Tips and tricks on how to ship a basketball hoop

Whether you want to ship a basketball hoop as a gift. Whether you are moving to a new part of the country or abroad. Instead of traveling with it by plane, train, car, or any other means of transport, you can easily ship basketball gear abroad. We will provide instructions for packing basketball equipment properly before transportation. If you are looking for shipping services for shipping a large basketball hoop, we can also help you organizing a pallet shipment.

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Packing basketball equipment

Before we can start to ship a basketball hoop, we need to figure out whether your parcel will be eligible for our standard shipping service (package). If not, you can order a pallet delivery (non-standard). Fill out all the information about your package in the tool hereunder and find out.

Once you decide to ship basketball gear abroad or inland via our platform, you will get a range of benefits:

  • You will be able to contact our experienced support team agents who speak many different languages;
  • If you have any specific requirements regarding your shipment or if your basketball equipment is too heavy or oversized, you can always request an individual offer so that all your nuances are considered;
  • When booking with Eurosender, each shipment which is a standard shipment is automatically insured up to €200. Consider purchasing extra insurance for valuable items.
  • Track the status of your shipment online.
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A few more things you have to take into account:

  1. It is essential to book courier services for basketball gear at least 2 working days before the planned pick-up date. This is particularly important when you are going to leave the pick-up address in a short time (if you move for instance).
  2. Fill in the order form. It will take only several minutes to book shipping services using our platform online. Just remember to indicate the exact delivery and pick-up addresses, precise parameters of your parcel, and a local telephone number.
  3. We will let you know whether you have to attach a label to your parcel or not. This depends on the courier and the route.

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Packing basketball equipment: the materials

We provide a list of necessary packaging materials that will protect your items and ensure their safety during transportation. Almost all of them can be found in your local supermarket or in a hardware store.

  • Cardboard box. If you still have the original packaging, use this one, if not, any cardboard box will do. Make sure it is a sturdy one without any holes or
  • Plastic bags. If there are any screws or bolts that have to be shipped or loose elements.
  • Bubble wrap. It is used for the protection of delicate items.
  • Cushioning materials. Crumpled paper, foam wrap, or more bubble wrap is necessary for internal cushioning of the box and filling the voids inside it.
  • Adhesive tape. To fix the items and close the box.

Packing basketball equipment: the preparation

Preparing a standard package

  1. Clean the basketball hoop and/or equipment.
  2. Put some cushioning material such as crumpled paper or small pieces of cardboard scrap inside.
  3. Cover the items with bubble wrap secure it with adhesive tape.
  4. Use a cardboard box (either new or used one) that fits the gear. Place everything inside, fill up with cushioning material and shake the box to see if nothing is moving too much.
  5. Seal the box and use enough adhesive tape so that it will not open during transportation. Also, seal the corners and edges to prevent tears. Add a label if needed.

Preparing a pallet shipment

  1. Double check the pallet if it is sturdy. Take some corrugated cardboard and put it on the pallet surface before you put your basketball hoop on it.
  2. Remove all the moving parts. Remove the parts that can move or at least secure them in a way that will prevent them from moving. Place any items you disassembled in a well-cushioned cardboard box, but only after wrapping each of them in bubble wrap.
  3. Combine bubble wrap, plastic film, and other cushioning materials to secure the basketball hoop. You can also add cardboard sheets to the backboard for protection.
  4. Use bands to strap all the items to the pallet. Wrap the bands around the items several times and in several different ways to make sure they are safely loaded. Once you have stacked everything (central) on a pallet, secure everything with a layer of plastic foil.


Why choose Eurosender to ship basketball gear abroad

Eurosender works together with both global known companies such as GLS, DHL, and DPD, as well as with local country-specific courier service providers such as BRT and SUER. Together, we can ship almost everything across the globe (like basketball gear). Eurosender offers you a wide range of services to help you ship a parcel, a pallet or an unconventional item all over the world.

  • Our platform automatically selects the courier service provider based on the price-to-performance ratio. Thus, you get an instant quote to ship basketball gear abroad with no hidden expenses.
  • It takes you only several minutes to place an order.
  • By creating a business account, you can enjoy discounts by paying with credits.
  • A wide range of help pages in different languages to give you specific information on topics such as Pack and Ship, courier companies, shipping from specific countries, etc. Look at some examples hereunder.

For more information on how to ship a basketball hoop or details on how to ship basketball gear abroad contact our logistics experts.

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