Warehousing and Logistics Services in Europe

Warehousing and distribution services for businesses

Short- or long-term storage
Available throughout Europe
Tailored to your needs
With our extensive network of logistics partners across Europe, we offer customised warehousing and distribution logistics solutions to help your business meet all your deadlines. Click the button and request a warehousing and distribution service for your business.


Fully personalised warehousing and distribution services

At Eurosender, we find efficient solutions to even the most complex logistics requirements.

Our dedicated team of specialists handles all the pricing, planning and communication with the logistics providers, so your business can focus on other priorities. Secure warehousing and distribution services for greater peace of mind!

Short- and long-term warehousing solutions for your business

Whether your business is looking for long-term or short-term warehousing services, we can help! Since each request is treated individually, instead of being tied to strict timeframes, we will contact multiple providers to find the solution that best fits your needs. In most of the cases, that means that the goods will be stored in the warehouse of the same logistics provider that will deal with the transport.

Cargo warehousing and logistics solutions

In addition to freight transport, we also offer pallet and cargo storage in state-of-the-art facilities managed by vetted logistics providers. Contact us for a free, no-obligation quote to get the solution you need!
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Optimising the distribution step after warehousing

Warehousing and distribution are often treated as connected services in logistics. At Eurosender, we will help you optimise the efficiency of your entire supply chain. We focus on providing safe and on-time distribution services that work according to your schedule so your shipping operations flow smoothly, without downtime.

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Requesting a quote for warehousing and distribution solutions

Follow the steps below to get a custom quote for warehousing and distribution services in Europe:


Click on the button below and fill out the form to place your request.


Provide your requirements, being as descriptive as possible.


We will send you a competitive quote via email.


Our experts will contact you if more information is needed.

Benefits of booking warehousing and logistics services with Eurosender

We offer diversified logistics services to take out the complexity of your supply chain. See below just some of the advantages of choosing Eurosender:

Short-term storage
Your cargo will be stored in the selected carrier’s warehouse

Vetted international couriers
Get access to our network of trusted logistics providers

Customised pricing
Get a tailored quote fast for shipping and storing your goods

Real-time support
Our highly-trained team will assist you every step of the way


Warehousing and distribution logistics tailored to your needs!

At Eurosender, we cater to several different industry requirements. Whether your business needs in-transit storage or long-term warehousing and distribution, we’ve got you covered. Quick response, flexibility, solutions!

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Warehousing and distribution services for multiple industries

See below some examples of industries we are constantly providing warehousing and distribution logistics solutions for:


Warehousing and distribution logistics tailored to your needs!

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FAQ on warehousing and logistics services for businesses

Why are warehousing and distribution so important in logistics?
Warehousing and distribution solutions are essential for most businesses that manufacture, import, export or transport goods. Using a good warehousing and storage service gives you better control over your inventory and ensures that customers will receive their products on time, which ultimately leads to higher profits and better productivity.
How does pricing work for warehousing and logistics services?
To accurately calculate warehousing and logistics service rates, companies take into consideration several factors:
  • Number of items to be stored
  • Size and weight of the goods
  • Duration
  • Location
  • Contents – whether they require special handling or additional certification (i.e. hazardous goods)
When you request a quote with Eurosender, we will contact several providers and offer you the best-priced warehousing and distribution services available.
Can Eurosender offer my business warehousing and distribution solutions in Europe?
Yes, we offer warehousing services tailored to the needs of each business throughout Europe. Since we work with logistics providers with storage and warehouses available in multiple countries, we can identify the best location for keeping your goods.
We deal with each request individually, so you can be sure that you will get the best solution for your requirements.
For how long can my business store shipments at the warehouse?
You can store your items for as long as you need in the majority of cases. We work closely with each business to provide flexibility and the best warehousing and logistics solutions available for their specific needs.
Where will the facility be located when organising warehousing and logistics services?
The standard practice is to organise storage with the same company responsible for transporting your shipment. In most cases, this is the most effective solution geographically and economically. Once the order is confirmed and ready, we can inform you about all the details.
If you have any additional requirements when requesting a warehousing service for your business, let us know when placing your order.