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Packing and shipping cello and cello bows to another destination

Many are shipping cellos across the country or internationally whether for performance, selling, buying, repairing or relocating to another location. At Eurosender, we understand the tangible and intangible value of musical instruments. As such, our experts will provide you with advice for safe transportation of your cello or cello bows to their destination. Follow our guide for packing a cello, and send it abroad carefree!

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How much does it cost to ship a cello to my customers?

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How to ship a cello

Standard shipping

Cheapest way to transport a cello internationally
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Pallet shipping

Cost-saving shipping solution for bigger loads
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Van service

Direct shipping within Europe, with no stop-overs
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Individual offer

A custome-made offer for shipping a cello
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Pack a cello in a box and send it across the country or abroad

The following guidelines apply both for shipping a cello in a hard case or a soft bag.

  1. Add foam blocks underneath the strings, under each side of the bridge. If you do not have foam blocks.
  2. Protect the scroll and the neck with foam or Styrofoam.
  3. Zip the cello bag or the hard case.
  4. Add bubble wrap around, to protect the shipment from any shocks during transportation.
  5. Add cushioning material on the bottom of the box, and the sides to increase the thickness of the box.
  6. Place the cello inside the package.
  7. Fill the voids with packing materials or bubble wrap.
  8. Seal the box with adhesive tape.

Pack a cello bow for shipping

  1. Wrap the cello bow with bubble wrap.
  2. Leave some bubble wrap on each side, to serve as padding once placed in the PVC tube.
  3. Place the wrapped cello bow in a PVC shipping tube.
  4. Add more bubble wrap to fill the voids.
  5. Add the end cup to the PVC tube.
  6. Fill a box with packing peanuts.
  7. Put the bow shipping tube inside the box.
  8. Fill the voids with more packing peanuts.


How much does it cost to ship a cello

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Frequently asked questions when shipping a cello and bow abroad

Can I ship a cello with strings in tension?
When shipping a cello across the country, you need the strings in tension, to keep the bridge in place; however, not necessarily fully tightened. Thus, you can lower the pitch around a quarter tone. Bear in mind that you have to be careful when packing, so we recommend you to put extra attention to those parts that are extra sensitive, like the neck of the cello.
How much does it cost to ship a cello with insurance included?
At Eurosender, we care about the safety of the shipments! The insurance depends on the service you have chosen and the fragility of the parcel. For freight shipments booked through Eurosender, you will be covered according to the CMR conventions, and you can add additional insurance by communicating this with our agents.
Would I need to print out the label when shipping a cello across the country?
Whether you need to print the label or not, is a matter that depends purely on the shipping service that you have chosen and the pickup country. Nonetheless, you will get an email with information and instructions after the shipping is confirmed.
How do I know which cello logistics service is most recommended from the above mentioned?
According to the size, volume or sensitivity of the shipment, you can choose among several shipping services. For overseas deliveries, you can opt for the Priority Express Services. At the same time, in Europe, you can use the Standard Shipping Services or Van Delivery when shipping several cellos or more items together. In case you require specialised transportation or have more complex requests, you can always ask our experts for a customised service.