Can You Mail Prescription Drugs Internationally?

Shipping prescription drugs and medicine internationally: Europe, UK and overseas

Are you living abroad and are not sure if you can mail prescription drugs or other types of pharmaceutical products in Europe? Keep reading and learn more about regulations on shipping prescription drugs and medicines via courier. Get tips on how to safely ship over-the-counter drugs domestically or internationally.

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Shipping prescription drugs internationally: sending medicine in Europe, Uk and overseas

When ordering the shipping of pills and medicines or an EpiPen abroad via courier services, there is some information that you may have to provide us with:

  • The type of drugs and the amount you want to send.
  • Specify if they require a prescription and if they contain substances that cause addiction.
  • Check if the drugs you want to send or the substances they are based on are approved in the country of delivery.


Shipping prescription drugs and medicine with courier services

Transportation solutions to consider depending on the size and time-sensitivity of your shipment:
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*Please bear in mind that some courier companies may include prescription drugs and medications in their list of prohibited items. For any clarifications, please contact our team of specialists via chat.


Packing guide for shipping prescription drugs

How to ship pills or an EpiPen abroad? If you decided to ship prescription drugs to someone for personal use, remember to pack them properly in order to avoid damages.

  • Start by wrapping them in bubble wrap. Cover the whole original package and secure the wrap with tape. You can also place the box in a plastic or ziplock bag.
  • Put the wrapped items in the box. Place the medication in the box and surround it with cushioning materials or other items that you wish to ship (such as clothes).
  • Seal the box and label it, if needed.


FAQs on shipping prescription drugs in EU, UK and overseas

Can I ship prescription drugs with every courier company?
It is important to note that not all courier companies will ship prescription drugs internationally. For example, DHL, UPS and TNT will not ship packages that have prescription drugs within the content. Each courier has specific rules and requirements for different shipments, so we recommend checking this further with the designated courier for your route. Alternatively, you can reach us by chat, phone or email before shipping to discuss your options further.
Can you ship prescription drugs in the EU and internationally via courier?
There may be some restrictions regarding shipping prescription drugs in certain countries, however, many people send them regularly. We recommend checking the local rules regarding your exact case both in the pick-up and the destination country. Keep in mind that as a sender, you are responsible for any extra costs incurred due to shipping medicine.
Can you post medicine to the UK from overseas?
Since Brexit came into effect in January 2021, all mail and shipments sent to and from the UK must go through the customs clearance process. Therefore, before posting any medicine to the UK from overseas, we recommend checking the updated regulations of each country regarding the transport of specific prescription drugs. If you need any assistance in placing your order, send us a message via chat or email to discuss your options with one of our specialists.
Can I ship medicines via courier in the US?
In the US, only FDA approved vendors and distributors with valid licenses can ship and transport prescription drugs. Authorised persons, such as doctors, can ship prescription drugs and some patients can choose to have their prescribed medicines shipped by courier if they provide all required documentation for their shipment in advance. Please check the regulations for every state and be aware that certain medicines may be restricted or prohibited if they contain controlled substances.
Can I ship over-the-counter medicine via courier?
Shipping over the counter medicines by mail or courier is not illegal and, therefore, many people decide to ship this type of pills and medicines over the post every day. However, due to their delicate nature, many couriers decide to include these goods in the list of restricted items to ship.
Can I travel abroad carrying prescription medicine?
You can travel with prescription drugs within the EU if you have a prescription signed by a doctor from an EU country. If the drug is not available in the country you are travelling to, you can ask your doctor for a cross-border prescription.
How to safely protect prescription drugs for transport?
When preparing pills and other prescription drugs for transport, do it in an environment protected from bacteria. Your package will be transported together with other parcels, containing all sorts of goods. And, simple vans or truck used for transporting standard packages are not equipped for items that need special conditions. Check if the medicines need some special transport conditions before shipping.
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Take into consideration these guidelines when shipping prescription drugs. Nevertheless, please consider that following them does not guarantee that the courier company will transport your package without restriction. In case you decide to ship medicines, Eurosender will not be held responsible for any damages caused by the transportation of your shipment.