Snowboard shipping in Europe

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If you want to ship a snowboard internationally, you should start planning in advance. Before placing an order, pack your snowboard properly and measure the box. Then, consider choosing the pick-up date at least two business days prior to your departure. Enjoy your next winter break and hit the slopes with your own equipment. We all know how difficult it can be to carry your gear with you when going abroad. Eurosender has a solution – ship a snowboard internationally and save yourself the trouble. Shipping snowboard in Europe is more convenient and less stressful. The only thing you have to take care of is to prepare a snowboard for shipping and wait for the courier driver. There is no need to worry, Eurosender provides access to snowboard shipping services carried out by top international logistics companies, at lower prices than standard courier fares. And your equipment will arrive just in time for your holidays.

Cost to ship a snowboard

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Before shipping a snowboard in Europe, you should prepare a snowboard for shipping and measure the box carefully. The cost to ship a snowboard depends on its dimensions – insert them below to check if your parcel qualifies as a standard shipment.

If your snowboard fits into a standard shipment, then the price of the snowboard shipping service will be displayed directly on our website. If the box exceeds the standard dimensions, you can request an individual offer tailored to your shipment. In both cases, the final cost of shipping a snowboard internationally will be as low as possible.

Cheapest way to ship a snowboard

Snowboard shipping service in more than 30 European countries

Whenever you plan your next winter adventure, consider using courier services to ship your snowboard to the mountain resort. It is less stressful and costly than checking in your equipment at the airport, and you don’t have to spend hours waiting at the counter. Eurosender can provide you with the cheapest way to ship a snowboard, anywhere you want.

But don’t forget that shipping snowboard in Europe requires some planning. Prepare a snowboard for shipping and book the service in advance to guarantee that your equipment reaches the chosen destination right in time for your holidays.

How does snowboard shipping in Europe work?

Shipping snowboard in Europe is simple and affordable. All you need to do is:

  • Prepare a snowboard for shipping and pack it properly,
  • Measure the box,
  • Check the collection and delivery address to make sure both can be located easily,
  • Book the shipping service on our platform or request an individual offer.

If you need more tips on how to prepare a snowboard for shipping, check our blog.

Your snowboard will be automatically insured for the value of 200 EUR. It is also possible to extend the insurance coverage for only a few euros. If you are not sure which insurance option to choose, or you simply need more assistance with preparing a snowboard for shipping, you can always get in touch via our online chat.

Eurosender snowboard shipping services

Many destinations in Europe are well known for their mountains and slopes, which makes them perfect for avid skiers and snowboarders. What is more, there are plenty of affordable airline companies to use when heading out to the mountains. However, taking your own snowboard gear with you can be problematic. We recommend shipping a snowboard instead of travelling with your gear, just to avoid additional costs and save time. Save yourself the trouble, pack your equipment and ship a snowboard internationally.