UPS Worldwide Expedited Shipping Service

UPS Worldwide Expedited service for international deliveries

UPS Worldwide Expedited delivery service is a budget-friendly solution for non-urgent international shipments to and from countries out of Europe. Read more about UPS Worldwide Expedited service and discover its advantages and limitations.
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UPS Worldwide Expedited service details

Day-definite delivery service, on the day displayed while booking

Door-to-door shipping service

Available in more than 200 countries and territories (for destinations out of Europe*)

In-house customs clearance procedure available

* EU, UK, Liechtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland


Dimensions and weight limit with UPS Worldwide Expedited

  • Maximum length: 274 cm
  • Maximum weight: 70 kg
  • Maximum dimensions: 400 cm (length + circumference*)
* circumference = 2x width + 2x height


Extra services for UPS Expedited delivery service

UPS offers some extra services that can be purchased while booking UPS Worldwide Expedited service. These options may require the payment of an additional fee.

Payment of the delivery services upon delivery directly to the courier

Deliver only to the receiver’s address

Delivery only to the designated location without rerouting to a UPS collection point

UPS carbon neutral

Extra fee to cover the environmental impact of the shipment

Signature options

The courier will ask for the recipient’s signature to verify the delivery

Useful information about UPS

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Frequently asked questions on UPS Worldwide Expedited service

How long does UPS Worldwide Expedited take?
The delivery time for a shipment with UPS Worldwide Expedited depends on the route and can vary between 2 and 5 business days. When booking the service, you can see how long the UPS Worldwide Expedited shipment will take.
When you book an international shipping service with UPS or other couriers on our platform, you can see the delivery time before proceeding with the payment or estimate the transit time with our free online tool.
Does UPS Worldwide Expedited service include insurance?
Yes, UPS Worldwide Expedited delivery service includes basic insurance. The extent of insurance and liability depends on the route, the value of the shipment and the transport type. Check our dedicated page to read more about shipping insurance.
What are the UPS Worldwide Expedited shipping costs?
The costs for shipping internationally with UPS Worldwide Expedited depend on the route and the size of your shipment. Insert all the required details in the UPS online calculator and select the option UPS Worldwide Expedited to know the costs of the service.
Try our free calculator to compare thousands of services offered by UPS and other reliable couriers.
Is international tracking included when shipping with UPS Worldwide Expedited?
Yes, each shipment with UPS Worldwide Expedited service includes a free online tracking. Insert the code in the calculator on the UPS webpage to know the status of your parcel.
If you booked an international shipping service with UPS on our platform, use our online tracking tool to follow your shipment.
Does UPS Worldwide Expedited include brokerage fees?
When shipping internationally with UPS Worldwide Expedited, brokerage fees are not included in the price. UPS can act as a customs broker if you select this option during the booking process and the brokerage fees will be added to the UPS Worldwide Expedited service cost.
Check our dedicated pages for more information about shipping documentation and customs procedures.
Disclaimer: The information above is the result of online research conducted in January 2023. For more information about the UPS Worldwide Expedited delivery service, we strongly recommend checking the courier company’s official website.