How to Ship Badminton and Tennis Rackets

How to pack badminton or tennis racket for shipping

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If you are a professional or a recreational tennis, badminton or squash player, you will surely want to take your equipment with you when you travel. Learn how to pack a tennis racket and save on your shipping costs by finding the best way to ship your tennis and badminton rackets straight to your address with Eurosender!


Best ways to ship tennis and badminton rackets internationally by courier

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How to pack a badminton or tennis racket for shipping

If you are shipping tennis or badminton rackets, follow our instructions on how to properly pack them to ensure they arrive safely to the desired destination. Of course, you can send other tennis equipment together with the tennis racket by courier.

  1. Pack the tennis racket in its bag. If you don’t have it, use other protective materials, such as bubble wrap, to wrap it around.
  2. Use enough bubble wrap and/or brown paper to wrap the racket and pay attention to the strings.
  3. Find an appropriate tennis racket shipping box. Place the racket in the box and fill out the empty space with crumpled paper and/or packing peanuts to prevent the racket from moving during transit.
  4. Add any other tennis or sports equipment you might want to send together with the tennis racket.
  5. Close and seal the box with adhesive tape.


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FAQ on How to ship Badminton and Tennis Rackets

What is the cheapest way to ship a tennis racket internationally?
The cheapest way to ship tennis or badminton rackets internationally via courier is through our Standard Service. Simply get a quote by entering your shipping information (pick-up and delivery addresses, parcel dimensions and weight) in our booking tool below. This option is available to you if you are shipping your tennis equipment within the EU. The cheapest option for shipping a tennis racket outside the EU to global destinations like the USA, Canada or Japan is Express Service.
Can you bring a tennis racket on an airplane?
If you are travelling by plane and wondering if a tennis racket is allowed in hand luggage, find the overview for most searched air companies.
AirlineTennis racket allowed as carry-on
DeltaYes - allowed
American AirlinesNo
British AirwaysUnder certain conditions
Are you looking for an alternative to flying with tennis rackets? Check the prices in our booking tool and travel stress-free.
How much does it cost to ship a tennis racket abroad?
The cost to ship a tennis racket domestically or abroad always depends on the distance, the parcel size, and its weight, as well as the service, selected. You can get a quote by entering your shipping information (pick-up and delivery address, parcel dimensions and weight) in our booking tool below, and easily find the best way to ship your tennis or badminton racket.
What size box do I need to ship a tennis racket?
The best option to send a tennis racket by post or by courier is a shipping box just big enough to fit the tennis racket in. Have in mind that you should fill in the empty spaces in the box to ensure the tennis or badminton racket doesn’t move during shipping. Ideally, your tennis racket shipping box would be lower in height so the volumetric weight is not higher than the actual weight of the package.
Is my tennis racket insured if I send it by courier?
Yes, all deliveries organized through Eurosender have basic insurance included in the price. The coverage depends on the shipping service and the type of item you are sending. For extra peace of mind, you can purchase additional insurance during the order process. Just note that when you are shipping a tennis racket, it must be properly packed, preferably in a tennis racket shipping box.
What is the best way to pack a tennis racket for shipping – can I just use the original bag?
Please note that most courier companies won’t allow you to send your tennis racket if it is packed only in its original bag. The best way to ship a tennis racket is to place it in the original bag then place it all together in a shipping box of appropriate size. Make sure your tennis or badminton racket is well protected so it won’t get damaged during transit.

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