DHL International Shipping for Luggage and Suitcases

Shipping luggage internationally with DHL

Sending suitcases with DHL is a great alternative to paying the excess baggage fees when travelling or relocating. If you are also considering shipping your luggage internationally with DHL, read our guide below to understand how this service works. We have compiled updated information about DHL luggage shipping services and provided a tool for instant price calculation, including DHL and other renowned couriers.

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Where can you send your suitcase with DHL?

Being a world-renowned logistics company, DHL offers luggage shipping services internationally across over 220 countries and territories worldwide. Whether you are based in the UK, USA, India or abroad, you can benefit from DHL wide logistics network to get your suitcases delivered. Depending on the route and the service of your choice, the delivery may be performed either by road, air or sea.


Shipping suitcases with DHL – Maximum dimensions allowed

When shipping your suitcase with DHL directly, you will have to comply with the rules of the local DHL branch you will be booking with. In most cases, bags of up to 31,5 kg are allowed, but some countries have lower weight limits. For instance, DHL Parcel in the UK only allows items of up to 25 kg. To avoid any surprises, we strongly recommend checking carefully when booking the service.

To avoid confusion, simply book your luggage delivery through our platform. With the Standard Service, you can ship suitcases of up to 30 kg, but you can opt for the Priority or Priority Express Service for sending heavier pieces of luggage of up to 70 kg each.


How to pack your suitcase for shipping with DHL

For better protection of your suitcase and its content, we recommend packing your item appropriately, as described below:

  • Pack your items inside the luggage safely so that they will not be moving during transit.
  • Put the suitcase inside a cardboard box.
  • Close and seal the box with strong tape.
Advantages of shipping luggage ahead

Often cheaper than excess baggage fees

Save time at the airport lines

Travel hands-free for greater comfort

Insured delivery by specialised couriers


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FAQ – Shipping luggage internationally with DHL

Is DHL a good alternative for shipping unaccompanied luggage?
Yes, if you want to avoid paying the airlines’ fees for excess or additional baggage, you can opt for sending your unaccompanied luggage with DHL directly to your destination. Many people also use this solution to send luggage abroad when they are not flying, as it is a very safe and efficient alternative.
When shipping excess baggage with DHL, do I have to bring the suitcase to a store?
It depends on the selection you made during the booking process. Some DHL luggage shipping services already include home pick-up and delivery, but others require the customers to drop off the item at a local store. We recommend paying careful attention to the details when shipping your excess baggage with DHL to avoid any confusion.
At Eurosender, all of our shipping solutions are entirely door-to-door. Book your luggage shipping service with us and pick your desired collection and delivery addresses.
Does DHL luggage shipping include transport insurance?
Yes, DHL offers shipping insurance when sending suitcases abroad, which is typically included in the price. However, the insurance value may vary depending on the service selected and the local policies of the branch you used to make your purchase.
Can I send a suitcase with DHL without packaging it into a box?
DHL used to allow customers to send suitcases without outer packaging, but this is no longer possible in most cases. The best solution is to pack the suitcase in a cardboard box, as described above. In certain branches, DHL may consider that a suitcase is a bulky good due to its irregular form when considering the wheels and handles. As such, you may be charged an additional fee for transport.
For more details, check our page about how to pack your luggage before shipping it internationally with DHL.
Can I include any item in my luggage when shipping with DHL?
Even though the list of items allowed when shipping luggage with DHL is virtually infinite, this courier still has a few restrictions in place. Items that may cause any form of danger during transit are considered restricted or prohibited for shipping. Before you organise your delivery, make sure to check our compiled list of restricted items by most courier companies to avoid any surprises.