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How to track road freight shipments with Eurosender

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Know where your road freight shipment is at all times with our online tracking tools and our team of logistics specialists. Our platform is integrated with digital tracking systems, allowing you to track your road freight shipment throughout Europe online. Insert your unique pallet tracking number in the tool below to locate your pallet online. For direct transport services such as Van Delivery and FTL, continue reading to know how to stay updated about your shipment.


Copy the pallet tracking number sent to you via email and track it below

Input tracking or order number
Alternatively, you can check the status of your pallet shipment using the same tracking number
directly on the carrier’s website.


How to track road freight shipments online

Eurosender offers various road freight services that are tracked in different ways. Read more about how to track road freight shipments for each service below:

Pallet delivery

You will receive a tracking number and instructions via email. Insert the pallet tracking number in the tool above and click Track.
More about Pallet Delivery

Van delivery

You will be able to follow your van delivery through a live map. When the driver is on the way to the delivery address, the live location will be updated every 15 minutes.
More about Van Delivery

Full truckload (FTL)

For this direct transport service, please contact our logistics team for an update on your order location. We will contact the carrier on your behalf and keep you informed.
More about FTL transport

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What do different online road freight tracking statuses mean?

We have made a list of the most common statuses and updates displayed by freight carrier tracking systems in Europe and internationally.

  • Info received – Your order has been placed and is registered in the system of the carrier
  • Pick-up – The shipment has been collected
  • In transit – The shipment has been collected and is on its way to the recipient
  • Hub/arrival scan – The cargo has been scanned at a courier depot and is waiting to be sorted for further transport
  • Redirecting – The delivery address was not correct and the cargo needs to be redelivered
  • Out for delivery – The carrier has scheduled to deliver the cargo during the day
  • Delivered, POD available – The shipment has been delivered. Proof of delivery (POD) is available upon request.
  • Not found – Your tracking information is currently not available but it may be after a while. This may be due to the following reasons:
    • The carrier has not collected the shipment
    • The shipping label was not scanned so the order is not in the tracking system
    • Your tracking number is invalid or incorrect


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FAQ on how to track road freight shipments

How can I track my road freight shipment online?
If your chosen road freight service includes online tracking, the reference number is sent to you via email after order confirmation. Follow the email instructions to track your road freight shipment online. If you cannot find the tracking email, please check your spam inbox. If you need any help tracking your order, do not hesitate to contact us using the chat box below.
How do I track an LTL road freight shipment online?
The tracking method of your LTL shipment will depend on the service chosen for your needs. When you send us your request for LTL transport, you will be able to discuss the options available on how to track your road freight shipment. Read more about LTL transport.
How long does it take for the road freight shipment tracking to be updated?
Once the cargo is collected and the shipping label scanned, the tracking number is activated and the shipment enters the carrier tracking system. The first tracking updates are usually visible a few hours after collection once the cargo arrives at the first sorting warehouse.
What should I do if my online road freight tracking has not been updated?
If the online road palletised freight tracking status is not updated for more than 48h, please contact us so that we can check with the carrier. The same applies for a few hours without updates if you will be using the van live map. Tracking update delays may happen due to long transit distances or high volumes of cargo at carrier warehouses.
What is PRO number tracking in road freight shipping?
The 7-10 digit PRO number, short for progressive number, is a component of your freight tracking number. PRO numbers are usually paired with a SCAC code to form a longer barcode. After collection, the carrier assigns a PRO number, which is generally considered a standard tracking number in freight shipping.
How does road freight shipment tracking differ from sea and air freight tracking?
Road freight is tracked with different references from air and sea freight. While road freight is tracked with references such as the PRO number and the BOL number, sea freight is tracked with a container number, and air freight is tracked with an airway bill number (AWB). Online tools allow you to track your container or air freight shipment in real-time by providing you with the exact GPS coordinates at any given moment.
Can you track a shipment with a bill of lading (BOL)?
Yes, you can. The bill of lading is a useful document for freight tracking as it contains crucial information about the shipment, including the names of the sender and receiver, collection and delivery addresses, PRO number, dimensions and weight, packaging information, value and a description of the cargo. You can insert the BOL number in the carrier website tracking tool to see updates on your shipment.