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With its headquarters in Hamburg, Germany, Hermes Europe GmbH is a parcel delivery company. Founded in 1972 in West-Germany, it entered the East-German market after the fall of the Berlin wall and in the last few decades expanded its activities to countries such as Italy, France, the UK, and Russia. Nowadays, Hermes is the largest parcel delivery courier to private customers in Germany. In the UK, Hermes handles about 330 million parcels yearly and there are more than 5.500 parcel shops across the country, now also including parcel lockers on many locations. Read more about Hermes courier services, Hermes shipping insurance and the cost to ship with Hermes in this article.

Eurosender works with a wide variety of logistics providers, ranging from world-famous international courier companies to the most trusted companies on local markets. Check the prices for international shipping with our tool below.

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Erwin Winkler

6 hours ago

Perfekter Ablauf

Perfekter Ablauf

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Maria Gabriela A.C.I

7 hours ago


excelent service

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Valentina Radić, s.p.

11 hours ago

Great service

Great response and service.

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Peter Hrastar

11 hours ago

simple and quick

simple and quick

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11 hours ago

A bit pricey but excellent customer…

A bit pricey but excellent customer service, pickup and delivery on the next day. Moved my whole furniture and items from the netherlands to germany! Super happy and relieved that it went so well!

Benefits of shipping with Eurosender

Hermes offers a wide range of shipping services. However, research has shown that 30% of Hermes customers experience the service as bad and also has comments about the cost to ship with Hermes. When you are looking for a trustworthy and fast alternative for your shipment, take a look at the benefits that are included when you decide to ship your package or pallet through the Eurosender platform.

We have built up a massive network of logistics companies that we work with.

Immediate quotes after entering the details of your shipment.

No additional costs after ordering, you always get the final price.

All shipments are covered by our standard insurance.

Option to create a Eurosender account which will give you numerous benefits.

Opportunity for companies to set up their own online logistics department by partnering with Eurosender.

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Send a parcel with Hermes and the alternatives

When you live in the UK, Germany or somewhere else, you can simply place your order online at the Hermes website. But when you want to ship your items cheaper and faster, then consider shipping your items with Eurosender. Whether your package is big or small, light or heavy, sturdy or fragile, with Eurosender you can be sure that you get the best rate and the fastest delivery.

Standard shipping: When you want to ship things like a bicycle, clothes or a drone, this service is the right choice.

Freight Shipping: Select the right type of pallet for your order and choose between FTL, LTL and PTL shipping.

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Dedicated Van Delivery: A van dedicated only to your shipment that goes directly from pick-up to delivery without any stop-overs. This is, among other things, a popular service for removals and relocations.

Individual offer: Contact our shipping experts when your shipment has individual requirements to get the best deal.

Choosing the right service is not the only thing you should consider when placing an order. The things listed below can all influence the price of your shipment.

  • Dimensions: It is important that you include the packaging materials when measuring the dimensions. (length, width, height and the weight)
  • Distance: The more kilometres your shipment has to go, the higher the price. How much the price increases, mainly depends on the fuel usage of the chosen transport.
  • Kind of items: Whether your shipment is fragile, dangerous or toxic, there are extra safety requirements which lead to a rise in the price.
  • Additional requirements: Storage, additional insurance, behind-the-door delivery and other things that might be required for your shipment add to the price.
  • Delivery time: When the delivery date is not something crucial for your shipment, you can easily save some money by keeping this flexible.

Hermes FAQ section

  • Can I use a Hermes promo code or Hermes discount codes?
    • If you want to find a Hermes promo code or Hermes discount codes, just search for them online and you should be able to find some. An example is getting a 10% discount on your first order.


  • What is the price to ship a pallet with Hermes?
    • The price to ship a pallet with Hermes varies per country. At Eurosender we have instant freight quotes available.


  • Are there any Hermes storage facilities?
    • At the moment Hermes storage facilities are not available. On the Eurosender website, you can find more information about storage facilities.


  • Where can I find Hermes packing instructions?
    • Hermes packing instructions can be found on their website and you can contact their customer service for detailed instructions. Another option is checking out the Eurosender packing pages.


  • Is there a possibility to choose for Hermes sea freight or Hermes air freight?
    • Hermes sea freight and Hermes air freight are different entities.


  • Is there an alternative for Hermes FTL shipping or Hermes LTL shipping?
    • Freight services provided by Eurosender usually have a better rate than when you would use Hermes FTL shipping or Hermes LTL shipping.

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Disclaimer: The information above is the result of online research. When looking for accurate information, such as Hermes courier services, Hermes shipping insurance, the cost to ship with Hermes, Hermes FTL shipping or Hermes LTL shipping services, always check the official website of Hermes.