Cheap wakeboard shipping by courier

If you are a wakeboarding fan who loves to travel with his own gear or an online store selling outdoor sports equipment, you must be wondering what the cheapest way to ship a wakeboard is. Get informed about wakeboard shipping by courier and check some useful tips on how to pack it properly to reduce transportation costs. Check our prices for local and international sports gear delivery!

How to ship wakeboarding equipment?

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  1. To estimate the shipping costs for sending your wakeboard abroad, carefully measure the dimensions of your parcel and insert them in our Size Calculator. It should be noted that the cheapest way to ship a wakeboard is to send it in a standard-sized packaging. Keep in mind that the length of your board must not exceed 175 cm.

Check your parcel dimensions

  1. If you need to send your wakeboard together with many other items, the package size might not fit into the standard dimensions. Then we recommend contacting our logistics experts to get an individual offer.
  2. Insurance up to €200 is already included in the price of every standard package. However, it is possible to choose an additional insurance formula at a very low rate.
  3. Ship your wakeboard at least 2 days before you leave for vacation.
  4. Use our estimated time tool to send your wakeboard to your vacation spot or to see how long it will take to have the equipment delivered to your client.
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Help me send my wakeboard at a low price


Packaging materials for sending your wakeboard domestically and abroad

With the packing materials below, you can be sure that your package will be safe when you ship wakeboarding equipment. You can buy all the materials at your local hardware store or at a stationery shop. Feel free to use second-hand materials, but make sure that they are not damaged in any way. That means no holes, tears or any other damage.

  • Cardboard box: We recommend a regular-shaped 4” box for cheap wakeboard shipping by courier.
  • Bubble wrap: It doesn’t matter whether you use thick or thin, most important is that you wrap the parts several times.
  • Cushioning material: Packing peanuts or something of that nature such as shredded paper, towels, or additional cardboard or bubble wrap.
  • Adhesive tape: For closing and sealing the box.
  • Plastic bag: For storing the wakeboard parts.


How to pack a wakeboard for shipping

  1. Disassemble all parts that you can disassemble, such as screws, fins etc. and place them in a plastic bag.
  2. Wrap the wakeboard with bubble wrap. It must be covered in bubble wrap at least 3 times. Afterwards, you can seal it with tape.
  3. Take the box. Fill the bottom with cushioning material.
  4. Place the wakeboard and the plastic bag with spare parts in the box on top of the cushioning material.
  5. Fill up the sides and top of the box with more cushioning material and close the box.
  6. Seal the box with tape. Make sure that you cover every corner in the box to prevent it from opening during transport.


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If you have other questions on how to pack a wakeboard for shipping, you can always contact our friendly Customer Support team, which is available by email and telephone in 15 languages.


How to ship wakeboarding equipment cheaply to your clients: B2B services

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