UPS International Pallet Shipping Services

UPS pallet collection and delivery services

UPS may get most of its reputation from its package delivery services, but they are also one of the world’s leading freight carriers. Discover how UPS international pallet shipping services work and the different transport modes available.
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Shipping pallets with UPS – how does it work?

UPS provides international pallet shipping services through their freight transport solutions. Different options are available based on the country of origin and destination of the shipment.

In the USA, most palletised shipments are handled by the UPS Supply Chain Solutions division. If you have a domestic shipment within the USA, you can book UPS ground pallet shipping through the option “UPS Ground with Freight Pricing*” or through their partner company, TForce Freight, which provides LTL services.

In Europe and abroad, most palletised shipments are fulfilled by the UPS Worldwide Express Freight segment, which handles UPS’s international pallet shipping services.

When to use UPS ground pallet shipping

If you have several boxes that could be shipped either on a pallet or separately, UPS provides a tool for comparing the price for the package vs the freight service. Through the TForce Freight website, you can compare the price of using UPS Ground for pallet shipping with the LTL service offered by the partner company.

In some cases, it may be more economical to split your shipment and send the boxes separately instead of on a pallet. Each case should be checked individually because the best option would depend on your load’s exact size, weight, and content.

Modes of transport available for UPS pallet delivery

UPS acts as a global freight forwarder through its freight and supply chain division. They offer customers a wide selection of services across all transport modes. The main options available are:


UPS pallet delivery services – Size & weight allowed

According to the official packing guide provided by UPS Worldwide Express Freight, every palletised shipment delivered by UPS must comply with the weight and size limits imposed by the country of origin and destination. Each country has specific regulations on this matter. It is the shipper’s responsibility to check this information beforehand and make sure every pallet shipped with UPS has the right size and weight.

Note: All shipments heavier than 4,400 pounds (1,995 kg) must be pre-authorised.

Does UPS deliver non-stackable pallets?

If you will be shipping pallets internationally with UPS Worldwide Express Freight, bear in mind that all shipments must fulfil the following conditions:



Able to be lifted by a forklift

Shrink-wrapped or banded to the pallet

How to schedule a pallet collection with UPS?

Every time you order a pallet collection or delivery service with UPS, you must schedule the pick-up and wait for confirmation. There are several ways to schedule a UPS pallet collection: through their apps, their website or by calling UPS.

Most online retailers use the various UPS platforms to schedule pallet collection and delivery with UPS. Once you place a request, you must wait for confirmation from the transporter stating that the service will take place on the designated date.

Depending on the location, the pallet collection or delivery may not be fulfilled by UPS themselves but by one of their local or international partners.


How to pack a pallet for shipping with UPS?

1. Choose the right pallet

2. Stack the boxes in columns

3. Secure the shipment

4. Add the shipping label

More about how to load a pallet


Features of UPS pallet delivery service

To help give you a general view, here is a table of the main features of UPS international pallet shipping services in comparison to what we offer at Eurosender.

Pallet shipping for individuals
Door-to-door deliveries
Instant quotes for shipping palletsX
Delivery of non-stackable palletsX
Warehousing services


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Disclaimer: The information above is the result of online research. For more information about UPS pallet delivery services, we strongly recommend checking the courier company’s official website.