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Wake-boarding is the favourite water sport of many. The reason for that is that you can combine the best of both worlds: water and speed. Over the years more and more people have taken up wake-boarding with it becoming a legitimate sport and part of the World Games. Besides that, it is also a favourite leisure activity for the numerous amateur wakeboarders. Being a leisure sport, it is often practised on holiday locations, whether it is on a lake or on the sea. But what if you want to take your own wakeboarding gear with you on vacation? Then you can send your wakeboard with Eurosender. We know how to ship wakeboard equipment. Below you will find all there is to know about wakeboard shipping by courier and useful tips on how to package a wakeboard for shipping.

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General tips for wakeboard shipping by courier

  1. Carefully measure the dimensions of your shipment with our free Shipment Size Tracker. When you know the dimensions of your parcel, you know which service to choose. The maximum length for standard shipment is 175 cm.

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  2. When sending one wakeboard you can use standard shipping services. However, when you send more than one wakeboard, it might qualify as freight shipping. When both of these options don’t match your package, you can always ask for an individual offer.
  3. Be at home on the pick-up day: When you cannot be present at the pick-up address, then make sure that you arrange it 2 days before you plan to leave or have someone else present to hand over the goods to the courier.
  4. In most countries, the label is printed and attached by the courier company. However, this is not the case when the pick-up address is in Poland, Sweden or Spain. In these countries, you are obliged to do this by yourself.
  5. Every package is insured with our Standard Insurance of €200. However, it possible to add additional insurance at a very low rate. Want to know more? Check out our special insurance page .

Packing material for wake board shipping by courier

With the packing materials below, you will be sure that your package will be safe when you send your wakeboard by courier. You can buy all the materials at your local hardware store or at a stationery shop. Feel free to use second-hand materials for cheap shipping of a wakeboard but be sure that they are not damaged in any way. That means no holes, tears or any other damage.

  • Cardboard box: The box has to be big enough to carry all parts of your wakeboard.
  • Bubble wrap: It doesn’t matter whether you use thick or thin, most important is that you wrap the parts several times.
  • Cushioning material: Packing peanuts or something of that nature such as shredded paper, towels, or additional cardboard or bubble wrap.
  • Adhesive tape: For closing and sealing the box.
  • Plastic bag: For storing the wakeboard parts.

How to pack a wakeboard for shipping

With the clear instructions below on how to pack a wakeboard for shipping, you will have your wakeboard packed in no-time.

  1. Disassemble all parts that you can disassemble, such as screws, fins etc. and place them in the bag.
  2. Wrap the wakeboard with Bubble wrap. It must be covered in bubble wrap at least 3 times. Afterwards, you can seal it with tape so that everything stays in place.
  3. Take the box. Fill the bottom with cushioning material.
  4. Place the wakeboard and the bag with spare parts in the box on top of the cushioning material.
  5. Fill up the sides and top of the box with more cushioning material and close the box.
  6. Seal the box with tape. Make sure that you cover every corner in the box to prevent it from opening during transport.
  7. When the pick-up address is in Sweden, Spain or Poland, remember to print the label and attach it to the box.
  8. Reasons for wakeboard shipping by courier

A growing number of people contact us every day with the question: How to ship wakeboard equipment? We already discussed the packing process and materials. So, now let’s have a look at the reasons people have for wakeboard shipping by courier.

  • Travel: With air travel becoming cheaper each year, people travel more than ever before. However, low-cost airlines usually charge hefty fees for additional luggage charge hefty fees for additional luggage . With the help of Eurosender, you can easily save money when you send your wakeboard to your holiday address.
  • Buying and selling used Wakeboard equipment: There is a lively trade online in second-hand wakeboarding equipment. The prices of this equipment are more budget-friendly, but you have to keep in mind that shipping is often on you. In this case, Eurosender can offer you cheap wakeboard shipping by courier through our network of cheap and reliable courier companies.
  • Relocating: Nowadays many people can work from anywhere in the world as long as they have an internet connection. The number modern-day nomads is growing and with that, the need for transporting possessions around the globe has increased. When you are relocating and your wakeboard is one of your most beloved possessions, turn to Eurosender when you want to be sure that your wakeboard will be delivered safe and sound.

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