Send Pet Accessories Overseas by Courier

How to ship pet accessories and supplies by courier

Whether you are a producer looking to send pet accessories overseas or need delivery services of pet food, beds and toys for within Europe, Eurosender has the solution. We prepared a detailed guide on how to ship pet accessories, so you don’t have to worry about anything. For online or retail pet shops delivering pet food and supplies to their customers or individuals looking for the best way to send toys for pets as gifts overseas, at Eurosender you can get the best rates and useful tips.

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Delivery services for Pet Shops

Are you an online pet food seller or a specialised pet shop that sells toys, beds, collars and other accessories? With Eurosender, you get a wide range of shipping solutions which help you save on shipping costs and organise any type of logistics processes. Join our platform and manage all your orders from your own free personalised dashboard.


How to ship pet accessories abroad by courier

Depending on the size and time-sensitivity of your shipment, Eurosender offers several options to choose from.

Standard shipping

Ship small packages and boxes internationally at very low rates
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Pallet delivery

A cost-effective solution for businesses that ship big loads
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Express shipping

The fastest way to deliver pet supplies to your clients
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Individual offer

Our experts will provide you with a tailored offer for bulky items
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What to know before sending pet accessories overseas?


Pack the pet supplies and accessories and measure the final dimensions of the package. Find the right shipping service for it with our online size-checker.


Verify if you need to print and attach the shipping label to your parcel.


Book your shipment in advance to avoid any inconvenience. Use our online tool to estimate the time of delivery and make sure someone is present at delivery and pick-up locations.

How to pack pet supplies for shipping in a box? | Pet clothes, toys, pet collar

When you are looking to send pet products in a box such as dog clothes, pet toys and collars, or have cat litter and sand delivered, follow these steps to secure your shipment during the transportation.

  • When sending pet products abroad in a box, keep the items in the original packaging.
  • If you are looking for a way to pack pet clothes for shipping, you can consult our page dedicated to shipping clothes.
  • Bubble wrap the accessories and secure the material with adhesive tape.
  • Place the pet accessories in the box and fill all free spaces with more cushioning materials.
  • Seal the box.

How to pack bulky pet supplies for shipping by a courier? | Dog houses, beds, pet food

Pet shop owners and individuals can ship cat scratchers, beds, dog kennels, or organise pet food delivery in bulk.

  • Disassemble all possible parts and place them in labelled plastic bags.
  • Wrap each part in bubble wrap or foam sheet and place them in a box. If you want to send a bed for a dog or cat, you can put it in a plastic bag first.
  • Fill the box with the cushioning materials and seal it.
  • Place the boxes on a pallet. Fix the shipment to the pallet with straps and secure it with stretch foil or bubble wrap.


How much does a delivery of pet supplies cost?

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FAQs about sending pet accessories domestically or overseas

Does Eurosender offer home deliveries of cat food and cat litters?
Yes, all of our services are door-to-door. When you book delivery of cat litter, sand or any other pet products, a courier will transport your goods directly to the chosen address. There’s no need to go and drop your package to a post office. Just schedule the delivery of cat or dog supplies or accessories with our booking tool and wait for the courier.
Is it possible to organise the delivery of dog and cat food or accessories on the same day?
Through our Priority Express Service, you can schedule a collection of pet supplies on the same day, and the shipment will be delivered to your chosen address within 24-48 hours within Europe. This service can be used to send accessories for pets on domestic routes and abroad.
Can I organise the shipping of pet supplies to multiple addresses through Eurosender as a Pet Shop owner?
Yes. You can book multiple pet supply deliveries to different addresses in just a few clicks. We collaborate with local and international carriers, so you can organise the transportation of beds, toys, animal clothes, and other supplies for pets to almost anywhere in the world. Through our business solutions, sending pet food, toys, clothing and accessories is much simpler. Register now to access your own digital logistics panel and benefit from low prices when shipping pet accessories internationally.
Is it safe to organise the delivery of dog food and dog kennels by courier?
Yes! We only work with the most recognised carriers on the market, so you can send a dog kennel or any other pet supplies and rest assured that the shipping will be done safely and reliably. Moreover, you will get a unique tracking number for each of your shipments so your customers can track their orders anytime.
How can I arrange the delivery of raw dog food?
Raw food for dogs or cats is considered a perishable item and is therefore on the list of restricted items of most couriers’ companies. Many people still decide to organise the delivery of raw food for their pets, especially within the European Union, as in these cases, the parcels do not usually undergo customs controls. Currently, we do not offer refrigerated transport services for perishable goods, so by choosing to send raw dog food, you will be doing it at your own risk.
What are the insurance options when sending pet accessories overseas?
The insurance options available depend on the type of delivery service you choose for sending pet accessories overseas or domestically. Basic insurance is included in the price of almost every shipment. Additional insurance options are also available to purchase during booking. When shipping pet accessories abroad as freight, the shipments are automatically insured according to the CMR convention.