UPS vs Parcelforce Comparison in 2024: Which is Better?

Comparing UPS and Parcelforce: Is Parcelforce better than UPS?

Discover the shipping rates of UPS and Parcelforce and decide which courier company is cheaper and faster for your needs. Before deciding which is better, UPS or Parcelforce, check how much it would cost you to ship with Eurosender instead and have your items delivered by UPS or another one of our trusted logistics partners.

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Parcelforce vs UPS shipping rates: Is Parcelforce cheaper than UPS?

One of the most important criteria to consider when choosing a courier company is the delivery price. To find out which one is cheaper, Parcelforce or UPS, we have gathered information about their shipping rates for domestic and international deliveries. However, bear in mind that the prices may vary when choosing to have the delivery in a specific timeframe, when acquiring additional insurance, selecting a residential pick-up or other additional services.

Check our tables below to compare Parcelforce and UPS shipping rates for the UK and international routes. On average, Parcelforce is cheaper and overall better than UPS for shipping within the UK, but UPS may be more advantageous for international deliveries.

To make sure you compare not only these two companies but also other options of couriers, get a quote on our platform.


Parcelforce vs UPS domestic shipping in the UK

Compare the rates for shipping a 10 kg package domestically in the UK with Parcelforce or UPS:

Shipping serviceCostDelivery
Parcelforce expressAM£16.411 working day by 12.00
Parcelforce express24£11.121 working day
Parcelforce express48£8.292 working days
UPS Express Plus£41.992 working days by 9.00
UPS Express£17.993 working days by 10.30
UPS Express Saver£12.713 working days by 12.00
UPS Standard£7.913 working days

Parcelforce vs UPS international shipping from the UK to Ireland

Compare the rates for shipping a 2 kg package internationally with UPS or Parcelforce:

Shipping serviceCostDelivery
Parcelforce globalexpress£55.501 working day
Parcelforce globalpriority£22.553 working days
Parcelforce globalvalue£18.255 working days
UPS Express Plus£57.372 working days by 9.00
UPS Express£27.372 working days by 12.00
UPS Express Saver£16.372 working days
UPS Standard£12.994 working days

Parcelforce vs UPS international shipping from the UK to the USA

Compare the rates for shipping a 2 kg package internationally with Parcelforce or UPS:

Shipping serviceCostDelivery
Parcelforce globalexpress£70.251 working day
Parcelforce globalpriority£43.503 working days
Parcelforce globalvalue£34.405 working days
UPS Express Plus£53.652 working days by 8.00
UPS Express£33.653 working days by 10.30
UPS Express Saver£27.653 working days
UPS Expedited£24.656 working days
Note: The Parcelforce and UPS international shipping services presented above may not be available for all locations. The prices above are the results of online research conducted in September 2022.

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Parcelforce vs UPS: Which is faster?

For urgent shipments within the UK and also internationally, Parcelforce is faster than UPS, thanks to their next-day delivery solutions.

Although UPS does not provide next-day delivery in all cases, their advantage over Parcelforce for international shipping is that they offer more options and deliveries within specific timeframes.

To determine which one is faster for the service you need, Parcelforce or UPS, check the comparison in our tables above.

Are UPS and Parcelforce the same? Is Parcelforce part of UPS?

Although many people may wonder whether Parcelforce is the same or at least part of UPS, the reality is that they are two completely separate courier providers, each with its own logistics network.

When deciding for yourself which company would be better, UPS or Parcelforce, you would have to get quotes from each of their platforms and compare the features they offer.

At Eurosender, we collaborate with several renowned logistics providers, including UPS, and our platform instantly compares hundreds of shipping rates. Instead of queuing up at the post office, book a door-to-door delivery quickly and easily with Eurosender.

Does Parcelforce deliver for UPS?

Parcelforce collaborates with a wide network of courier companies to provide quality delivery services within the UK and internationally – but UPS is not one of them.

In fact, Parcelforce is the delivery partner of Royal Mail, providing last mile delivery and international transport for all of their parcels weighing up to 30 kg.


Differences between Parcelforce and UPS: Which one is better?

Both companies have their advantages, so before deciding which courier is better, let’s compare Parcelforce and UPS main features:

Express solutions
Service dedicated to envelopesXX
Free door-to-door deliveryFor some servicesFor some services
Free signature upon deliveryFor some servicesFor some services
Discounts for registered users X
Support via live chatX
Instant online quotesDepends on the route
Freight solutions X
Real-time tracking
Delivery to sanctioned countries XX

Parcelforce vs UPS for e-commerce: which courier service is better for your business?

When comparing the solutions from Parcelforce and UPS for e-commerce and businesses, you need to consider your particular shipping needs, volumes and delivery locations:

  • Parcelforce business customers may benefit from having an account if they send, on average, as little as two UK parcels per week or one international parcel per week. Parcelforce offers business users dedicated account manager support, a leading-edge shipping dashboard, payment options to suit any requirement, as well as convenient collection and delivery options.
  • UPS offers useful services that allow businesses to optimise their logistics, such as parcel collection and drop-off at local UPS Access Points, return solutions, as well as API integration. UPS also provides a digital managing tool called UPS Marketplace. These tools allow e-commerce and business owners to automatise their ordering, labelling and tracking processes.


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Parcelforce vs UPS: Comparison summary

To determine which courier is better for your e-commerce logistics, Parcelforce or UPS, you should take into consideration what types of services you mostly require. You should also consider whether Parcelforce or UPS would be cheaper and faster for your main operational area.

Compared to Parcelforce, UPS is usually the most obvious solution for international deliveries because of their worldwide presence and brand recognition in the logistics industry. On the other hand, you can find next-day delivery services with Parcelforce for both domestic and international routes. However, this may come at a higher cost depending on your route.

But why choose one single courier company if you have the option of using multiple providers based on the price/quality they offer for each route? At Eurosender, we work with numerous couriers, including UPS, to match you with the best fit for each shipping request. Get a quote online or sign up for additional discounts and benefits.

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Disclaimer: The information is the result of online research conducted in September 2022. For more information about Parcelforce and UPS types of domestic and international shipping services or updated data for comparing Parcelforce and UPS shipping rates, we strongly recommend checking the official websites of the logistics companies.