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Pallet shipping to Slovakia for businesses

Secure the top pallet shipping solution to Slovakia tailored for your business. Leverage our extensive network of logistics partners for a reliable and swift pallet delivery across any city in Slovakia.

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How to prepare your pallet for shipping to Slovakia

Choose a suitable pallet for your shipment

Stack the items evenly, heavier boxes at the bottom

Fix the cargo with bands and wrap it with plastic foil

Attach the shipping label to the side of your pallet

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When to book a pallet delivery service to Slovakia?

  • Items that are too big or heavy to fit into packages.
  • Multiple parcels or items that need to be shipped together.
  • When sending bulky items that can be better secured on a pallet.
  • For your business distribution and supply chain.
  • When the load requires special equipment for handling.

What to consider before shipping a pallet to Slovakia

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Upcoming public holidays

Logistics service providers usually don’t operate during public holidays, so please consider the bank holidays when organising your pallet delivery to Slovakia.










FAQ about pallet delivery services to Slovakia

Is storage service available with pallet delivery to to Slovakia?

Yes, for pallet shipping to Slovakia, you can book both long- and short-term storage solutions in in Slovakia and other European destinations, thanks to our collaboration with trusted logistics providers. Our storage options cater to all shipment sizes and durations. Please contact our logistics specialists and send the details of your request in order to receive a personalised quote or request storage services while booking pallet shipping in Slovakia.

How long does pallet delivery to Slovakia take?

Pallet delivery to Slovakia typically takes between 3 – 7 days under standard shipping service. For express pallet deliveries to Slovakia, the FTL Service offers direct cargo transport. As an alternative, you can book the Van Delivery Service, where you have the option of same-day collection for your pallets, depending on the carrier's availability.

Why is it better to ship goods on pallets than on boxes?

Pallets offer better protection for your palletised goods, leveraging the durability and sturdiness of pallets. Unlike shipping boxes, pallets are less susceptible to accidents or damage thanks to handling with forklifts or suitable equipment. Additionally, when shipping several packages in a pallet, you make sure they will all be transported together.

What types of pallets are suitable for pallet shipping from Slovakia?

For pallet shipping from Slovakia, any type of pallet can be used, though stackable pallets are favoured by logistics providers. When booking a pallet shipping service, please provide the complete dimensions of the shipment, and our booking tool will display the already negotiated final price. Don’t forget that the pallet should be included in the total weight and dimensions.

Is pallet delivery to residential areas possible in Slovakia?

While many carriers typically don't provide pallet delivery to residential areas, our network of trusted logistics providers enables us to arrange such services. However, for successful pallet delivery to Slovakia, it's crucial to have enough parking space for the delivery truck and ensure someone is available to unload the pallet to the ground floor of the delivery address.