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Get freight shipping quotes online from hundreds of freight forwarders. At Eurosender, we have developed a fully digital platform for requesting shipping quotes for freight of any shape or size. Send us your request through this button and get competitive road freight quotes for a single pallet, a full truck (FTL), or dedicated van transport.

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How to get an online quote for your freight

We will calculate your freight shipping costs in only 15 minutes. Check the easy guide below to get an online road freight quote:


Click the button above to send us your request;


Provide the cargo dimensions and route;


Tell us your preferred freight service if you have one;


We will answer you within 15 minutes with a quote.

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Quotes for road freight shipping services

Our logistics specialists can calculate freight shipping costs offered by our trusted freight forwarding partners for the following road services:


What is included in each online road freight quote

Our business is to support your shipping needs. Get a tailored road freight quote on our platform and delegate your freight shipment’s logistics planning to our specialists. We will arrange all the transport details with the carrier for you!
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How freight shipping costs are calculated

The dimensions and weight of your freight shipment are used to calculate the density. In general, when calculating freight shipping costs, the higher the density, the lower the price. Other factors which will affect the freight shipping quotes are:

  • Distance from the collection to delivery points
  • Freight classification or type of cargo
  • The declared value of the cargo
  • Additional insurance coverage, if required
  • Equipment for loading or unloading, if required


How to get a custom shipping quote for your freight

Do you have special requirements for your freight shipment? No problem! Your shipping needs are unique to you.

Once you fill out the form below, one of our dedicated logistics experts will be in direct contact with you and create an online freight shipping quote tailored specifically to your needs. Requesting a custom freight shipping quote is free, and you will get the best carrier rate available.

Send us your request, and one of our agents will contact you as soon as possible.
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Online road freight quotes with negotiated prices

Our trained logistics experts negotiate and calculate the freight shipping costs with the carrier on your behalf to get you the best solution. The quotes you get are always pre-negotiated, so you do not have to lose time comparing carrier rates on your own.

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FAQ on how to get road freight quotes online

What information is needed for an online road freight quote?
In order for you to get an accurate freight shipping quote online, you will need to provide the following information:
  • Details about where your freight is being transported to and from (please provide complete addresses);
  • The shipping service and how the goods will be packed - for example, on pallets;
  • Dimensions, weight and a description of the cargo.
You can submit all of this using our booking form - it takes less than 5 minutes to fill out!
Please note that if any essential information is missing or inaccurate, this may affect the road freight quote you receive, or it may lead to surcharges later. If you need any help during the ordering process, please do not hesitate to contact our team using the chatbox.
Would I get a cheaper quote booking a freight or parcel shipping service?
This depends on the size and quantity of parcels you need to ship. Booking road freight transport is usually cheaper if you send multiple parcels together as a larger load, rather than sending each parcel individually. If you are in doubt about which service is best for you, ask for assistance when requesting a quote for booking a freight shipment, and our specialists will recommend the best solution for your needs.
Is equipment for loading or unloading included in the online freight shipping quote?
No, items such as forklifts or tail lifts are not included in the price, but they can be requested and provided for an additional fee. We advise you to check that you have all the equipment necessary for handling your cargo at the collection and delivery locations. If you need any additional equipment or assistance with loading/unloading, please inform us during the booking process.
Read more about tail lift deliveries.
Is insurance included in the online freight shipping quote?
Yes, almost every shipment booked with Eurosender is insured according to the CMR Convention. Additional insurance coverage is also available through our insurance partner ERGO Versicherung AG. Please contact our experts using the chatbox below to discuss the additional insurance available for your freight shipment.
Do I need to have an account to get a freight shipping quote online?
No, you do not need an account to get an online freight shipping quote with Eurosender. All you need to do is fill out our form with details about your load.
If you are shipping as a business, we recommend creating a free business account before placing your order to access the benefits we offer business shippers. These include discounted rates, your own integrated logistics dashboard and support from dedicated account managers.
What is the advantage of getting an online road freight quote with Eurosender instead of independent carriers?
When getting an online road freight quote with an independent carrier, you will have less flexibility on availability since your booking window will depend on their schedule. If you get an online freight shipping quote through a 4PL logistics platform such as Eurosender, you will benefit from having a network of carriers to offer you flexibility and convenience. We have a team of specialists available to help you organise your transport, adapting the service offered to fit your requirements and your budget.