FedEx International Luggage Shipping 2024

Send your suitcase locally or internationally with FedEx

Instead of carrying all your bags with you when travelling, you may consider sending your suitcase ahead with FedEx. Many travellers opt for this solution during vacation or relocations. To help you out, we have compiled below updated information about FedEx luggage shipping services. Before booking your delivery, make sure to check our price on the tool below for comparison.

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FedEx luggage shipping service is available internationally

Being one of the largest logistics companies in the world, FedEx offers parcel and suitcase shipping services worldwide. In some locations, they may operate through local brands that are part of their network, such as TNT Express.

Customers can book FedEx international luggage shipping services through their website or directly at local offices.


Sending suitcases with FedEx – Max weight and dimensions

FedEx allows customers to ship luggage and packages of up to 68 kg on international routes. However, every piece that weighs over 34 kg must contain a heavyweight label, which should be obtained directly with FedEx and may be subject to additional charges. The shipped item can have different sizes depending on the service selected, so we recommend carefully checking this information before choosing your desired shipping method. FedEx Ground Services allow larger packages than FedEx Express, for instance.


How to pack your suitcase for shipping with FedEx

For better protection of your suitcase and its content, we recommend packing your item appropriately, as described below:

  • Pack your items inside the luggage safely so that they will not be moving during transit.
  • Put the suitcase inside a cardboard box.
  • Close and seal the box with strong tape.
Note: Before packing, make sure not to include any item that is prohibited for shipping by FedEx; otherwise, your package may be refused or not delivered. Whether you are shipping suitcases or packages, FedEx has a strict rule against shipping Dangerous Goods.
Advantages of shipping luggage ahead

Often cheaper than excess baggage fees

Save time at the airport lines

Travel hands-free for greater comfort

Insured delivery by specialised couriers


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FAQ – Shipping luggage internationally with FedEx

How much does it cost to send a suitcase with FedEx?
FedEx luggage shipping rates vary based on the size of your item, the collection and delivery countries. The selected service type also influences the price since expedited solutions usually come with higher costs.
To find out how much it costs to ship a suitcase with FedEx, you can get a price estimation directly on their website, but you may need to be a registered user to get a quote online, depending on your location. Alternatively, you can calculate the shipping price instantly with Eurosender – use our booking tool on the top to send your luggage to anywhere in the world!
Does FedEx weigh luggage?
FedEx holds the right to weigh every item being shipped, whether they are packages or suitcases. It is the shipper’s responsibility to ensure their items are not heavier than the amount stipulated on their order. If FedEx weighs your luggage and identifies the item as overweight, you may be charged an additional fee or have it returned to the sender.
Can I send a suitcase with FedEx without packing it into a bag or box?
FedEx directly recommends shippers pack their suitcases in a cardboard box for shipping. The reason behind it is that for any luggage shipped without outer packaging, the suitcase itself is considered the packaging material and is, by default, not protected by insurance.
For more details, check our page about how to pack your luggage before shipping it internationally with FedEx.
When shipping luggage with FedEx, do I have to bring the suitcase to a store?
It depends on the specific features of the service you selected. FedEx offers both options – home collection and parcel drop-off. The availability of both services may depend on the location. For FedEx suitcase shipping services with collection at home, make sure to insert your address on the field for pick-up and that someone is present to hand over the item to the courier.
At Eurosender, all of our shipping solutions are entirely door-to-door. Book your luggage shipping service with us and pick your desired collection and delivery addresses.