Best Way to Ship Sports and Trading Cards

How to send baseball, basketball, and other sports cards by courier

Collectors and sports fans around the world are looking for the best way to send their prized and collectable graded sports cards domestically and abroad. While some less-valuable sports cards are often sent in plain envelopes, collectable or expensive cards deserve a bit more attention if you want them to arrive in pristine condition. Check our experts’ tips on how to pack trading cards safely for shipping and send your sports cards internationally, whether it is a baseball, basketball, football, or any trading card.
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The best way to ship sports cards internationally

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How to pack and ship baseball, basketball, and other sports cards

Whether you are sending your sports cards to get graded, or simply trading with another collector, follow these packing instructions. Having the proper packaging will ensure your shipment of baseball cards, basketball cards, and other sports cards arrives in excellent condition:

Packing and sending single sports cards by courier
  1. Place the card into a soft plastic protector sleeve or ‘penny sleeve’ for protection against scratches. You can find these at most stationery, toy and craft stores;
  2. Place the card into a plastic ‘Top loader’ (hard plastic sleeve) to prevent bending;
  3. Protect the front and back of the sports card with a piece of cardboard the same size as the card;
  4. Wrap several times with bubble wrap or tissue paper and secure with tape.
  5. Place the packaged card into a bubble mailer or small cardboard box and fill any extra space with additional cushioning.

For the best protection, avoid sending single sports cards in a plain letter envelope. These provide very limited protection and are prone to bending during transport. Instead, we recommend using a small cardboard box, especially when shipping expensive or collectable sports cards.

How to ship a baseball or basketball card collection by courier
  1. Use a trading card album with plastic binder sleeves. You can find these at most stationery, collectable or craft stores;
  2. Place each card inside the trading card binder sleeve for protection;
  3. Protect each page with cardboard front and back, the same size as the page. You may also wish to add tissue paper in between;
  4. Wrap the album with bubble wrap well and secure with tape;
  5. Place inside a cardboard box or padded parcel envelope, fill any extra space and seal with tape.


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FAQ’s on how to ship baseball cards, basketball cards and other sports cards

Can I ship sports cards in an envelope through the Document Service?
If you wish to ship single or multiple sports cards through Eurosender packed in an envelope, you would need to book our Standard or Express Services. Our Document Service is exclusively dedicated to paper documents, which can only be used for non-commercial purposes.
What is the cheapest way to ship sports cards?
The cheapest way to ship baseball and other cards is through the Standard Service. For the best price, pack your graded cards in a box or a padded envelope in the most compact way possible. The dimensions of the shipment directly influence the shipping price, so make sure you protect your items enough for transport but keep the package compact.
Is it worth shipping sports trading cards in the mail?
Shipping sports cards on the mail is usually cheaper than a courier service, but you do not have the same guarantees. When shipping sports cards by courier with Eurosender, you have tracking automatically included on your order, and you can opt for an urgent delivery if time is a priority. With the mail, you will probably have a cheaper shipping alternative, but it will most likely go without tracking and longer delivery times.
Use our booking engine to ship your sports cards by courier.
Does Eurosender offer insurance when shipping baseball and other cards?
It depends on the type of item being shipped. Please note that items of high value and fragile items will most likely not be covered by insurance, as these are deemed restricted items by couriers. Shipping lower-valued sports cards that are not considered collectable may be eligible for insurance.
If you are not sure whether you will be able to benefit from shipping insurance or not, send us a message before you decide to send graded sports cards via courier. Our experts will show you all options available and advise you on the best solution for your needs.
How do you ship sports trading cards with tracking?
If you choose to ship sports trading cards through the mail, you will need to pay for the registered mail service to get tracking on your envelope or package in most cases. However, if you send your basketball cards by courier through Eurosender, you will already have tracking included on the service price. Most courier services offer tracking for parcels and bubble mailers, as they are scanned in all depots and checking points. Read more about how our tracking works.
I am a sports card business and need to send my sports cards abroad and display cases in bulk across Europe to a trade show. What is the best way to do this?
The best way to send sports cards and your displays in bulk across Europe to a trade show is to book it through our Van Delivery Service. This way, you have an entire van reserved for your shipment with no stop-overs. You can get a price to ship your sports cards across Europe on our booking tool.

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Take into consideration these guidelines when sending sports cards by courier. Nevertheless, please consider that following them does not guarantee that the courier company will transport your package without restrictions. If you decide to ship valuable sports cards, Eurosender will not be held responsible for any damages caused by the transportation of your shipment.