Specialised transportation services for band equipment

If your band is going to have a concert in another city or country or you are planning to manage an event, you will need transportation of band equipment. Eurosender has already detailed how to ship musical instruments.

However, for a band performance, you need to transport not only instruments but band equipment as well. Be ready to ship microphones, speakers, lights, concert sound equipment, and some other electronic devices.

How to order the transportation of band equipment via Eurosender?

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You can also request an individual offer for sending equipment of non-standard shape.

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How do bands transport their equipment?

Mostly, artists and bands prefer to perform with their concert sound equipment and instruments. Sometimes, the transportation of band equipment may lead to additional expenses or difficulties. However, at the same time, you can be confident about the high quality of sound and light. It is better to have the reliable and tested stage equipment you have worked with than to solve some technical problems hours before the show.

Concert logistics planning takes much time and may cause difficulties for those who organise the transportation of the band equipment. Another logistics challenge that a band or a concert manager may face, is getting their band equipment across international borders. Thus, a long delay at the customs office may even lead to the cancellation of the show.

Depending on how much gear your band brings and its dimensions, carrying it on a plane or a train may not be an option. Splitting all your stage equipment to the members’ cars of the band is not a great idea neither. Because of driving, you won’t have time for a rest before a performance. Also, shipping the band equipment with a car or a trailer will lead to extra expands for parking and petrol, which might be too expansive for the beginners.

With Eurosender you can book the transportation service for the entire band equipment to any of your gigs, events or festivals. This can free you and your bandmates up to travel in a fuel-efficient sedan and get your equipment directly at the destination.

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How do bands protect their gear while touring?

Professional band equipment and instruments can be easily damaged or even stolen. Every artist, band or concert manager looked for the best ways to protect the band equipment when touring. Thus, packaging and storage of the musical equipment are of high importance for them.

Since the equipment the bands need to organise a performance is generally expensive, there have been cases when it got stolen from the backstage or directly from the vehicles that transported them. To protect band equipment when touring, consider covering your gear with dark sheets or tint and top it off with some decoy items. In that case, it will make robbers think twice.

To prevent any damages while transporting the band equipment, make sure you pack it properly. Many artists and bands buy special travel cases for musical equipment.

In the planning of the logistics of a concert, it is highly important to transport the band equipment safely. That is why Eurosender prepared useful tips on how to pack band equipment for shipping to protect it when touring.

  • Bubble wrap carefully the item you want to send – whether it is a microphone, pro audio outboard gear or any other band equipment.
  • Secure the bubble wrap with packing tape. Make sure all sides are taped shut.
  • Fill the bottom of the box with packing material. You can use heavy paper, packing peanuts, or foam.
  • Place the wrapped mic in the box and tightly pack around the sides and on top of the item.
  • Prepare all the boxes for shipping. Seal each box and secure all sides with packing tape.

For transportation of the stage equipment, which may include shipping of the big items, you may consider ordering a pallet shipping service.

Don’t have enough time for packing all the gear? Then you can order a dedicated van delivery service. Space inside will be used only for the transportation of your band’s equipment, without being shared with other shippers.

You can use our engine to place an order for van delivery. If you need more assistance, don’t hesitate to turn to our shipping experts.

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Logistics behind the organisation of a concert

Any concert or gig organising demands thoughtful event logistics planning. All the actions you take to manage the transfer, storage and other actions performed in the process of a concert planning are referred to event logistics. This also includes the transmission, venue logistics and processing of information. Here are the basic steps to take in a concert logistics planning.

1. Find a trustworthy logistics provider

First, you need to find a trustworthy logistics provider to collaborate with. Eurosender cooperates with the most reliable logistics companies that provide a high quality of the shipping services. To order shipping of stage equipment with our platform, you need to choose the shipping service in accordance with your band equipment dimensions and weight. Our logistics expert will assist you and answer all your questions.

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2. Pack band equipment for shipping

Transporting of stage equipment – such as lights, microphones, multiple electronic devices, including PA systems, – demands careful packing of band equipment. Good packaging means that your precious music kit will arrive safe and ready-to-work.

3. Transport the gear

After the band equipment is packed safely, it is ready for the pickup on the day which is set by the shipping company.

Our platform can help you with shipping of the standard-sized items, as well as pallets and oddly-shaped gear. Also, you can request a dedicated van delivery to transport all your band equipment at once.

4. Set up the equipment

After band and stage equipment have been shipped, you need to check the working capacity and then set them up.