How to send collectibles via courier?

Many children and adults like to gather collectibles, especially rare items, as a hobby. Owing to modern technologies and online e-commerce marketplaces, people from different parts of the world can buy and sell collectibles. Therefore, it is sometimes inevitable to send collectible items abroad or domestically. With Eurosender, shipping medieval collectibles, antiques, toys, figurines, and vintage items is fast and easy. We have also prepared the guidelines for sending collectibles overseas and tips on how to properly pack collectibles.

The cheapest way for sending collectibles overseas and domestically

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If you want to send collectibles via courier, it will take less than 5 minutes to book shipping services on our platform. Moreover, take advantage of numerous Eurosender benefits.

  • You can send your parcel anywhere. Eurosender collaborates with reliable logistics companies that operate worldwide. Thus, shipping medieval collectibles, antiques, toys, figurines, and vintage items internationally would be a simple thing.
  • You can ship multiple parcels. It is possible to send several packages in one order to the same delivery address. When you need to send more than 6 packages, we recommended using pallet delivery services and requesting an individual offer for such purposes.
  • Customer support agents speak your language. Our customer support agents are proficient in many languages, so you can write an e-mail or call them regarding your query.

Do you want to get more details about shipping medieval collectibles, antiques, toys, figurines, and vintage items? Contact our friendly and experienced support team agents via e-mail or telephone.

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How to ship antiques and collectibles with courier services?

You can easily sell and send collectibles to another country. There are some tips to consider before you do that:

  • It is essential to properly pack collectibles for shipping using the guidelines provided below.
  • Book shipping services at least 2 business days prior to your departure. Placing an order in advance will prevent any inconveniences and inconsistencies.
  • Measure your shipment carefully and insert its dimensions in the Shipment Size Checker. This form will help you to determine the right shipping service for your collectibles. For shipping large or bulky items, request an individual offer.

  • Check if you need to print a label before sending collectibles overseas. In case your shipment is collected in Poland, Sweden, or Spain, you need to print a shipping label and attach it to the parcel. In other cases, a courier will take care of that.
  • Check whether your items could be insured. As a rule, basic insurance of up to €200 is included in the total price of your order. However, shipping insurance is not applicable to very expensive objects, including collectibles of great value, fragile items, antiques, and artworks. That way, shipping such items will be at your own risk.

    We realize that collectibles can be of great sentimental value and cost much. Consider that standard shipping services are not suitable for such items and shipping insurance does not apply to them as well. Thus, shipping expensive collectibles will be at your own risk.

  • If you decide to ship very expensive antiques or collectibles, check our dedicated article on how to ship valuable items.

How to prepare collectibles for transportation

People who gather collectibles know the value of rare and unique items. In order to protect them during transportation, it is necessary to properly pack collectibles using the following materials:

  1. A cardboard box – it has to be sturdy and without dents or holes. You can either buy a new box at a hardware or stationery store or get a used one at a supermarket. It is fine to use an older box, but make sure it is in a perfect condition.
  2. Moving blankets – they are essential for sending vintage or retro furniture.
  3. Cushioning materials – you can use bubble wrap, polystyrene chips, Styrofoam sheets, crumpled paper, foam, cardboard scrap for the internal protection of the box and items inside it.
  4. Bubble wrap – for protecting delicate and fragile items.
  5. Adhesive tape – for securing wrapping materials and sealing the box. Plenty of adhesive tapes will enable your box from being breached during transit.
  6. Plastic or Ziploс bags – for storing and protecting smaller parts and items.
  7. A pallet – for shipping antique furniture pieces. It can be a new or used one but fit the size of the item you want to send.
  8. Bands – for strapping the cargo to the pallet.

How to properly pack collectibles for shipping?

Before you send collectibles via courier, you need to prepare them properly for transportation. As people gather collectibles that range in size and shape, we will provide basic guidelines on how to pack different items carefully to decrease the chance of damage during transit.

General guidelines

  1. Prepare items. Use several layers of bubble wrap to cover each item in your package.
  2. Take care of internal cushioning. Use plenty of packing peanuts, crumpled newspaper, cardboard scrap, or bubble wrap to protect the bottom and thicken the walls of the box.
  3. Put items inside the box. After you nest collectibles inside the box, add extra cushioning materials to fill all the voids. Make sure that the items are immovable.
  4. Double check the box and seal it. Use plenty of adhesive tapes to secure all the seams of the cardboard box.

Packing and shipping medieval collectibles

  • Protect sharp edges of swords, helmets, or armour with plenty of bubble wrap and fix it with adhesive tape
  • Cover each item with bubble wrap entirely and use some cushioning materials to fill the voids in armour or helmets
  • Find the box of the appropriate size and put medieval collectibles inside it.
  • Check the box and seal it properly.

Send antique or vintage furniture

If you want to antique, vintage, or retro furniture, there are two ways to do that: standard and pallet shipping services. Subsequently, there are two ways of packaging retro or vintage furniture for transportation.

  • Packaging for standard shipping. Disassemble the furniture piece if possible. Place smaller parts in a plastic bag and cover it with bubble wrap. Cover the furniture piece with a moving blanket and protect its sharp edges. Prepare the box, nest the items inside, and seal it properly.
  • Packaging for pallet shipping. It is also necessary to remove all the detachable parts and place them in a separate plastic bag or cardboard box. Prepare a pallet and put some cardboard scrap on it. Cover the furniture piece with a moving blanket and protect sharp edges. Build a crate around the furniture and secure everything to the pallet with the help of bands or straps.

Check a detailed article on how to pack and ship furniture.

Pack collectible toys

  • Leave new toys, vintage pieces, and other valuable items in their original boxes and wrap those in bubble wrap. Use the double-box packing technique.
  • Secure switches on toys with lithium-ion batteries, remove AAA or AA batteries from the items that have them.
  • Take bigger items apart if you can and wrap them separately.

Check detailed tips on a dedicated page for shipping and packaging toys.

Fragile and oddly shapes antiques

  • Use enough bubble wrap to cover each item
  • Cushion the inner walls of the box with Styrofoam sheets.
  • Use cardboard dividers for bottles or vases
  • Use several cardboard boxes for extra protection.

For more information, visit this page about shipping fragile items.

We recognize that one may gather collectibles of many different types, so we have also prepared dedicated pages on how to pack and ship whiskey, watches, and jewellery.

Sell collectibles via online platforms and send them with Euroseder

Sending collectibles overseas is a common scenario among our customers who gather collectibles and sell them online. We have prepared some information about common e-commerce platforms for selling antiques and collectibles.

  1. Etsy. It is an incredible marketplace connecting sellers and buyers from all over the world. You can sell handmade items or vintage collectibles there easily. Meanwhile, Eurosender will help you to ship items sold on Etsy.
  2. GoAntiques. It is a marketplace for buyers and sellers of antiques and collectibles. Eurosender will help you send collectibles via courier fast and easily.
  3. TIAS. Similar to GoAntiques, TIAS is one of the largest retail marketplaces for collectible items and antiques. You can find or sell old books, artworks, figurines, dolls, and other rare items.

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