What Is the Meaning of On-Demand Delivery Service?4 min read
On-demand delivery meaning

Globalisation brought a lot of changes, especially to the way we do online shopping. The increased interest in eCommerce requires new and innovative shipping solutions to satisfy customer demand.

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What does on-demand delivery mean?

For every business, the customers are the most crucial part of a successful business, and they are the essential piece of the puzzle., regardless of the industry. When making an online purchase, the customers want to get the product delivered intact and within the shortest possible time. Many online stores and sellers are trying to find the most optimal delivery solution to retain the customer.

Often, the offered shipping timeframes are not in accordance with the customer’s wishes. This is when the courier companies and other logistics companies are trying to innovate their process to answer the customer’s desires. Again, the customers drive the business operation, and without them, you probably would not be able to be sustainable in this competitive environment.

One of the solutions for addressing this need, the customer’s need to get the goods within the wanted timeframe, is the on-demand delivery.

What exactly does on-demand delivery mean? It means that the customer can choose when and where they want the products delivered! The shipper will usually select the available methods to offer to the customer so they can choose from. Usually, the delivery is done the same day, the next day, or up to five days after purchase. The customer gets to decide according to the preferred schedule. Not only that, but with some on-demand delivery solutions, the customer can choose where they want their products delivered. Now, they can receive the goods at their doorstep, at the neighbours’ house, or even at their holiday destination.

It is important to understand your customer, and as such, to address their expectations. Once the customer has the power to decide for their purchased products, it will be a lot better experience both for you as a business and the people.

How does the on-demand delivery work?

Usually, the customer makes the order, the company responsible for the delivery will pick up the parcel from the sender’s place and contact the receiver. The receiver will then choose when and where they want their goods delivered. To simplify, here is how we would put the on-demand delivery definition in a visual:

On demand delivery meaningOn demand delivery meaning

As mentioned earlier, this service is particularly significant for its flexibility and speed. The customer will place an order for delivery and decide about the desired time they want to receive this product and the delivery place.

However, what are the limitations of this service? Can you book on-demand shipping on Saturday or Sunday?

On-demand shipping on Saturday or Sunday

It is important to note that the Saturday or Sunday’s on-demand delivery depends on the sender’s selected options. If the sender listed this option, in most cases, the courier could deliver the goods on Saturday, but not Sunday. The receiver should contact the sender to discuss their options about a weekend delivery.

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On-demand delivery solutions benefits for customers

Here, we will list some of the benefits that come with the on-demand delivery, but they are not limited only to this, and the list can be even more extended, depending on the offered services.

  • The customer can choose and change the delivery date.
  • The customer chooses the place of delivery or what they consider another safe location.
  • The customer can request the package to be delivered to the neighbour’s house.
  • The customer can choose an alternate address.
  • The shipment can be kept at the courier’s facilities while the customer is on vacation and delivered later upon return.

Defining the on-demand delivery benefits for businesses

  • Businesses can better understand customer behaviour and demand patterns. The on-demand delivery is helpful when using advanced technologies to analyse the buying trends and patterns.
  • The on-demand delivery will help improve customer loyalty. Customers like flexibility, and if they receive the goods according to their wishes and desires, businesses will thrive.
  • The on-demand delivery can eliminate infrastructure costs. These delivery services are most often used by online stores selling goods to customers, so the need for physical stores or even big warehouses is almost eliminated.
  • The whole on-demand delivery process is centred on the customer, enabling them to retain and boost the customer experience and engagement.

On-demand shipping with Eurosender

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