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Are you planning an awesome winter vacation somewhere in the Alps? Through the Eurosender platform, you will find the best way to ship a snowboard internationally or across the country. No need to pay excess luggage fees at the airport and to carry all your suitcases with you. Order door-to-door snowboard delivery by courier in just a few clicks and enjoy the journey!

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Snowboard delivery services for companies

Join thousands of companies that have chosen Eurosender as their permanent shipping platform. Have access to a wide network of reputable international logistics providers. Get the best solutions for sending snowboarding gear domestically and overseas. Ship at pre-negotiated rates. Have all relevant shipping information in one place. Enjoy security, reliability, and flawless delivery.


How to send snowboard equipment across the country and abroad?

At Eurosender, we offer a wide range of logistics services. We can recommend several national and international snowboard transportation options:

Express service

Fast delivery: 24h intracontinental, 48-72h worldwide.
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Standard shipping

The most cost-effective service for shipping small parcels.
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Pallet delivery

A cost-saving solution for transporting goods in bulk.
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Van service

Direct and safe transport. No stopovers. Available in Europe.
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How to pack your snowboard equipment properly for shipping?

When sending your snowboarding gear overseas or within your country, protect all the items separately to ensure their safe arrival. Here are the basic packaging guidelines for sending snowboard equipment domestically and abroad:

  1. Use the original packaging of your snowboard or join two smaller cardboard boxes to make one long box.
  2. Protect the snowboard with bubble wrap, foam sheets or a moving blanket.
  3. Pack your snowboard in a special padded travel bag.
  4. Put the bag in the cardboard box.
  5. Wrap your snowboarding accessories separately and put them in the box.
  6. Fill empty spaces with cushioning materials or with your ski clothes.
  7. Close and seal the box thoroughly with duct tape.
  8. Cover all flaps and seams on the top and the bottom.


Van delivery service
Price from only 0.48 EUR/km
Direct and fast delivery, same day pick-up possible
Safest mode of transport for packed or unpacked items

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FAQs on domestic and international snowboard transportation options

What to keep in mind when shipping a snowboard nationally or internationally to a mountain resort during the Christmas holidays?

Winter holidays are an extremely busy period for courier companies due to a huge number of Christmas deliveries. When shipping a snowboard internationally with Eurosender, you can always check the estimated time for snowboard delivery to a chosen resort.

No matter what international snowboard transportation options will be suggested by our platform, if you book snowboard delivery by courier during high season (especially at the end of the year), add a few days to the estimated time, to be on the safe side.

Make sure that someone will be available at the delivery address to receive the parcel for you.

What is the fastest Eurosender service for urgent snowboard delivery by courier?
The fastest international snowboard transportation option provided by Eurosender is the Express shipping service. As a rule, if you are sending snowboarding gear overseas, the delivery may take from 48 to 72 hours for the most distant destinations. Those who send snowboard equipment abroad within the same continent can expect their goods to arrive in 24 hours.
How much does it cost to send snowboard equipment abroad with Eurosender?
To get exact quotes for shipping a snowboard internationally, you need to choose the appropriate transportation method, depending on the dimensions and weight of your shipment as well as the pick-up and the destination addresses in our booking tool. Our user-friendly platform will instantly suggest the optimal international snowboard transportation option and will show the cost of snowboard delivery by courier.
How much does a snowboard weigh for shipping?
Depending on the snowboard’s length and model, it usually weighs up to 5kg. When sending snowboard equipment abroad, keep in mind that you will need to indicate the weight of packaged gear. For example, snowboard boots alone generally weigh more than 2,3kg, while snowboard bindings’ weight can exceed 5,5 kg. The snowboard helmet is the lightest accessory with around 300 gr.
What is the best way to send snowboarding gear overseas?
If you are in doubt about the optimal international snowboard equipment transportation option in your case, use the above booking tool to find the most suitable delivery service. Our smart algorithm will instantly show you the best price-quality match for your shipment.
Can I transport a snowboard as carry on?

Snowboarding gear and other bulky sports equipment can be part of your checked-in luggage. As snowboard boots are usually packed separately, airline companies often count them as a separate luggage unit. Thus, you may know the exact price for transporting your snowboarding gear onboard only at the ticket counter at the airport during the check-in procedure.

How do you transport snowboard bindings?

Frequent winter travellers recommend buying pipe lagging for your snowboard bindings, as bubble wrap will not be enough to protect them. Wrap a length around each end and secure the structure with rubber bands. Alternatively, you can take the bindings off and wrap them in fleece clothes or a moving blanket.

Is there any insurance for snowboard delivery by courier when shipping with Eurosender?

With Eurosender, all your risks will be covered. The amount of insurance depends on the type of transportation service selected for sending snowboarding gear domestically or overseas. You may also choose an additional insurance formula with higher coverage. Make sure to keep the original invoice to be able to prove your item’s value.