How to Choose the Best E-commerce Shipping Method

Types of shipping for e-commerce sites

There are many types of shipping for e-commerce sites and marketplaces, and finding the best shipping mode for your small shop is the key to ensure you get your desired results for every sale. At Eurosender, you will get everything you need to scale up your logistics operations in one single place. We offer multiple logistics solutions to serve all different types of shipping requirements for e-commerce. Get a quote and start shipping!


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What is the best shipping option for online shops?

Many online businesses combine different types of shipping for their online shops to get the optimal solution. If you want to know how to choose the best delivery method for shipping online, you first have to be sure of your options.

Some of the most popular types of shipping for e-commerce sites:

  • Pick-up at store: ship your products to a physical location and have your customers retrieve their items within established business hours.
  • Ship from store: use the storage and fulfilment capacities of your physical locations to fulfil online orders.
  • DC shipping: ship your goods from the business address to a distribution centre, from which they will be sent to the customer.
  • Dropshipping: the seller does not have any stock: when a customer buys something, the item is purchased from a third party and sent directly to them.
  • Local deliveries: set up urgent deliveries for your small shop with same-day delivery or next-day delivery for customers in your closest range.
  • Door to door: get your products collected from your home or business address and have them delivered directly to your customer’s address. This one of the more straightforward shipping methods for starting businesses.
  • Flat rate shipping: one pricing option for all deliveries, regardless of size.


What delivery method should I offer in my small shop?

The best delivery method for your small shop will be the one that allows you to reach the most customers at the lowest price. At Eurosender, we combine various logistics capabilities in one single place so all your needs will be covered. Regardless of the size of your items and your monthly shipping volume, we will always find the best delivery method for each online shipping request – all contract-free!

Some things to consider before choosing between the different types of shipping for online shops:

  • Do you have a physical location?
  • Can you offer pick-up at a reliable address?
  • Do you want to ship from your personal address?
  • Do your items vary in shape, weight and size?
  • Will you sell internationally or locally?

How to choose the best shipping method for my online shop?

We understand that the variety of different types of shipping solutions for online shops available may seem overwhelming at first. If you are not sure about which is the best delivery method for your small shop, check our pages on how to set up your own logistics department to read our complete guide for beginners. For specialised assistance, get in touch with our logistics experts who will help you find the best delivery method for your store’s online shipping.

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Multichannel retail for small businesses

Why focus only on one platform when you can increase your sales by selling across multiple channels?

One of the most popular strategies for starting online sellers is to sell on more than one platform. Sellers may choose to open a profile on established e-commerce sites such as Shopify while also listing their products on other marketplaces such as Etsy or Amazon. The main advantage of multichannel retail for small businesses is having your products listed on different sites to reach a wider audience.

Multichannel shipping methods: if you decide to sell on multiple platforms, managing the different types of shipping for each online shop can take a toll on your productivity. Delegate your logistics operations to Eurosender, and we will get the best solution for each shipment, matching your exact needs. Manage all your shipments from a single platform and get a simple overview of all your deliveries and tracking info, regardless of the selling platform you used.


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Types of shipping for e-commerce: get a matched solution

Once you have decided the best strategy for you from the different types of shipping for e-commerce, you can start to set up your own logistics department. Eurosender will help you find a reliable carrier to take care of your deliveries to start shipping your orders right away. Book door-to-door urgent parcel and freight deliveries for your small shop in just a few clicks.
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Different types of shipping for e-commerce FAQ

What are the best shipping methods for online shops?
There isn't a "one-size-fits-all solution" when it comes to shipping methods, but from our experience in the field, it is clear that many online shops opt for door-to-door deliveries for higher convenience and good prices. Offering door-to-door deliveries is usually a win-win since it spares sellers of costs with warehousing and fulfilment while provides great comfort to the user that receives their purchase at home. At Eurosender, all deliveries are door-to-door. Get a quote!
Can I dropship on my own website?
Yes, you can create an e-commerce site and dropship third party items. You will have to contact the provider and create an attractive store for your customers. The key to a successful dropshipping business is getting the best delivery prices for each product.
Is it worth it to get a 3pl for a small shop?
A 3pl partner is a long-term investment that can help a small business scale up its logistics operations. However, the upfront payment can be a huge investment, not many starting companies can afford it. If you don't expect your shipping volume to be very high, partnering up with a 3pl provider may not be the best solution for you. Instead, join Eurosender and partner up with a team of professionals to help you with the logistics needs of your small business, free of charge.
What is cheaper: 3pl or ship from a distribution centre?
If you opt for a 3pl partner, they will take care of all the steps of the process but may charge you a hefty fee for it. Shipping from the distribution or fulfilment centre can be more affordable, but you will have to arrange the delivery yourself. Instead of choosing either option and getting tangled in binding contracts, register your business with us and benefit from all types of logistics solutions at once. We collaborate with couriers, 3PL providers and even warehouses to ensure each request is paired with the best solution – contract-free!
What is cheaper: pick-up at store or dropshipping?
Dropshipping can be cheaper for sellers who want to sell without having to manage any items themselves. However, dropshippers have usually little control over the items they sell and are completely reliant on the supplier.
Dropshipping and pick-up at the store are very different shipping strategies and are useful for different business models. If you want to manage your products and own a physical location, you can expand your operations online by offering pick-up at the store for your e-commerce sales but may also want to dropship to boost your sales.
How does multichannel retailing work for e-commerce?
Multichannel retailing is a strategy to boost the sales of your e-commerce by promoting it across several different platforms and reaching out to customers in various channels, including social media, marketplaces, your own website, etc. While going multichannel will demand a lot of inventory control and storage management, it may help speed up your business' growth.
Can I do multichannel retailing as a small business?
Yes, any online seller can decide to go multichannel to boost their conversions. Offering multichannel retail as a small business can give your shop a good head start while not losing your brand identity. By listing your products on several marketplaces and combining the marketing capabilities of each platform, you can reach a much wider audience.