Shipping Golf Clubs Overseas | Packaging Tips

How to send golf clubs internationally

At Eurosender we offer the easiest way to ship golf clubs domestically or overseas. Whether you are looking for a shipping service to send golf clubs to your clients or to a tournament, we will arrange the safest courier delivery for your shipment. Follow the guidelines we prepared on how to pack golf clubs for shipping internationally and get immediate shipping quotes.

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Golf clubs shipping: services for resellers and stores

For business owners looking for the best shipping services to send golf clubs to their clients, our shipping platform offers multiple advantages. We collaborate with the best courier companies and hence are always able to find the best match for each shipping requirement. Leave your logistics processes to us while you focus on scaling your business.


Best way to ship golf clubs internationally with a courier

Standard shipping

The most cost-effective method to ship golf clubs internationally in a package
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Express shipping

For urgent delivery in 24 hours within the EU and up to 72 hours worldwide
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Pallet delivery

Business shipping from producers or distributors to warehouses or retailers
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Individual offer

Do you have special needs? We will prepare an individual offer for you within 2 hours
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How to pack golf clubs for shipping abroad

Shipping golf clubs overseas demands proper packaging to assure a stress-free smooth delivery. Packing golf clubs for shipping and ensuring their protection can be very easy when you follow these steps:

  • Protect the heads of your clubs with bubble wrap and secure it with adhesive tape. Continue then to wrap each golf club individually.
  • Bundle all golf clubs together tightly. Use additional bubble wrap and adhesive tape to tie them together.
  • Place the bundled clubs in your bag or case. Fill any empty spaces inside the bag with packing peanuts. Then zip the bag.
  • Prepare the cardboard box. Cushion the bottom of the cardboard box with foam and place the bag with your equipment inside. Fill the remaining space in the box with packing peanuts.
  • Close the box and carefully seal it with adhesive tape.

The cheapest way to ship golf clubs domestically or overseas

At Eurosender we have helped many customers to ship their golf clubs internationally.

  • Selling used golf clubs. Customers selling the golf clubs turn to our services when they cannot meet their buyers in person. Send golf clubs to almost any address with Eurosender.
  • Travelling. Whether it is a prestigious tournament or a holiday during which one would like to visit a golf course, shipping golf clubs with a courier service is much easier than carrying the sets around airports or train stations.
  • Moving abroad. If you plan a semester abroad or seek a job in another country, pack and ship your belongings with Eurosender. Our experts will advise you on golf club packaging and make sure that the shipping process runs as smoothly as possible.

We got you covered!

Every shipment sent with Eurosender is covered by insurance whose value will depend on the type of shipping service used. You can also purchase additional insurance during the ordering process.


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