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How to send golf clubs internationally

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At Eurosender we offer the easiest way to ship golf clubs domestically or overseas. Follow our guidelines on how to pack golf clubs for shipping internationally and get immediate shipping quotes.

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Best way to ship golf clubs internationally via courier

At Eurosender, we offer various shipping solutions for door-to-door golf clubs deliveries:
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How to pack golf clubs for shipping overseas

Follow these packaging steps to ensure maximum safety when shipping golf clubs internationally by courier:

  1. Protect the heads of your clubs and wrap each golf club individually.
  2. Bundle all golf clubs together tightly with bubble wrap.
  3. Place the bundled clubs in your bag or case.
  4. Cushion the bottom of the cardboard box and place the bag inside.
  5. Fill the remaining space with packing peanuts and close the box.
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FAQs on how to ship golf clubs

How much does it cost to send golf clubs internationally?
The costs for shipping golf clubs depend on the distance, the service chosen and the total dimensions of your shipment.
To get an instant quote, you can use our free shipping calculator: insert the route and the dimensions to know the price before you book.
Are my golf clubs covered by insurance?
When shipping golf clubs with Eurosender, your parcel is always in safe hands and covered by insurance, calculated based on the service and the shipment value. For extra protection, we also offer additional insurance at a convenient price.
Which courier will send my golf clubs?
When booking a courier to send golf clubs with Eurosender our algorithm will instantly compare for you the offers of the best global providers, including DHL or FedEx.
You will receive all the information about the selected courier for your shipment via email.
What are the most common reasons to send golf clubs?
There are different reasons for shipping golf clubs, the most common are:
  • Selling used golf clubs: Businesses or privates selling the golf clubs turn to our services when they cannot meet their buyers in person.
  • Travelling: Shipping golf clubs with a courier service is much easier than carrying the sets around airports or train stations.