DHL Christmas Deliveries 2021 – Last Posting Dates

DHL Delivery schedule on Christmas 2021

Surprise your loved ones this Christmas season by sending them a gift via courier services. If you think of using DHL to send your Christmas presents this year, make sure to read our guide below to get informed about the DHL working days and hours during the Christmas season of 2021.


Will DHL be delivering on Christmas in 2021?

Christmas Eve

Since the 24th of December is not considered an official holiday in most countries, DHL will still perform deliveries on Christmas Eve in 2021. However, if you want your gift to arrive before the celebrations, we recommend shipping it in advance so that it comes before Christmas Eve since most couriers have shorter working hours on this date.

On the other hand, DHL will not perform parcel collections on Christmas Eve 2021. This happens because they give priority to delivering as many parcels as possible during this date.

Christmas Day

The 25th of December is a national or public holiday in most countries of Western Europe and many others around the world. For this reason, DHL does not work on Christmas Day – this means that there will be no collections, deliveries or shops open on the 25th of December. If you need to ship parcels or cards in time for the Christmas party, please do so in advance.


Will DHL be delivering express parcels on Christmas?

The express shipping service is made for delivering parcels and envelopes in the shortest time possible. However, the DHL Express branch has a similar working schedule to the regular parcel branch. This means that DHL Express will not deliver parcels on Christmas Day, but will still perform deliveries on Christmas Eve.


DHL Last posting dates for Christmas 2021

If you are planning to send your Christmas gifts with DHL this year, it is important to consider their collection and delivery calendar. Even though DHL is one of the leading international couriers for expedited deliveries, they also face challenges to keep up with the increased number of parcels shipped during the festive season. They do their best to deliver every package on time and according to the estimated schedule. Still, delays may occur due to weather conditions, high volume of parcels and other external factors.

To avoid any headache on the delivery of your gifts, we recommend shipping your parcels 3-5 days prior to the date you normally would. Check the table below to find out the last posting dates for shipping parcels with DHL before Christmas in 2021.

DHL Last posting dates before Christmas

Find out below the suggested last shipping dates for sending presents or cards by DHL this Christmas 2021. Just keep in mind: the earlier, the better!

Germany Domestic 22nd December
France Domestic22nd December
Ireland - Croatia21st December
Netherlands - Germany22nd December
Germany - Ireland21st December
Netherlands - United Kingdom20th December
Spain - Germany22nd December
Italy - Germany 22nd December
France - Germany22nd December
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Until what hour does DHL deliver on Christmas?

DHL couriers and drivers work around the clock on the days before the Christmas holiday, usually having prolonged working hours depending on the volume of parcels. For this reason, you may experience cases where the courier may perform collections earlier than 9 a.m. or later than 8h30p.m.

However, this does not apply to the 24th of December. On Christmas Eve, DHL working hours are usually shorter so the workers can make it home to enjoy the holidays with their loved ones too.

What to do if DHL does not deliver my parcel before Christmas?

In the unfortunate situation that your DHL parcel is not delivered before Christmas, there is no need to call the courier company or Eurosender for rescheduling. Every shipment that is not concluded before the holidays is automatically rescheduled for the following working days. So all you need to do is wait, and you will have your package delivered by DHL on the next working days after the Christmas holiday.

However, please bear in mind that there will be no deliveries on the 27th and 28th of December in some European countries, including the UK, since these are the substitute dates for the holidays falling on a weekend. Regular deliveries will be resumed on the 29th and 30th of December, and then again on the 4th of January.


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