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We make pallet shipping to Hungary easy and stress-free. Our platform is at the forefront of the digitalisation in logistics, empowering businesses and individuals to simplify their logistics processes. No matter how big or complex your load is, we’ve got the right solution for you. Get an instant quote for sending pallets to Hungary.

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Pallet shipping to Hungary for businesses

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How to prepare your pallet for shipping to Hungary

Choose a suitable pallet for your shipment

Stack the items evenly, heavier boxes at the bottom

Fix the cargo with bands and wrap it with plastic foil

Attach the shipping label to the side of your pallet

Check our packing guide

When to book a pallet delivery service to Hungary?

  • Items that are too big or heavy to fit into packages.
  • Multiple parcels or items that need to be shipped together.
  • When sending bulky items that can be better secured on a pallet.
  • For your business distribution and supply chain.
  • When the load requires special equipment for handling.

What to consider before shipping a pallet to Hungary

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Upcoming public holidays

Logistics service providers usually don’t operate during public holidays, so please consider the bank holidays when organising your pallet delivery to Hungary.










FAQ about pallet delivery services to Hungary

What documents do I need for shipping a pallet to Hungary?

When shipping a pallet to Hungary you will need to attach a shipping label to the palletised goods. The shipping label will be sent to you via e-mail. Additional shipping documents may be required for importing or exporting goods; please check our dedicated page for more information. The transportation of products whose circulation is regulated by the local government may also require additional documents.

How long does pallet delivery to Hungary take?

Pallet delivery to to Hungary typically takes between 3 – 7 days as the standard timeframe. For urgent pallet delivery to Hungary we strongly recommend booking FTL Service, where you will have direct transport of your cargo. Alternatively, you can opt for the Van Delivery Service where you will have a whole van dedicated to your palletised goods as well as have the option of same-day collection for your pallets, depending on the carrier's availability.

Can I book a pallet shipping service from Hungary for multiple pallets?

Yes, when booking a pallet shipping service from Hungary, all you need to do is select the number of pallets you wish to ship when placing the order through our booking tool. Alternatively, you should also check the prices for the full FTL or shared truck (LTL) services, that are more suitable and economical for shipping multiple pallets from Hungary.

Will the driver contact me before pallet delivery and collection?

Yes, the driver will call you before the pallet delivery and collection. That way you can arrange all the necessary details before the arrival of the driver. Please make sure the shipment is ready to be picked up on the scheduled date and that someone is present at the designated addresses for the pallet delivery and collection.

How can I organise a pallet delivery to Hungary?

To start your order for pallet shipping to Hungary, all you have to do is select the pick-up and delivery country on our booking engine. During the next step, you will be required to fill out the weight and dimensions of your pallet. After filling out all the necessary information you will receive the final quote for pallet shipping to Hungary. In the last step, you will need to fill out the addresses of pick-up and delivery locations. Add the contact information and proceed with the payment in order to complete the booking process for pallet shipping service to Hungary. The booking process is easy and it takes last than 5 minutes!