How to ship a violin across Europe and worldwide?

The mastery of playing the violin is a matter of hard work and practice. Thus, both hobbyists and professionals encounter situations when it is necessary to take musical instruments together with them. At Eurosender, we recognize any possible difficulties in such situations, so we advise to use logistics services for sending a violin abroad. Based on the years of experience, we have prepared a list of recommendations which will guide you on how to pack a violin for shipping abroad and domestically. Following these instructions along with choosing the right courier services is the best combination for ensuring safe shipping and minimizing the risk of damages.

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Placing an order for shipping a violin abroad or domestically is just as easy as pie. The order form requires you to fill some essential details to guarantee fast, comfortable, and safe shipment with an automatically chosen courier company. However, before a courier comes and takes your package, you need to pack a violin for shipping abroad or domestically.

If you have any questions about placing an order, packing or shipping a violin across Europe, you are more than welcome to contact us. Our experienced logistics experts and customer support agents would gladly provide you with essential recommendations and suggestions.

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Shipping a violin abroad or domestically

Your violin surely constitutes both tangible and intangible value to you which makes you think of shipping a violin across Europe safely. As Eurosender partners with reliable logistics companies, you can pass the task of sending a violin abroad or within the same country to us.

There are several tips on shipping a violin with courier services:

  • First of all, you will need to prepare a package by following further guidelines with recommendations on how to pack a violin. Then, you need to take dimensions of the packed item and insert them in the Shipment Size Checker. It will help to determine whether your shipment fits standard shipping services.

  • Secondly, you might need to print and attach a label your package depending on the pick-up country. You will be informed about this in the e-mail after an order is confirmed. In general, the courier takes a label for your shipment, however, taking care of a label is sometimes necessary depending on your pick-up country.
  • Thirdly, consider placing an order at least 2 business days before the intended pick-up date, especially when you are about to live the pick-up address shortly after booking the service is made. However, you can ask another person to give your package to a courier.

How to ship old, valuable, or antique violin?

A violin is generally an expensive musical instrument, while antique or old violins may even hold a sentimental value to its owners. Therefore, such musical instruments are usually on the list of prohibited and restricted items of most courier companies. It means that shipping a violin via courier might be restricted. Moreover, insurance for old violins and other antique or valuable items is not applicable, which means that shipping a violin will be done at your own responsibility. Anyway, if you think of sending a violin abroad with courier services, use an original violin case or at least a sturdy case.


Materials for packing a violin

When shipping a violin, you need to ensure that a package is appropriately protected. This is necessary to prevent any damages even if you choose the most reliable and trustworthy logistics service providers. We introduce a list of packaging materials necessary for the violin protection:

  1. Violin case – make sure that you take an original case provided together with the instrument. Putting a violin in a proper case decreases the risk of cracks and other damages.
  2. Bubble wrap – this type of packaging material is helpful in protecting fragile parts of the instrument. You can find and buy it at any stationary or hardware store.
  3. Adhesive tape – it is used for securing other packaging materials and even some parts of musical instruments.
  4. Foam wrap – it should be thick enough to ensure the appropriate protection of your violin. You can find it in a hardware store
  5. Foam blocks – they fill voids and help to make the items immovable.
  6. Cardboard box – the best way is to use a cardboard box provided to you initially. Otherwise, consider taking cardboard boxes from supermarkets or hardware stores.
  7. Packing peanuts – they fill voids in the box in order to prevent the items from moving around and damaging.

How to pack a violin for shipping abroad?

Once you have all the necessary materials, you can start to pack a violin. By following the next guidelines, you are likely to prevent any possible damages associated with your musical instrument:

  1. Wrap the tailpiece. Take a piece of foam wrap and secure it with the packaging tape around the tailpiece.
  2. Protect the bridge. Take two foam blocks with the dimensions of 2,5 cm, 2,5 cm, 2,5 cm relatively and put them under each side of a bridge. You can substitute foam blocks by paper towels, but make sure that the rolls are equal in size.
  3. Cover the scroll. Take a piece of doubled bubble wrap and secure it with adhesive tape around the scroll.
  4. Secure bows. Make sure that fiddlesticks are secured with spinners in their niches.
  5. Check the case. Put a violin inside the case and examine whether there is much extra space. If any, put additional packaging materials inside to make your violin immovable in the case.
  6. Arrange the case. Take two rolls of bubble wrap (12 cm and 15 cm in length correspondingly). Put a shorter one over the scroll and the longer one over the chinrest. Furthermore, include your contact information and instructions concerning your return or repair if needed.
  7. Close the case. Secure the latches or zip up the violin case.
  8. Prepare a box. Take a cardboard box and put some packing peanuts on the bottom.
  9. Put the violin case in the box. Make sure that the case is centred and a buffer zone of 2 or 3 cm is at each side. Fill the remaining voids with extra packing peanuts so that the violin case does not shift around in the box.
  10. Seal and protect the box. Use adhesive tape to secure the box properly at each side.


The cheapest and the most reliable way of shipping a violin

There are multiple reasons for sending a violin abroad with Eurosender:

  • Buying or selling a violin. It may happen that a vendor and a customer live in different countries. That is why logistics service providers for shipping a violin across Europe would be the most appealing option. At Eurosender, we offer you an affordable way of transporting your violin safely.
  • Repair services. The maintenance of musical instruments could be really tough for its owners. That way, Eurosender offers reliable shipping services to deliver your violin to the authorized repairer abroad.
  • Musical concerts or performances. Using personal violins is crucially important during performances because its owners know all the details about their musical instruments and can manage them properly. However, travelling with a violin could be impossible due to luggage allowances. Meanwhile, Eurosender offers quick and safe delivery of your violin to the chosen place of destination or performance.
  • Relocation. Some customers decide to change their place of residence and outsource shipping of valuable items to logistics service providers. Eurosender is here to organize fast and secure transportation of your violin or other musical instruments.

Do you have any other questions or uncertainties about packing or shipping a violin? Feel free to call us or write an e-mail and our experienced customer support agents will gladly assist you.

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Take into consideration these guidelines when shipping a violin. Nevertheless, please consider that following them does not guarantee that the courier company will transport your package without restriction. In case you decide to send a violin via courier, Eurosender will not be responsible for any damages caused by the transportation of your shipment.