Ship tennis equipment internationally and domestically

Are you a professional or an amateur who enjoys playing tennis and participates in tournaments? Surely, you probably consider how perfect it would be if someone carries your tennis rackets, bags, and shoes instead of you. Dreams become real with Eurosender because we partner with trustworthy courier service providers that can help you to send a tennis racket abroad and ship tennis equipment internationally. You will also get the best tennis racket shipping rates instantly as our booking engine will select an optimal route in terms of the price-to-performance ratio. One more thing is to prepare tennis equipment for transportation and pack a tennis racket for shipping in advance.

Place an order and get tennis racket shipping rates

It is easy to ship tennis equipment internationally with Eurosender because you need to go through only several simple steps.

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  • The first thing is to prepare tennis equipment for transportation and pack a tennis racket for shipping. The following guidelines for packaging are provided below. Afterwards, you need to check the dimensions of your parcel or package and insert them into the Shipment Size Checker. This tool will help you to determine which type of service is applicable for your shipment.

  • Based on this, you can easily fill the order form and provide all other details of your shipment. You will get tennis equipment or tennis racket shipping rates instantly.
  • After your order is confirmed, you will get an e-mail with a tracking number and a shipping label. It is necessary to print a label and attach it to your parcel if the pick-up takes place in Poland, Sweden, or Spain.

A standard order includes insurance of up to €200. When you need to send several parcels in one order, it is hard to determine which parcel is insured. That is why we recommended acquiring additional insurance per parcel at a low price.

Do you have any questions about packing and sending various pieces of tennis equipment? Contact our team of logistics professionals who speak 15 different languages. They will gladly assist and help to resolve any related issues.

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How to prepare tennis equipment for transportation?

Whether you want to send a tennis racket abroad or ship tennis equipment internationally, you need to prepare and pack them properly. It will enhance security during transportation regardless of a chosen courier service provider. Thus, choosing the right materials is crucial when you pack a tennis racket for shipping.

The best packaging materials for tennis equipment protection are:

Cardboard boxes – you can take either used or new cardboard boxes. You can find some new ones in a stationary or hardware store. Used cardboard boxes can be purchased at a low price in supermarkets and local grocery stores.

Cardboard scrap – it is helpful in creating additional protection layers.

Bubble wrap – it is essential for protecting fragile parts.

Foam wrap – you can take or re-use it for covering your items.

Cushioning materials (packing peanuts, crumpled newspapers) – those are necessary to fill the voids in the box and create additional protection.

Adhesive tape – to secure wrapping materials and seal the box.

How to pack a tennis racket for shipping?

A racket is the most important but the most fragile part of tennis equipment. Thus, it should be packed properly in order to avoid any damages during transportation.

  1. Take two pieces of cardboard scrap and cover strings on each side of the racket head.
  2. Cover the entire racket with two layers of bubble wrap.
  3. If you have an original case, put your tennis racket inside it.
  4. Take a slim cardboard box and put a racket head inside it.
  5. Prepare a bigger box and put an additional layer of protection by taking cardboard scrap pieces to protect the walls. Take a bigger box and nest a tennis racket there. Put plenty of packing peanuts to fill the voids.
  6. Seal the box with enough of adhesive tape. Once you pack a tennis racket for shipping, a chosen logistics company could safely deliver it to a chosen destination.

Pack and send tennis shoes internationally

  1. Prior to packing your tennis shoes, clean them properly and remove dirt.
  2. Put some pieces of crumpled paper or newspaper inside each shoe and cover them with foam wrap.
  3. Put your tennis shoes inside their original box if possible. Otherwise, take another cardboard box that fits the size of your tennis shoes.
  4. Prepare a bigger box. Put some pieces of cardboard scrap or pour plenty of packing peanuts on the bottom of the box. Nest a smaller box with your tennis shoes inside the box.
  5. Seal the box. Before you seal the box, make sure that you fill all the voids and empty spaces. Afterwards, secure all the seams and edges of the box. Thus, it will be safe and easy to send tennis shoes internationally.

Packing tennis clothes

Preparing tennis clothes for shipping is very similar to packing and sending conventional clothes.

Packing other items of tennis equipment

In case you want to ship tennis net or other pieces of tennis equipment, check a detailed article on how to pack and send gym equipment with courier services and prepare other sports equipment for transportation.

The reasons to send a tennis racket abroad with courier services

We have already helped many people to ship tennis equipment internationally for many reasons.

Going on vacation. Playing tennis is a popular hobby, but the regulations related to the bus and airline baggage allowance sometimes make it difficult to ship tennis equipment internationally. Delegating this responsibility to Eurosender will be the right choice. Our logistics partners use a variety of transportation methods, which results in the optimal route and affordable tennis racket shipping rates.

Selling a tennis racket or equipment. If you decide to sell your tennis racket, you should prepare it for transportation. Take advantage of the guidelines to pack a tennis racket for shipping.

International competition. Travelling with your tennis equipment to the tournaments may be really exhausting. To make things easier, just book shipping services on Eurosender platform and pack tennis equipment for transportation.

Do you have any questions about packing and sending various pieces of tennis equipment? Contact our team of logistics professionals: they will gladly assist you and help to resolve any related issues.

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