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How to transport band stage equipment abroad

If your band has an upcoming concert, proper logistics planning is essential to ensure your equipment arrives safely in time for sound-check. Whether you need to transport your band’s stage equipment abroad or simply ship your music equipment between local concerts, Eurosender can help you to easily and affordably coordinate and plan your concert logistics. With our packing guidelines and expert tips on shipping all types of band equipment to gigs, from microphones, instruments, to bulky PA equipment and lighting, you can take your show on the road in no time at all.

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Transport your band’s stage equipment abroad or locally, with Eurosender

Whether you need to transport all of your band’s stage equipment to an upcoming concert abroad, or ship just a few pieces of musical equipment between concerts, Eurosender has a solution to suit any shipping requirement:

Priority Express service

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Standard shipping

Low-cost shipping for small packages and suitcases
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Pallet shipping

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Van delivery

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How do bands safely transport equipment abroad or overseas?

Most performers prefer to bring as much of their own equipment with them on tour, as in any industry, the most reliable tools are your own. But how do bands pack and transport their equipment abroad or even overseas safely, to ensure their gear is in the best shape for their next concert? Here are some things to consider:

  1. Use equipment cases if possible, as these easily conceal their contents and minimise the risk of theft.
  2. Protect any delicate equipment, lighting and sound equipment with layers of bubble-wrap and be sure to secure any loose cables carefully.
  3. Pack different musical instruments in their original boxes designed especially for each type of instrument. Check our packing instructions for guitars, pianos, drum kits and more.
  4. Consider packing bulky items on pallets for easier transport. For packing guidelines for pallets see our dedicated page.

Preparing an amplifier

  1. Remove any tubes from the back, and protect individually, with several layers of bubble-wrap.
  2. Place into a small cardboard box on top of packing peanuts and fill any additional space. Seal with tape.
  3. Secure amplifier cables with tape or cable-ties, and tuck them into the back of the amp.
  4. Place a sheet of cardboard inside the amp between the cables and any components to avoid any damage and fill any additional space with newspaper.
  5. Wrap amplifier with plastic-wrap or blankets and place amp and tubes into equipment case or large cardboard box. Fill any additional space with packing peanuts and cushioning.


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FAQ about concert logistics and planning

What is the best way to ship all of my bands’ musical equipment between concerts in Europe?
When shipping music equipment between concerts in Europe, the best solution is to book our van delivery service, for direct transport with no-stop overs. This way, your equipment can be transported all at once, and minimal packing and labelling is needed as the vehicle is reserved for your shipment only.
You can get an instant price for van delivery within Europe, on our booking tool.
How do bands transport equipment overseas, safely and reliably?
The safest way to transport band and stage equipment abroad is to prepare it on pallets for freight shipping.
Using pallets provides increased protection and stability, and also makes it easier to manoeuvre equipment when packing or unloading. If possible, we recommend using equipment cases, as these provide the best protection for your band equipment and can easily be placed onto pallets.
Request a price to transport your bands’ stage equipment abroad, by selecting your route and the number of pallets. Our experts will prepare a tailor-made offer with the best price, in the shortest time possible.
Is insurance available to protect my bands’ shipment of music equipment to gigs?
Yes, every shipment, including band equipment to gigs has basic insurance included in the price, and additional insurance is also available to purchase during the booking stage.
To discuss your insurance options, or if you have any questions regarding concert logistics planning, contact our experts who will be happy will happily discuss any logistics solutions for concert tours and anything else.