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UPS is an excellent alternative for shipping suitcases when you don’t want to carry them around in the airport or want to avoid paying high excess baggage fees. Below you will find updated information about UPS luggage shipping services available in the UK, USA and abroad. To help you identify the best service for your needs, use the tool below to estimate the price of shipping your suitcase with Eurosender and have it delivered by UPS or another of our trusted carriers.


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UPS International luggage shipping is available worldwide

Whether you are based in the UK, USA, or abroad, you will always find a solution for shipping your luggage with UPS. As one of the largest logistics companies in the world, they offer courier services to countries on all five continents. To book an international luggage shipping service with UPS, you can book the delivery online through their page or head to a local shop in person. However, the availability of each service may vary depending on your location.

Alternatively, you can always count on our fully digital platform to find a solution online for shipping your goods without having to leave your couch.


Size and weight limit when sending suitcases with UPS

In most cases, UPS allows packages of up to 70 kg. However, heavier items may be subjected to an additional fee if they are considered “heavy packages”. As for dimensions, the longest side of your bag may have up to 240 cm, which means that regular large suitcases can be shipped with UPS without problems.


How to pack your suitcase for shipping with UPS

For better protection of your suitcase and its content, we recommend packing your item appropriately, as described below:

  • Pack your items inside the luggage safely so that they will not be moving during transit.
  • Put the suitcase inside a cardboard box.
  • Close and seal the box with strong tape.

UPS Luggage box – how does it work

Besides offering luggage shipping solutions, UPS also offers a cardboard box named “luggage shipping box”. You can use this box to either pack your goods directly or pack the suitcase itself. Since it is made with resistant material and optimised dimensions, many customers use UPS Luggage Box to pack their personal belongings for shipping or send as checked baggage when flying.

UPS luggage boxes come in two possible dimensions, as described below:
TypeSizeMax weight
Small luggage box56 x 35 x 23 cm25 kg
Large luggage box66 x 40 x 30 cm25 kg (or 38 kg with tape)
*Sizes and weight are converted from the imperial measuring system.
Advantages of shipping luggage ahead

Often cheaper than excess baggage fees

Save time at the airport lines

Travel hands-free for greater comfort

Insured delivery by specialised couriers


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FAQ – International luggage shipping with UPS

How much does it cost to ship a suitcase with UPS?
UPS luggage shipping rates vary based on the size of your item, the service selected, the collection and delivery countries. As with any premium solution, the expedited shipping service is the most expensive available, but the price goes down if you do not have hurry on the delivery and choose an economy shipping option instead.
To find out how much it costs to ship a suitcase with UPS, you can get a price estimation directly on their website. Another alternative is to get a quote using our booking tool and instantly calculate the price for shipping your luggage with our network of couriers – which includes UPS, DHL, DPD, and many other renowned logistics companies.
Can I send a suitcase with UPS without packing it into a box?
When shipping suitcases without outer packaging, the suitcase is considered the packaging material and is, by default, not protected by insurance. For this reason, it is strongly recommended not to send a suitcase without packaging, either with UPS or any other courier company.
For more details, check our page about how to pack your luggage before shipping it internationally with UPS.
Does UPS luggage shipping include transport insurance?
Yes, UPS offers shipping insurance when sending suitcases locally or abroad, which is typically included in the price. However, the insurance value may vary depending on the service selected and the local policies of the branch you used to make your purchase.
When shipping luggage with UPS, do I have to bring the suitcase to a store?
It depends on the selection you made during the booking process. Some UPS suitcase shipping services already include home pick-up and delivery, but others require the customers to drop off the item at a local store. We recommend paying careful attention to the service details when shipping your luggage with UPS to avoid any confusion.
Eurosender, all of our shipping solutions are entirely door-to-door. Book your luggage shipping service with us and pick your desired collection and delivery addresses.