Immigrate to Croatia: International Removals to Croatia

Moving to Croatia: Things you should know before you immigrate to Croatia

Croatia has become a tourist haven in recent years, with more foreigners visiting and also later deciding to immigrate to Croatia. With its long history and many beautiful cities, expats are moving to Croatia from the USA, UK, Canada and all over the world, and trust Eurosender to transport their belongings safely with international removals to Croatia. You can calculate a price on the right shipping service, right now for free on our booking channel, and begin to plan your move to Croatia.


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Learn how to move to Croatia with Eurosender

With the separation of Yugoslavia, more people wished to move to Croatia, and expat communities from neighbouring countries make up a proportion of their small population. From picturesque holiday islands, to old villages and ski slopes to the beautiful forests and lakes, Croatia has it all. So, before you pack up and move to Croatia, we’ve prepared some information to make your relocation to Croatia smoother.
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The cost of moving to Croatia – International removals to Croatia

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Visa regulations for Croatia

For citizens of EU/EEA member countries – there are no visa regulations or requirements for Croatia. Those who intend on living and working in Croatia will not need a work permit. However, you will be required to register yourself with the local police and provide an official address in Croatia.

For citizens of non-EU member countries – unless your country is exempt, you will need to apply for a visa at your nearest Croatian embassy allowing you to visit for up to 90 days. Exempt countries include USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand etc. For a full list of exemptions, please check the embassy’s website. For citizens of non-EU member countries who are migrating to Croatia – you will need to apply for a work and residency permit.

Please check with the Croatian immigration website for a full list of conditions and requirements. You will also need to register yourself with the local police after moving to Croatia from the USA, Canada, Australia or anywhere else.

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Property in Croatia

Cities all over Croatia are popular with expats from the UK, USA and everywhere else, and most foreigners prefer to rent property in Croatia. Here are the average rental prices for the major cities:

  • Zagreb: A single person renting a one-bedroom apartment in the centre of town would expect to pay €394 – €591 per month, and €600 – €1000 per month for a 3-bedroom apartment.
  • Rijeka: A one-bedroom apartment in the centre of Rijeka will cost between €197 – €450 per month. A three-bedroom apartment is around €300 – €650 per month.
  • Zadar: A one-bedroom apartment in Zadar costs around €290 – €660, and a three-bedroom is between €525 – €1840 per month.

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The cost of living in Croatia

Because of Croatia’s huge tourism industry, prices tend to go up and down depending on the season, with goods and services often cheaper during the winter months. Compared to many European countries, Croatia’s cost of living is quite low. Most expats moving to Croatia from the UK, USA anywhere else tend to move to major cities and share an apartment as a way of reducing the cost of living in Croatia. An inexpensive meal of the day costs around €8, and utilities around €200 per month.

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The job market in Croatia

Because the unemployment rate is so high in Croatia, job opportunities for foreigners in Croatia are quite limited. Their major industries include tourism and agriculture, and these are largely seasonal, so if you know Croatian, you will definitely have an advantage when looking for work in Croatia.

Education in Croatia

Public education is free for all residents of Croatia, however, the quality of education is poorer than in most European countries. For this reason, many locals and expats moving to Croatia from USA, UK or Europe can send their children to international schools which offer better quality resources. There are international schools which teach in English located in Zagreb.

Elementary School
Age: 6–11
Compulsory: yes
Middle School
Age: 12-15
Compulsory: yes
Senior School
Age: 16-18
Compulsory: no

Healthcare in Croatia

Healthcare in Croatia, like education, is free and paid for by the state under their universal healthcare plan. This covers basic medical services, but there are also private healthcare options available for extra services. Before you receive a residency permit for Croatia, you should make sure you have adequate healthcare in Croatia, for your length of stay.

Driving in Croatia

Croatia’s breathtaking landscape makes driving in Croatia so popular with foreigners from the USA, UK and all over Europe. Traffic can be busier in major cities and near border crossings and depending on the season. If you are moving to Croatia from the UK, or anywhere in the EU, you can drive with your local license for as long as it is valid. For those moving to Croatia from the USA, Australia or anywhere outside of the EU, you should carry your international driving permit, your local license, and your passport with you.


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What else to expect when living in Croatia

  • Living in Croatia, you will discover they value a work-life balance, and are extremely family-oriented. Moving to Croatia with family, you will enjoy some of the longest maternity leave in Europe.
  • Bureaucracy is known to be extremely slow, and migrating to Croatia from countries outside of Europe can be increasingly difficult. Job opportunities are also limited for non-Croatian speakers.
  • The cost of living in Croatia largely depends on the tourist industry and can be much higher in some parts of the country. For this reason, you should certainly save on your cost of moving to Croatia, so why not calculate this right now on our booking engine.

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