The Best Freight Forwarders in the USA West Coast

Cargo shipping in the USA with the top West Coast freight forwarders

Flexible solutions
Cargo warehousing options
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Move your goods internationally with the best freight forwarder on the USA West Coast. As a leading international freight forwarder, we work with multiple shipping companies in the USA to provide comprehensive logistics solutions specialised in your industry. To make shipping easier, we offer a wide selection of freight forwarding services in the USA and worldwide, entirely digital and contract-free. Request your shipping quote and benefit from our years of expertise in global freight forwarding.

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Freight forwarding solutions in the US West Coast

We combine the capabilities of multiple logistics providers to offer the best solutions for freight forwarding, warehousing, customs clearance procedures or cargo distribution in the USA.

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Cargo transport services in the USA West Coast and abroad

Get access to the best cargo shipping companies in the USA and the most reliable West Coast freight carriers
from one single place. We offer a complete range of freight forwarding services for your business needs:
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Multimodal freight forwarding solutions in the USA West Coast

Eurosender makes freight forwarding to the USA easy! With a combination of on-the-spot quotes and customised offers, our logistics team will provide you with the best cargo shipping solution performed by top freight forwarders in the USA. Depending on your requirements, we are able to combine road, rail, sea, and air freight forwarding services in the US West Coast and internationally. All you have to do is contact us and request a quote.


How to book the best freight forwarders in the USA?

  • Send your request with details about your load
  • We will find the best possible solution for your requirements
  • Once you accept our offer, we will arrange all the details with the provider
  • Your goods will be collected on the established date and address


What makes us special

Global network of providers
Access to the top freight forwarders in the USA and globally

Multiple logistics solutions
In one single place, you get services to match any shipping need

Best value for money
World-class logistics services with already negotiated prices

Warehousing and distribution services in the USA West Coast

Eurosender is a one-stop logistics platform, which means we offer not only efficient freight forwarding solutions but also optimal warehousing, distribution, and fulfilment services in the US West Coast and abroad. Here are some of the options available:

Warehousing in the USA
  • No limit of time or size of the stored goods
  • Storage in the US by the same logistics provider responsible for transport
  • Bonded warehouse on the carrier’s facility when importing goods
Distribution and fulfilment
  • Cargo distribution services in the US West Coast connecting production site-warehouse-retailer
  • End-delivery from the store/warehouse to your client’s door
  • Fulfilment solutions provided by vetted companies

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Air freight forwarding services in the US

Need to transport urgent cargo? We’ve got you covered. In collaboration with international freight forwarders in the USA, we offer air freight forwarding services in 220+ countries and territories around the world. Regardless of the size and shape of your load, we will always find the freight forwarding solution that is just right for your business. If you are in a hurry, use our booking engine to schedule the delivery of envelopes and packages of up to 70 kg via air freight through our Priority Express Service, or contact us for more options.

Cargo transport with the best freight forwarding companies in the USA

We collaborate with 100+ logistics providers around the world, including multiple international freight forwarding companies operating in the USA, such as:


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Are you a cargo shipping company or a freight forwarder in California, Miami, or any other city in the USA West Coast looking to fill your trucks, vans, or containers? At Eurosender, we continue to grow our network of trusted logistics providers and look forward to meeting and welcoming new partners to our team.

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Most popular routes for freight forwarding in the USA

Here are some examples of routes for domestic and international freight forwarding services available to the USA:

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FAQs – Shipping with the top freight forwarders in the USA West Coast

Which is the best cargo shipping company in the USA?
It depends on your needs. While some companies may prefer to ship with world-renowned brands such as DHL or UPS, many times, your shipping needs would be better fulfilled by a local freight carrier from the West Coast.
At Eurosender, we treat every request individually, identifying the logistics provider or freight forwarding company in the USA that would best fit your requirements. Among our network, we have freight forwarders, courier providers and trucking companies operating in the US West Coast and several other destinations worldwide.
How to get the best freight rates in the USA?
Whether in the USA or abroad, the best freight rates are always a result of good negotiation. For smaller businesses or independent shippers, the ideal solution is to ship through an intermediary who will provide better prices and less bureaucratic services, such as Eurosender. Due to the high volume of goods shipped, imported, and exported to the USA through our platform, we have strong negotiation power with the carriers. In exchange, we pass on this benefit to our customers by offering competitive freight forwarding rates in the USA and abroad.
Do I need a customs broker when shipping freight to the USA?
If you book freight forwarding to the West Coast with us, you do not need to get an external customs broker to deal with importing or exporting your load in the USA. All the international freight forwarders we collaborate with in the USA have their own shipping agents who will deal with the customs brokerage procedures when importing or exporting goods to the USA.
Who is responsible for arranging the documents for importing/exporting goods to the USA?
It is the customer’s responsibility to organise all the documents required for the freight forwarding process to the USA. The West Coast freight carrier will make sure your load gets to where it needs to be, passing through all the necessary checks. However, any tax or duty incurred during the customs brokerage process in the USA will be forwarded to you and should be paid for the load to be released. If the process takes longer than expected, the freight forwarder can also offer bonded warehousing on the West Coast to store your cargo during this time.
How long does a freight transport service from the USA to China take?
It depends on the mode of transport being used. When shipping via air freight forwarding services from the West Coast to China, your load will arrive within 24-72h. If you are shipping a container via sea freight forwarding, also from the USA West Coast, it takes approximately 15 days.
Please bear in mind that this time estimation does not include the time required to conclude the customs brokerage procedures in the USA and China. To ensure your load will be released in the shortest time possible, we recommend gathering in advance all necessary documents for the freight forwarding procedures from the USA.