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Are you in need of cheap and reliable courier services to Croatia? You came to the right place. Eurosender offers a wide range of courier services and freight transport for shipping different types of items in Europe. Our company provides services according to the needs of both end-users and business customers. Through Eurosender, you can ship to Croatia and other selected countries at some of the lowest shipping prices. Our aim is to offer our customers the best price-performance ratio available on the market. Keep in mind that we offer guidance throughout the entire booking process, as well as basic insurance of up to 200 euros for your shipment.

What do you want to ship?
Package or suitcase
from 2 kg to 40 kg
max length 175cm
up to 2499kg
you provide a pallet on your own
long & bulky items
sports equipment & musical instruments
cars, LTL, FTL etc.
Who orders?
On request
Having unusual expectations? Request a custom offer

Types of services:

Door-to-door courier services to Croatia and almost any destination in Europe:

  • Standard courier service to Croatia → for shipping parcels up to 40 kg.
  • Instant booking for pallet delivery to Croatia → we have pioneered the idea of immediate quoting for pallet delivery to Croatia → up to 1200 kg.
  • Individual offers → for shipping bulky and oddly shaped items that weigh up to 4.000 kg.
  • Dedicated van transportation to Croatia → we organize the transportation with an entire van in case of relocation or for the delivery of valuable items.

Eurosender is asset-light and works with the above-specialized carriers to fulfill orders made through its platform.

We have developed a system that automatically calculates final prices for every individual shipping route. For standard shipping services, the price doesn’t vary within the same country. However, for freight transport, the prices might also vary within the same country. All courier rates are ranked via the metasearch principle and further processed by a proprietary algorithm. That is to ensure that we offer our customers the option with the best price-performance available in the market.

Are you interested in booking cheap and reliable courier services to Croatia? Then you can create a personal or a company account. All you have to do is enter your e-mail and some basic personal details. In this way, you will be able to gain access to our special programs, rewards, and exclusive orders. All your orders will be in one place and the booking process will take just a few minutes. For instance, if you want to send a package to Croatia, all you have to do is:

  • insert the information details of your package in our engine;
  • select the payment method and pay for the services;

Right afterwards, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with the order details. At this point, we should clarify that in case your shipment is not suitable for standard shipping to Croatia, we can offer you an individual offer.

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Additional Information

Track your shipment – courier to Croatia

After booking the service, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. Along with the order details, you will thus be provided with a tracking number. By using this number, you will be able to follow your shipment’s journey until it reaches its destination. This is how it works: the tracking system gets updated every time your parcel is scanned at a new depot or location. It goes without saying that you can only have data if the parcel has already been collected by the courier company. You should also be aware that the system might display the same message for a few days. That could be due to delays in updating the system. If the same messages appear for more than 48 hours, we recommend you to contact us.

Estimated delivery time– courier to Croatia

Among the order details, you will also see the estimated delivery time. While these estimations are extremely helpful and are based on accurate data and calculations, keep in mind that one can never be 100% sure when the package will actually arrive. There are however certain occasions during which the delivery might be delayed for many days. In order to avoid such delays, always make sure that there are no national holidays between the pick-up and delivery dates. Last but not least, deliveries to or pick-ups from some Croatian islands might be delayed as they depend on the ferry schedules.

Packaging advice – courier to Croatia

Before the pick-up, you should have packed and sealed all your packages properly. Eurosender has created a packaging guide to make sure you have all the information needed to prepare your items for safe and stress-free shipping to Croatia. In case you are planning to ship fragile items, you can visit our blog and learn more on how to protect them.

Delivery considerations for the courier to Croatia

Things to remember or to pay attention to when booking courier services to Croatia:

  • Postal codes – Postal codes in Croatia consist of 5 numbers. Keep in mind that having the correct code is essential for the delivery of your items.
  • Name on the doorbell – Make sure that the recipient’s name is displayed on the doorbell.

Tips to ensure a successful delivery:

  • Be at the delivery address in the given time frame;
  • Have someone else appointed if you cannot be at the delivery address at the delivery time;
  • If the delivery is going to take place in a residential area, you have to make sure that the courier will have the means to access the property;
  • If the delivery will take place at a company’s headquarters or a public Institution, you need to specify these details in the order form. You also need to add the name of the person that will receive the parcel.

Clearing Croatian customs

Croatia is a member of the European Union (EU) and its customs regulations are in line with the EU directives. That means that there are no charges or customs to be paid for imported goods from within the European Union. However, that does not apply for imports to Croatia from outside the EU. Each country has different import restrictions and charges and it’s your responsibility as the shipper to research this prior to sending your parcel.

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Our partners:

Relying on cutting-edge technology and vast experience in logistics, our team carefully chooses partners that offer the best price-performance ratio.

Here is an extensive list of our trusted logistics partners:

Postnord shipping

PostNord is a state-owned company that offers logistics services to, from and within the Nordic region. All started in the 17th century, while, today, it is one of the most innovative companies in Europe.

Gebrüder Weiss shipping

The Austrian logistics giant Gebrüder Weiss has a history that goes back 500 years. It is a family-owned company and known for its reliability.

DPD shipping

DPDgroup is the parcel delivery network of GeoPost, which posted sales of 6.8 billion euros in 2017. It is the network that brings together DPD, Chronopost, and SEUR.

Pošta Slovenije shipping

The Post of Slovenia offers postal services in Slovenia. It is currently expanding the range of services it offers to its customers.

DSV courier service

DSV offers various shipping solutions. With traffic hubs strategically located all over Europe, they can deliver your cargo anywhere you need.

DHL courier service

DHL is a German postal service and international courier service company – the largest in the world. It has a division called DHL Express, which provides international courier, parcel, and express mail services.

POST Luxemburg courier service

The state-owned POST Luxembourg has a strong history. Nowadays, it offers user-friendly, efficient and cutting-edge products and services.

GLS courier service

The Dutch General Logistics Systems, based in Amsterdam, offers shipping services, mainly in Europe.

DB Schenker courier service

DB Schenker is a division of the German rail operator Deutsche Bahn AG that focuses on logistics.

Kuehne + Nagel shipping

The Swiss Kuehne + Nagel offers sea freight and airfreight forwarding, as well as many more logistics solutions.

ACS courier service

ACS Courier offers services that include document shipping, shipping of parcels and packages in Greece and abroad.

SEUR shipping

SEUR is part of the DPDgroup. The company offers express delivery and logistics services in Spain, Portugal, and internationally.

Chronopost courier service

Chronopost is also part of the DPD group. It offers different types of shipping services.

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