipping solution.
Even if a disaster occurs in a remote location and one of the couriers is not operating on a particular route, we are able to accommodate each shipment with other transport providers to make sure the goods arrive at their destination.
How can Eurosender guarantee the best price for shipping services to NGOs and non-profits?
Due to the high volume of shipments organised through our platform daily, we can negotiate better delivery rates with the logistics providers. Since it is one of our goals to help support those in need, we offer shipping services to NGOs and non-profit organisations with special discounts at the best rate possible. Reach out to us to see how we can help your institution.
Can Eurosender organise an international charity shipping service to Africa?
Yes, we offer delivery services to all five continents. If you need to organise international shipping to Africa for your charity, don’t waste time and get a quote with us. We guarantee your goods will be in safe hands, as we only collaborate with vetted and reputable logistics providers.
If I decide to volunteer at an NGO, can I arrange my temporary relocation with Eurosender?
Yes! We offer transport services especially crafted for relocations & removals. If you intend to relocate within Europe, you can benefit from our Van Delivery service and have all your goods transported in a vehicle reserved only for your belongings. If you are relocating overseas, take advantage of our Priority Express Service, where you can send parcels to more than 220 countries and regions worldwide. Get an instant quote now!