DHL International Pallet Shipping Service

DHL pallet delivery services

As one of the world’s leading logistics providers for international freight transport, DHL offers various pallet collection and delivery service options. Before booking your shipment, this guide will help you understand how pallet delivery with DHL works. Calculate below the price of shipping a pallet with Eurosender, which may be fulfilled by DHL or another one of our trusted carriers.

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Shipping pallets with DHL – Services available

DHL offers different services for pallet delivery depending on the region you will be shipping to. In Europe, clients can ship pallets with DHL using road freight solutions like LTL & FTL truck services or organise a separate pallet delivery. In this case, the pallet collection and delivery will be fulfilled by DHL’s groupage network.

Road freight solutions using part or full trucks are mostly destined for business clients with a recurrent flow of goods. Small businesses that need to organise shipments one at a time usually benefit more from DHL’s single pallet delivery service.

Alternatively, you can ship your pallets through our platform, and our system will automatically identify the best courier for you. We work with DHL and many other international couriers.

Can private individuals ship pallets with DHL?

Unfortunately, DHL does not offer services for shipping cargo over 31.5 kg for individual clients in most European locations. Only business clients can request a quote and book road freight services for larger loads.

Modes of transport available for DHL international pallet delivery

Besides local deliveries via road freight, DHL also offers international pallet shipping services to global destinations using other transport modes, such as:


DHL pallet collection & delivery: Size and weight limitations

Every pallet delivery service organised with DHL has to comply with the size and weight limitations valid in the countries of origin and destination. Since DHL operates in most European countries through local divisions, it is recommended that the shipper consult the limits in place for their specific location.

Using the Dutch guidelines as a reference, the DHL pallet size limit is 120 x 100 x 200 cm (l-w-h). The maximum weight allowed per pallet is 1,000 kg per piece.

If you need to ship pallets with different dimensions and weights, get in touch with us using the chatbox in the bottom right corner.

Cost of shipping pallets with DHL – How is it calculated?

When shipping a pallet with DHL, the company will provide you with a quote that is already final for your shipment. Every pallet quote follows the same principle:

Basic pallet rate + Applicable surcharges + VAT

Basic pallet rate

This rate is calculated based on the size, weight (which can be the real or volumetric weight), and distance of your shipment. For every service offered, DHL has a basic pallet delivery rate in each country.

Understand more about volumetric weight

Applicable surcharges

Aside from the fuel and road surcharges which are always applicable for road freight shipments, any additional service will also incur extra costs.

Examples of additional services:

  • Change of address
  • Shipment insurance
  • Proof of Delivery (POD)

Examples of additional surcharges:

  • Non-standard pallets
  • Unsuccessful pick-up
  • Seasonal charge, e.g. peak season


How to schedule a pallet collection with DHL?

DHL offers the possibility of booking pallet collection services online through their platform. Even though you are not able to get an automated quote (you need to place a request and wait for their contact), once you agree with their prices and terms, you can schedule the pick-up directly online.

When scheduling the pallet collection with DHL, make sure to communicate beforehand all the requirements or limitations you may have. Aside from the pallet size and dimensions, you should also inform them about the loading site and whether you have the necessary equipment for loading and unloading the cargo.

If you require any other additional service, you should request it when scheduling the pallet collection service with DHL so you can get a final quote, avoiding unpleasant surprises down the line.

Insurance for pallet delivery with DHL

When shipping pallets with DHL, it is important to pay attention to the insurance policy of the service you select. Road freight shipments are typically automatically protected according to the CMR Convention. However, other factors may apply.

Additional cargo insurance is optional and can be purchased when placing your order.


How to pack a pallet for shipping with DHL?

1. Choose the right pallet

2. Stack the boxes in columns

3. Secure the shipment

4. Add the shipping label

More about how to load a pallet


Features of DHL pallet delivery service

To help give you a general view, here is a table of the main features of DHL international pallet shipping services in comparison to what we offer at Eurosender.

Pallet shipping for individualsX
Door-to-door deliveries
Various road freight service options
Instant quotes for shipping palletsX
Warehousing services


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Disclaimer: The information above is the result of online research. For more information about DHL pallet delivery services, we strongly recommend checking the courier company’s official website.