How to Send Baby Products Cheaply?

Ship baby supplies abroad and across the country

Are you a young mom or dad who has found the best price for diapers, nursery furniture and other baby goods online? Or a company looking for the best way to ship baby supplies abroad and across the country to your clients? Check how to ship diapers and other nursery goods safely and cost-effectively by courier with Eurosender. Learn how to pack such items to prepare them properly for transportation.

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Baby products international shipping for businesses

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Services you can use for shipping diapers, breast pumps, baby toys or clothes, nursery furniture and other baby products abroad and across the country

Depending on the size of your shipment, Eurosender offers several options to choose from.

Standard shipping

Send small parcels containing baby essentials and other maternity products overseas and domestically at low rates
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Freight shipping

Send large quantities of baby products cheaply across the globe; optimal for nursery furniture international delivery
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Individual offer

Get a customised solution for shipping large and heavy packages of baby supplies safely and cost-effectively
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Express shipping

The fastest shipping method for sending newborn gifts, as well as for urgent delivery of baby essentials worldwide
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How to pack and ship a breast pump abroad?

Follow these steps to prepare various nursery and maternity devices for shipping:

  • Take all detachable items apart and pack them separately.
  • Secure the items with bubble wrap.
  • Place them in a sturdy cardboard box.
  • Fill in empty spaces with cushioning materials (packing peanuts, Styrofoam, crumpled paper, etc.).
  • Seal the box.

How to pack baby essentials properly before sending them overseas?

Baby essentials, such as creams, lotions, and shampoos need leak-proof packaging.

  • Make sure that your products are sealed and secure the lid with tape.
  • Use leak-proof bags for shipping baby supplies such as lotions and other liquid products domestically and abroad.
  • Wrap each item in a bubble wrap or foil, securing it with adhesive tape.
  • Place the items in a box and add enough cushioning materials.
  • Close and seal the box with adhesive tape.

If you need to ship diapers abroad or across the country, be it by post or by courier, you can follow our general packaging tips for clothes.


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FAQs about sending baby products cheaply

What is the best way to ship a breast pump abroad?

When sending electronic and electric devices such as breast pumps abroad, it is important to pack all spare parts separately and protect the power cord. Then you can follow our general instructions for packing baby goods. If possible, always ship such items in their original packaging.

Can you send baby essentials such as lotions, creams, and shampoos overseas by post?

Yes. According to the Universal Post Union regulations, securely closed packages containing up to 1L of liquid products should be accepted. Alternatively, you can send baby essentials overseas or domestically through courier services. If you want to send baby products cheaply, simply insert your shipment details in the Eurosender booking engine. Our algorithm will automatically find the best price option for you within seconds. With Eurosender, you will get a highly competitive price for safe door-to-door delivery.

What is the best transport solution for nursery furniture international delivery?

Bulky and heavy nursery furniture can be sent on a pallet. If you need to baby chairs, tables, cradles, or indoor playground equipment together with other items, you can also request an individual offer. Our logistics experts will get back to you with a transportation solution tailored to your needs. If you are moving houses in Europe and looking for the best solution for sending many bulky nursery furniture items, van delivery might be the optimal choice.

What is the cheapest way to send baby toys and play mats overseas?

For medium-sized parcels, you can choose the standard shipping service. This is the best way to ship small packages containing various baby toys or other items such as diapers, clothes, and shoes abroad.

Is there any insurance for shipping diapers abroad by courier?

When booking a standard shipment through Eurosender, insurance coverage of up to 200€ is automatically included in the price. For extra protection, we also offer additional insurance options with higher coverage at very low rates.

Can I ship diapers abroad by courier to avoid excess baggage fees at the airport?

When travelling abroad with your baby, you have so many things in your luggage! Shipping diapers by courier can be an excellent alternative to excess baggage fees, especially if you are flying with low-cost airlines. Explore our budget-friendly shipping platform and send baby products cheaply, wherever you go.