How to Ship Tennis Rackets by Parcel?

How to ship tennis rackets domestically or abroad?

Whether you want to send a tennis racket by post or by courier, Eurosender offers the best shipping conditions. Discover our door-to-door transport services both for individuals and businesses, and ship your tennis rackets at preferential prices. Use our platform below to book your shipment. Learn how to pack your tennis racket and other tennis equipment before shipping.

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Tennis equipment shipping services for resellers and stores

Think globally and expand your business opportunities with Eurosender. Use our international shipping services to safely send you tennis rackets and other tennis accessories by post or by courier to your clients wherever they are. Easily organize multiple shipments for your products, save up on every shipment with us and manage all your logistics operations from one single place!


Learn how to ship tennis rackets domestically or abroad under the best conditions

At Eurosender we offer multiple shipping solutions to meet your needs for shipping tennis rackets by parcel:

Standard service

The most cost-effective way of shipping tennis rackets by a parcel that fit in standard weight and dimensions
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Pallet delivery

Ideal solution for businesses that ship bigger loads of tennis equipment to resellers or customers
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Express shipping

International delivery of tennis rackets to your clients or holiday destination in 24h in Europe or in 72h worldwide
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Individual offer

A personalized offer tailored to meet your special shipping needs. Get an offer for non-standard deliveries in less than 2h
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Things to consider before shipping a tennis racket by parcel

Here are a few tips on how to ship your tennis racket and other tennis equipment without a hitch, whether domestically or abroad:

  • Start with preparing the racket and other tennis equipment for transportation and pack them for shipping. Usually, tennis equipment can be easily shipped with our standard service. If your package seems too big or heavy, insert its dimensions and weight into our shipment size checker tool and find out which service will best suit your needs.
  • Are you shipping to a tournament? Or to your holiday destination? Make sure you send your tennis racket on time. Check our estimated delivery tool to know how many days in advance you should send your parcel.
  • Check whether you need to print and attach the label to your package. You will receive this information by email.

How to pack a tennis racket for shipping?

The following recommendations apply for packing either tennis, badminton or other types of rackets before shipping them:

  • Put your tennis racket in its special bag. If you do not have it, wrap the racket in several layers of bubble wrap. Pay special attention to protection of the strings – bubble wrap this part of the racket with extra layers.
  • Place the racket in a cardboard box. Then fill all the empty spaces in the box with cushioning materials.
  • Seal the box tightly with adhesive tape.
  • If you ship your packages on a pallet, put the sealed cardboard boxes containing your tennis equipment on a pallet and attach them well to it using shipping straps.

Pack and send tennis shoes, clothes or nets internationally

  • Prior to packing your tennis shoes, clean them properly.
  • Put some pieces of crumpled paper or newspaper inside each shoe and cover them with foam wrap.
  • Put your tennis shoes inside their original box (if possible) or any other suitable cardboard box.
  • Prepare a bigger box with pieces of cardboard scrap or packing peanuts on the bottom and nest the box with your tennis shoes inside it.
  • Seal the box after making sure that all empty spaces are filled with cushioning materials. Label it if needed.

If you need to pack other tennis accessories such as tennis clothes, balls or nets, please check our dedicated articles with packaging instructions about these specific items.


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FAQ on how to ship a tennis racket and other tennis equipment domestically or abroad

Can I take a tennis racket on a plane as hand luggage?
For most airline companies, tennis rackets are too long to fit the cabin baggage dimensions. There may be exceptions though, as each individual airline company may decide to allow for it. Nevertheless, to avoid any risks, we recommend that you use Eurosender shipping services to have your tennis rackets delivered by parcel to their final destination safely and at the lowest cost.
Is sending a racket and other tennis equipment with Eurosender by post or by courier covered by insurance?

Yes, each standard shipment you send via Eurosender is ensured for up to 200 EUR per package. In addition, you can purchase additional insurance at a low price. At the same time, please note that the additional insurance will only be applied when you send your tennis racket in its original packaging and provided that you have the original invoice for it.

How much would it cost me to send a tennis racket by post or by courier?
It depends on the weight of your parcel and on the shipping distance. Please note that with Eurosender you will benefit from some of the lowest shipping rates on the market. Get a free quote using our special tool here above.