How to find a good freight forwarder in Brazil

Finding a reliable freight forwarder in Brazil is easy with Eurosender, the largest 3PL company in Brazil and worldwide. We cooperate with the most trusted trucking companies as well as rail, air and sea freight forwarders in Brazil so you can be sure your goods will be delivered fast and safely. Whether you are simply looking to ship cargo by truck in Brazil or you wish to organise a complex logistics operation including warehousing and customs brokerage services, Eurosender is the right partner for your business. Let us take over your logistics processes while you focus on growing your business.

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Freight services in Brazil for businesses

Eurosender provides smart logistic solutions for businesses looking for fast and reliable freight forwarders in Brazil. Set up your own digital free logistics department and have all your operations summarised in one place. With Eurosender you can book multimodal freight solutions and access top trucking companies as well as the best rail, sea and air freight brokers in Brazil or anywhere in the world.


Freight shipping solutions in Brazil

Place your order for any destination in the world and book the services you need from fast and reliable freight forwarders in Brazil. We offer a complete range of freight options for your business needs:

Road freight

The cost-effective way of delivering goods by truck or van

Rail freight

The best service for transportation of heavy loads


The fastest way to ship goods internationally

Sea freight

The most affordable option for large shipments and containers


Unimodal and multimodal freight solutions in Brazil

Eurosender provides custom-made offers for unimodal and multimodal freight services. Save time and avoid complicated and time-consuming negotiations with different freight forwarding companies in Brazil or overseas. Book freight forwarding services and get already negotiated quotes between top freight forwarders in Brazil in just a few hours. Eurosender will be the only party you will need to reach out to during the whole transport duration, handling any problems or setbacks that can occur.

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The best road freight forwarders in Brazil

  • The most cost-effective option when time is not an issue,
  • multiple shipping services for road freight delivery, including FLT, LTL and PTL,
  • a global network of logistics operators and routes,
  • book delivery directly to the destination point or just occupy the space in a truck,
  • transport by road is flexible as there are no strict schedules.

The best rail freight forwarders in Brazil

  • The possibility to transport heavy and massive goods and raw materials,
  • lower prices for long-distance deliveries,
  • not influenced by traffic conditions such as traffic jams,
  • a safe way of delivering goods,
  • an environmentally friendly mode of transportation.

The best air freight forwarders in Brazil

  • The fastest way to move your cargo from one place to another,
  • the best option for time-sensitive shipments,
  • low risks of damages,
  • quicker customs clearance,
  • air freight can be sent almost everywhere in the world.

The best sea freight forwarders in Brazil

  • A cheap solution for large shipments and containers,
  • can be used for transporting hazardous goods,
  • the most cost-effective option for intercontinental shipping,
  • the safest way for large loads that have to travel long distances.

Warehousing, distribution and import/export solutions in Brazil

Are you exporting or importing goods outside Brazil? With Eurosender you get the best international freight forwarders in Brazil, warehousing and distribution services and customs broker who will act on your behalf. Leave your logistics processes to our experienced team and invest in making your business grow. Simplify your warehousing, distribution and customs brokerage processes by opting for the best freight forwarders in Brazil with Eurosender.

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