Best way to ship skis to Europe or any other part of the world

Winter is coming and you are probably already making arrangements for your holidays. There are so many wonderful ski resorts in Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy. Maybe this time you will be tempted to widen your horizons and discover the famous ski areas of the US, Canada or, why not, even Japan? The snow-covered ski slopes are waiting for you, you just need to book a flight and… ship skis to Europe or any other part of the world you have chosen for your vacation. Eurosender will help you send ski gear to a hotel abroad safely and at a reasonable price so that you could free yourself from the hassle of carrying all your luggage and a huge lot of winter clothes along with you. With Eurosender, you will get the best possible price offer for sending skis and other personal belongings by courier.

How to send ski gear overseas

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You pack ski equipment for successful shipping and Eurosender will take it from here. We will arrange all the details with the selected courier company. Your skis will be collected at your doorstep and delivered straight to the ski resort or to any destination of your choice. Then, you can entirely focus on choosing the best slopes.

Things to check before sending skis by courier:

  • Pack ski equipment properly for successful shipping.
  • Measure your parcel and insert its dimensions in our Shipment Size Checker to see if it can be sent through standard shipping service.
  • Place an order in advance. If you are planning to send ski gear to your vacation spot aborad or even overseas, you should choose the pick-up date at least two working days before your departure (3-4 working days during high season). If your vacation is planned for the end of the year, please take into consideration that it is a peak season for all courier companies. Ideally, you should have your equipment delivered one business day before your arrival. Make sure someone will be available at the ski resort to sign for the delivery. You can use our tool below to calculate the estimated delivery time.


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  • If your ski equipment fits into standard parameters (maximum length up to 175 cm), you’ll see the price for shipping skis internationally directly on our website. If the parcel exceeds the standard dimensions, you can request an individual offer tailored to your shipment. In both cases, you will get the lowest price for sending skis by courier.



  • Check whether you need to print a shipping label and attach it to your parcel. In most cases, it will be done by your logistics provider. If you need to do this on your own, our agents will inform you by e-mail.


Most airline companies let their passengers fly with skis. If you have any doubts the right packaging for transportation or if you need to calculate possible charges before your flight, we suggest checking the baggage allowance policy on the company’s official website. In some cases, you will be asked to carry your equipment in a special bag. Even soft bags are acceptable. Please, check this information with the selected airline company. If the baggage fee seems too high, consider sending skis by courier.

If you have any questions regarding the best way to ship skis to Europe or other parts of the world, or you would like to know how to pack specific ski equipment for successful shipping, feel free to contact our multilingual customer support team. Our logistics experts will gladly answer all your questions.

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Packaging materials

We recommend you to pack your skis with the utmost care to avoid scratches and damages. If you use the materials listed below, you will easily pack ski equipment for successful shipping.

  1. Stretch wrap– this material will help you keep the skis together. It will protect your ski gear from scratching. You can find it in any stationery or hardware store or at the supermarket.
  2. Ski bag – shipping skis internationally in a special padded bag will be easy and safe.
  3. Cardboard boxes– the best-case scenario would be to send ski gear overseas in a suitable cardboard box. You can buy it at any stationery or hardware store. If you do not find a box of the right size, you could opt for cardboard sheets.
  4. Moving blankets– this is the first layer of protection for your skis. You can buy them at hardware stores.
  5. Cushioning materials, like foam sheets, bubble wrap and packing peanuts– for internal cushioning and for securing and protecting individual parts of your ski gear. You can buy these materials in stationary or hardware stores.
  6. Thin rope– for securing loose parts of ski equipment.
  7. Adhesive tape– for sealing the box.


How to pack ski equipment for successful shipping?

If you are shipping skis together with your ski poles, helmet and goggles internationally, you wiill need to protect all the item types separately to ensure their safe arrival at your destination.

If you decide to send ski gear overseas with Eurosender, your parcel will be insured up to 200€. If your equipment value exceeds the amount mentioned above, please consider choosing one of our extra insurance packages (1000€ or 2000€).

  1. Find a suitable cardboard box. It can be tricky to find a suitable box for skis, as they are often longer than a regular-sized shipment. The best possible option would be to use the originalone If you don’t have the box anymore, and cannot find a box that is large enough for your skis, consider joining two or three smaller boxes to make one long box. To do so, take several boxes of the same size. Step 1: Fix the top flaps vertically. Step 2: Place each flap on top of the other box. Now you’ve increased the length of the box. Step 3: Put the boxes together and make one long box out of two with the help of adhesive tape.
  2. If the above method is not for you, you can use corrugated cardboard for outer protection.
  3. Detach removable parts. If your equipment has any detachable parts, detach them and bubble wrap them separately.
  4. Use the stretch wrap to protect the skis and poles. For this purpose, you can also use foam sheets.
  5. Pack your skis in a ski bag. When you ship skis to Europe or any other part of the world, bear in mind that it’s a long-distance journey for your equipment. Everything will go smoothly if you opt for sending skis by courier in a padded bag.
  6. If you don’t have a bag, start with some other sort of clothing layer. It needs to be soft enough to protect skis from scratches. Moving blankets are an excellent protective material. Protect the edges of your ski equipment with foam, wrap the skis and poles with bubble wrap and tape them At this point, you can also add additional layers of bubble wrap or foam sheets to protect the structure even more. Alternatively, you can also stop at two layers of protection.
  7. Keep the structure compact. After protecting your ski equipment with padding, put it in the cardboard box. Fill the box with bubble wrap, foam padding or packing peanuts. They will fill empty spaces left between the items and prevent them from shifting inside the box. Don’t forget to add extra padding on the bottom of the box, before you put the equipment inside. Don’t use a box which is too big for your shipment, because even if you use enough cushioning materials, the stacking strength will be reduced. If you haven’t managed to find a suitable cardboard box for your skis, we recommend to use extra layers of bubble wrap or foam (as described above), and then use corrugated cardboard sheets as the final layer of protection.
  8. Seal the box thoroughly. Use enough duct tape and seal all sides of the box. Apply at least three strips of tape evenly and cover all flaps and seams on the top and the bottom.

When sending ski gear overseas, we recommend that you keep the original invoice for your items. This document may be required by the shipping company to prove the value of your equipment in case the customer decides to start a claim procedure. It is also highly recommended to send this equipment in its original packaging to ensure maximum protection.

Congratulations! You have properly packed ski equipment for successful shipping and now you’re ready to ship skis to Europe or any other part of the world. All you need to do is wait for the courier company driver and prepare yourself for your new breathtaking winter adventure!

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If you have any questions about the safest way of shipping skis internationally, our customer support representatives will be happy to help you.

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