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Recently rebranded to Evri, Hermes Europe is a parcel delivery company with headquarters in Hamburg, Germany, offering international and domestic shipping services in Europe and around the world. Find out more about the cost of a Hermes parcel delivery, Hermes parcel shops, storage facilities and more.

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Recently rebranded to Evri, Hermes Europe is a parcel delivery company with headquarters in Hamburg, Germany, offering international and domestic shipping services in Europe and around the world. Find out more about the cost of a Hermes parcel delivery, Hermes parcel shops, storage facilities and more.

Looking for an alternative to sending a parcel with Hermes? Try our booking tool for an instant price quote.


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Evri (Hermes) shipping services and rates

Hermes still operates under this brand for European parcel deliveries, but it now uses only the Evri name for shipments in the UK.

Hermes offers a series of shipping services throughout Europe, with the Hermes standard deliveries being particularly popular in Germany, Austria and the UK. For standard deliveries from the UK, the Hermes shipping costs and rates depend on the size and weight of the parcel, the destination and the type of service. Deliveries made to a Hermes parcel shop or locker are more affordable, but the collection can only be made within working hours of the respective Hermes parcel shop or locker. Hermes parcel deliveries must weigh under 15 kg. It is not possible to send heavier parcels with Hermes, either domestically or internationally.

How much does it cost to send a parcel with Hermes?

To give you an idea of the price range, we have compiled a table with the Hermes shipping costs for UK standard deliveries from London to Manchester*:

Parcel weightParcelshop or Locker Drop-offDoor-to-door
Under 1 kg£2.99£3.98
Up to 5 kg£5.96£6.95
Up to 15 kg£9.28£10.27
*Prices are taken from the Evri website since deliveries in the UK are all performed under the Evri brand.
Next-Day Delivery Service: If you want to book an express Hermes parcel delivery, you can get next-day delivery on domestic UK routes, but the shipping price is higher. If you are not satisfied with the Hermes shipping costs or if you need to ship heavier packages, you can get an immediate shipping price with us.

Hermes Parcelshops and drop-off points

Hermes offers a series of parcel shops and drop-off points from which to ship or receive a package. These parcel shops are normal stores or businesses that serve as Hermes drop-off and pick-up locations. To find a Hermes parcel shop with a print facility for your label or know where to drop your Hermes parcel, you can locate the closest parcel shop introducing your postal code on the Hermes website.

One of the main advantages of using Hermes Parcel Shops is that they have more flexible working hours. Because they are normal businesses, you will be able to drop off or pick up your parcel during business hours or even on the weekend.


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FAQ about sending a parcel with Hermes courier services

Are Evri and Hermes the same company?
Yes. In March 2022, the courier company Hermes went through a major rebranding, which included a name change.
They are now operating under the brand called Evri in the UK, an expert in cheap parcel delivery in the UK and Europe.
Read more about Evri courier services. The company still operates under the Hermes brand for parcel delivery services in other European countries.
How does Hermes tracking work?
When booking a Hermes parcel delivery, you will get a tracking number. The Hermes tracking number will allow you to localise your parcel, and you will be updated every time the parcel reaches a new Hermes parcel shop or locker.
Simply enter your tracking number on the Hermes courier online page to get the tracking status of your parcel.
When there has been a failed delivery attempt, and the parcel has been moved to the closest Hermes Parcelshop, you will have to present the Hermes tracking number and some type of ID to retrieve your parcel.
How do you use a Hermes Parcel Locker?
If you are not going to be home or you need to recover your Hermes parcel at late hours, you can choose to have it delivered to a Hermes Parcel Locker.
A parcel locker is an automated locker, usually situated around stations or shopping centres, where you can send and retrieve packages of up to 66 cm x 41 cm x 38 cm.
Currently, there are Hermes parcel lockers in around 800 locations in the UK and many more throughout Europe.
What is MyHermes? How does it work?
MyHermes is a Hermes shipping program to help businesses and e-commerce offer regular deliveries.
Customers can register for free and obtain faster shipping labels and door-to-door deliveries.
MyHermes also provides customers with an extra tracking tool and the ability to reserve many delivery services at the same time.
Does Hermes make deliveries on the weekend (on Saturday and/or Sunday)?
In the UK, customers can book Hermes Saturday and Sunday deliveries for shipping parcels within the mainland UK. Hermes' Sunday Delivery Service cover around 85% of the UK territory. In Germany, Hermes offers Saturday parcel deliveries for many routes.
Customers can also use Hermes Parcel Lockers as an alternative when they need shipping during the weekend. Parcel Lockers are open 24/7, so you can drop off or collect your parcel whenever suits you best.
How can I book a Hermes redelivery service?
When sending a parcel with Hermes, the courier will make 3 delivery attempts. If any of the deliveries was unsuccessful, the courier will leave a note with the date of the next delivery.
Although you cannot book a Hermes redelivery, the company allows you to redirect it to another delivery address, such as a neighbour's address, or to a Hermes Parcelshop or Locker, where you will have to go collect it yourself.
What is the maximum parcel size for shipping with Hermes?
In general, parcels can have up to 245 cm of total dimensions. However, there are different requirements you need to pay attention to whether you are using a Hermes Parcelshop or Locker.
  • Maximum parcel size for Hermes Parcelshops: maximum length is 120 cm
  • Maximum parcel size for Hermes Lockers: 66 x 41 x 38 cm
Can I send large parcels with Hermes?
As described above, you can only send parcels with Hermes if they have up to 245 cm total dimensions. This means you will be limited when sending large items such as furniture or a surfboard.
We understand that Hermes parcel size limits may be quite small for some users. If you need to send larger items, book the delivery with Eurosender, and you will be able to send large parcels anywhere in the world.
What does the Hermes insurance cover?
Hermes offers standard shipping insurance for free for most items. The Hermes transport insurance covers every Hermes parcel delivery for a value of up to £20, given that the shipment does not contain any restricted or prohibited items.
You can expand the coverage on your Hermes standard delivery for an additional £999. Non-compensation items (such as china or glassware) are also not covered when shipping internationally or domestically with Hermes.
Want to know if your item will be protected by insurance? Check the list of restricted and prohibited items by couriers.
Where can I find a Hermes promo code or discount codes?
If you want to find a Hermes promo code or Hermes discount codes, just search for them online, and you should be able to find some. Hermes usually offers discounts or promo codes on their social media.
Where can I find Hermes packing instructions?
Hermes packing instructions can be found on their website, and you can contact their customer service for detailed instructions.
Another option is to check our comprehensive packing guidelines for several different items.
How to ship with Hermes sea freight or Hermes air freight?
Hermes shipping services do not include sea freight or air freight; these are different logistics solutions provided by other entities.
If you need to ship cargo, Eurosender centralises all different types of freight shipping services so you can get the best solution to match your needs at the best possible price.
Can I ship parcels with Hermes to UK after Brexit?
Although Brexit has had a huge impact on logistics, shipping with Hermes to the UK after Brexit is still possible.
Due to the new rules, all packages that cross the border between the EU and the UK will have to go through customs and can be subject to VAT or customs duties.
If you want more information about shipping with Hermes or other couriers to the UK after Brexit, you can read our extensive Brexit shipping guide.
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Disclaimer: The information above is the result of online research conducted in November 2023. When looking for accurate information such as the cost of a Hermes delivery, Hermes tracking number, parcel lockers or depot or the myHermes program, we strongly recommend checking the courier company’s official website.