Ship Pokemon Cards, Funko Pops and more

How to ship Funko Pops, Pokemon Cards and other collectibles by courier

Hobbyists, professional and casual collectors are always looking for ways to ship their rare and interesting collectibles – from shipping medieval collectibles to the latest craze of Funko Pops Vinyl Figures, Pokemon and Magic Gathering cards. Find out the best way to ship Funko Pops, Pokemon Cards and more, as well as how much it costs to ship them safely and affordably with Eurosender.

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The best way to ship Funko Pops, Pokemon Cards and other collectibles

Whether you need to ship desks during office removals, moving house or you need to work out how to pack and transport an old desk for disposal, Eurosender has a solution to suit any sized shipment to any destination:

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Pack and ship collectibles, Pokemon Cards and Funko Pop Vinyl Figurines

Shipping collectibles such as Pokemon Cards and medieval collectibles by courier will require different packing materials and even perhaps a different shipping methods altogether. Follow our guidelines for the best way to ship Funko Pops, Pokemon Cards and medieval collectibles:

How to send Pokemon cards and other trading cards in the mail?

  1. Place the cards into soft plastic protector sleeve: to prevent scratches during transport. You can usually buy plastic trading card sleeves in packs from stationery and craft stores.
  2. Sending single cards: place the card into a plastic ‘Top loader’ (hard plastic sleeve) to prevent bending during transport.
  3. Sending a collection: pack the cards in a folder, placing each card into its own pocket.
  4. Protect with cardboard front and back: either the single card or the whole page of cards in their sleeves.
  5. Protect with bubble wrap: by wrapping the single card well and securing with tape. If sending a collector’s album, wrap the outside of the album well and secure with tape.
  6. Place the packaged card into padded envelope or cardboard box, fill any extra space with additional cushioning.

How to ship Funko Pops and other collectible figurines?

  1. Keep the figurine in its original packing: to prevent damage during transport and your collectible losing value.
  2. Bubble wrap: several times, protect the outside well. Secure with tape.
  3. Sending multiple figurines: divide the cardboard box into sections, separate each with a strip of cardboard. Place each wrapped figurine in its own section, and fill any space with tissue paper or peanuts.
  4. Sending single figurines: place boxed figurine in a smaller box and fill any space with tissue paper or peanuts.
  5. Seal with tape: reinforce any corners with packing tape or added durability.

Shipping medieval collectibles

  1. Protect any sharp edges: with foam cushioning and secure with tape.
  2. Wrap the item several times using bubble wrap.
  3. Place into cardboard box and fill any additional space with cushioning material.
  4. Seal with tape and close the box.


How much does it cost to ship Funko Pops,
Pokémon cards and other collectibles?

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FAQ about shipping Pokemon cards, Funko Pops and medieval collectibles

Can I ship single Pokémon cards through Eurosender’s Document Service?
Yes, you can ship single Pokémon cards through our Document Service, but we recommend to send them with the standard service. Shipping single Pokémon cards in a document envelope increases the risk of damage and bending during transport as the Document Service is intended for documents only. Shipping single Pokemon Cards through our standard service will not only be more affordable, but actually offers better protection for your Pokemon Card, as you are required to pack your cards into a cardboard box instead of an envelope.
How to pack and ship collectibles outside their original packaging?
Most avid collectors will ship collectible figurines, action figures and Funko Pops in their original packaging to prevent the item decreasing in value. However, if you’re wondering what is the best way to ship Funko Pops and other collectible figurines without their original box, we advise you to protect them really well and use additional bubble wrap and cushioning.
How to pack and ship a coin or stamp collection?
For packing instructions on sending a coin collection or stamp collection, please see our dedicated pages.
Is insurance included when shipping Pokemon Cards, medieval collectibles and Funko Pop Vinyl figurines?

Yes, every shipment is covered by basic insurance, included in the price. Additional insurance is available to purchase at discounted rates during the booking process.Items of high value and fragile items are not covered by insurance, as these are deemed restricted items by couriers. If you do choose to ship expensive collectibles or delicate collectible figurines, individuals do so at their own risk as insurance may not apply.

If you need additional advice on shipping collectibles by courier, reach out to our experts who are happy to help.