How to Ship Camping Gear Abroad

How to pack and ship camping gear internationally

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Whether you sell tents and camping gear, or you are a sports fan looking for the best way to send camping equipment abroad, through the Eurosender platform you get the best logistics solutions. Learn more about how to pack a tent and other camping gear for shipping and book affordable delivery with Eurosender.


How to ship a tent and other camping equipment internationally

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How to pack camping gear for shipping?

Follow our simple instructions and pack your tent, sleeping bag, pads, pillows, and other camping gear for shipping by courier:

  1. Roll up the camping tent and tie it with ropes. Disassemble the parts of the camping equipment, where it’s possible.
  2. Pack smaller parts into labelled plastic bags, so you know exactly where they belong when putting up your tent or other camping gear.
  3. Wrap your tent and camping gear in bubble wrap or leave it in its original bag.
  4. Place the items in the cardboard box and fill the empty space with additional cushioning material.
  5. Close the box and label if needed.


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FAQ on how to ship a tent and camping equipment internationally

Can I send camping gear directly to my vacation spot?
When booking through Eurosender, all services are performed door-to-door meaning that your camping gear will be collected and delivered at the address you will choose. Just make sure that someone is present at the delivery address. You can arrange the shipping to the local hotel reception or the nearest store. Check our guidelines on how to ship and receive packages while travelling or in a hotel.
What is the cheapest way to ship camping gear internationally?
The most cost-effective way to ship camping equipment internationally is by booking the Standard Service. Enter your shipping details into our booking tool below and you will instantly get the final price.
Are there insurance options for sending camping gear abroad?
We care about our customers! That is why every shipment booked through the Eurosender platform is automatically insured with basic insurance. The value of the insurance depends on the shipping service you choose. Additionally, you can purchase extra insurance at a low price.
How much does it cost to ship camping gear internationally?
The cost of shipping camping gear depends on the pick-up and delivery countries and the type of courier service you select. Use our booking tool below to check the price for sending a tent and other camping equipment abroad. Our system will automatically calculate the shipping price based on your dimensions.
Can I take camping gear on a plane?
Yes, you can take your camping equipment on most planes. Check in advance which items must be packed in your checked luggage. To avoid having too much luggage and expensive costs for excess baggage by most airline companies, ship your camping gear ahead with Eurosender and travel stress-free.

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