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Parcel price from Croatia to Ireland

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Parcel price from Ireland to Croatia

Up to 10kg
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Prices for courier services within Croatia

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Important information when booking courier services to Croatia

  • Correct address information:

    For successful pick-up and delivery of your parcel to Croatia, remember to write complete and correct address information, including post codes, names, doorbell and floor numbers;

  • Name on the doorbell:

    In some countries, it may be common to have the name on the doorbell. Make sure the surname provided matches the name on the doorbell for successful parcel delivery;

  • Labelling:

    Depending on the service selected, you may be instructed via email to print and attach the label to the parcel, to avoid refusal by the courier;

  • Post codes:

    The structure of a postcode will differ between countries, so be sure to check it carefully and remember to include any hyphens, letters and spaces;

Packing a parcel for delivery to Croatia

Before sending a parcel to Croatia, proper packing and choosing the right packing materials is important to minimise the risk of damage during transport:

Choose an appropriately-sized box to hold the weight

Use cushioning materials to fill any extra space

Seal the box securely on all sides

Attach the shipping label, if required

Check our packing guide

Tips for successful parcel pick-up & delivery to Croatia

  • Access to businesses may be limited by their working hours. Take this into account when providing an address;

  • Be sure to pack your parcel well to minimise the risk of damage during transport. Check our packing guides;

  • Follow your parcel from collection to delivery with our tracking tool and contact us if you need additional info;

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    Things to consider before booking courier services to Croatia

  • Pick-up and delivery:

    Appoint another person to hand over or receive the parcel to the courier, if you are unable to be present.

  • Access to the building:

    Always make sure the courier has easy access to the building, with parking no more than 15 metres away.

  • Delivery to PO Boxes:

    Most couriers are unable to deliver to PO boxes, so please provide a physical address and a local telephone number.

  • Before signing for the parcel:

    Always check the parcel and its contents before signing the delivery paperwork.

  • Why choose Eurosender to send a parcel or documents to Croatia?

    Stop spending hours comparing the services of different courier companies and wasting time on unnecessary paperwork. Get an instant price for standard or express couriers to Croatia by choosing your pick-up and delivery countries and book courier services to Croatia in a few minutes. Get the best packing advice for whatever you choose to send.

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    FAQ – Booking courier services to Croatia with Eurosender

    Which courier company is best to send a parcel to Croatia?
    Depends on your shipping needs. Some couriers are specialists in next-day delivery whether others may excel in shipping large parcels. To find the best courier company for sending a parcel to Croatia, you can waste hours by asking quotes and comparing services online, or you can let us do that for you and get the answer in less than a minute. At Eurosender, we are experts in matching shippers with the best courier for their requirements, at the most economical prices possible. We only work with the best Croatian and international courier companies to make sure each request is paired with the right carrier to handle the shipment.
    What is the fastest way to send a parcel to Croatia?
    The fastest way to send a parcel to Croatia is booking a delivery service performed by plane. Air freight transport is the fastest shipping solution available, which is why it is mostly used for urgent parcel delivery. At Eurosender, we offer deliveries by air via our Express Service, with which your parcel will be delivered in just 24 hours in Europe, and up to 48-72 hours worldwide. Get an instant price for express courier services to Croatia, directly on our booking tool.
    Is insurance included when sending parcels to Croatia with Eurosender?
    When booking a parcel delivery service to Croatia with Eurosender, your parcel will automatically include basic insurance in the price. Additional insurance is also available during the ordering process, scalable to your needs at very low prices. Check all our insurance options available.
    Can I send multiple parcels when choosing courier services to Croatia?
    Yes, our platform will allow you to organise the delivery of multiple parcels to Croatia within the same order. Simply select the number of parcels you wish to ship during the booking process if they are all to be delivered to the same address.
    However, if you have multiple delivery locations, you should place a separate order for each delivery address. Alternatively, sending parcels to Croatia in bulk, on pallets, is also a cost-effective option. For more information, reach out to our experts on the live chat.