The Cheapest Way to Ship a Snowboard Internationally

How to ship snowboards at the lowest cost

Winter trips usually involve heavy sports equipment being shipped around. Send snowboards internationally by post for winter sports trips or as an online shop to your customers. At Eurosender, you instantly get the cheapest and most effective solution to ship snowboards and winter gear door-to-door. Get advice from our experts on how to pack a snowboard for shipping by courier and avoid excess baggage fees.

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How do you send a snowboard?

Find the best way to ship snowboarding gear at the lowest cost. At Eurosender, we offer multiple solutions for shipping snowboards during the winter season:
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How to pack a snowboard for shipping?

When sending snowboards by post or courier, always make sure to use proper packaging. Wrap each item of your snowboarding gear separately and follow these steps to guarantee safe delivery:

  1. Use the original packaging of your snowboard or any other big box.
  2. Protect the snowboard with bubble wrap and place it in its travel bag.
  3. Wrap your snowboarding boots and other gear separately.
  4. Nest the snowboard and the remaining gear in the box filled with cushioning materials.


What to have in mind when sending snowboard gear by post or courier?

Since winter holidays are always quite busy and snowboarding gear is not exactly a standard item, we leave here some advice to keep in mind when shipping snowboard equipment internationally.

  • Measure your snowboard: make sure to provide accurate shipping dimensions for the box in which you will send your snowboard, including the weight. If you don’t have a scale, you can easily find online the approximate weight of your snowboard by searching for its brand and model.
  • Consider shipping delays: couriers and postal services are quite busy at this time of year so make sure to add a few more days to the estimated transit time when booking the delivery of your snowboard.
  • Get a good snowboard case or travel bag: there is no such thing as too much protection where shipping is concerned.

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FAQs on how to ship snowboards internationally

Can I send a snowboard internationally to a mountain resort during Christmas holidays?
Yes, our door-to-door services allow you to ship your snowboard wherever you like, even to mountain resorts. Just bear in mind that winter holidays are an extremely busy period for courier companies due to a huge number of Christmas deliveries. If you are planning to go on a snowboarding trip, make sure to book and send your snowboarding gear in advance. When shipping a snowboard internationally with Eurosender, you can always check the estimated delivery time to your chosen resort.
What is the fastest way to send a snowboard by post or courier?
The fastest international snowboard shipping option is the Express Service. As a rule, if you are posting snowboarding gear overseas, the delivery may take from 48 to 72 hours for the most distant destinations. If you wish to send your snowboard equipment within the EU, you can expect your equipment to be delivered in 24 hours.
What is the cheapest way to ship snowboard gear internationally?
When planning to send a snowboard across Europe, the cheapest international option is our Standard Service. Make sure the box that fits all your equipment is not too big for the parcel dimension limits and send your snowboard gear in the cheapest way across Europe. Find out more about our low-cost shipping services.
How can I send a snowboard overseas?
The best way to send snowboards worldwide is with our Express Service. All you have to do is book the service on our platform and pack your snowboard equipment properly for safe shipping. Here are some of the most popular requests we get:
How much does it cost to ship snowboard equipment internationally?
To calculate the cost for shipping a snowboard internationally, you need to choose the appropriate transport method in our booking tool, depending on the dimensions and weight of your shipment as well as the pick-up and destination addresses. Our user-friendly platform will instantly display the best shipping service for your snowboard as well as the cost.
How much does a snowboard weigh for shipping?
A snowboard usually weighs up to 5 kg, but it varies depending on the snowboard’s length and model. When sending snowboard equipment by post, keep in mind that you will need to indicate the weight of the parcel. For example, snowboard boots alone generally weigh more than 2 or 3 kg, while the weight of snowboard bindings can exceed 5.5 kg. The snowboard helmet is the lightest accessory weighing around 300 g.
How to bring snowboard luggage on the plane?
Snowboarding luggage and other bulky sports equipment can be part of your checked-in luggage, which may add some cost to your ticket’s final price. Most people find it best to send their snowboard gear ahead by post or courier since it is usually cheaper and more practical than taking it on the plane. Read more about shipping luggage ahead.
How to ship a snowboard internationally with bindings?
The safest way to ship a snowboard with bindings is to remove the bindings and wrap them in fleece clothing or bubble wrap before placing them in the cardboard box. Sending the snowboard with the bindings mounted can be a bit risky. However, if you decide to remove them, make sure to place the proper tools in your box as well to screw the bindings back at your destination.


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