How is cotton transported overseas

Cotton is a kind of fibre that is widely used in the production of clothing, textile, and many other items of daily use. The cultivation of cotton for commercial purposes has been known for centuries, however, the distribution of production facilities around the world makes shipping cotton bales internationally inevitable. In this article, we will explain how is cotton transported overseas, why is cotton pressed into bales, how to pack cotton bales, and answer other questions related to cotton transportation. We will provide affordable shipping options and an appealing cost of transporting cotton bales for you. Meanwhile, you will enjoy the convenience of the booking process and high-quality transportation services as Eurosender partners only with reliable logistics companies.

The cost of transporting cotton bales

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While sending parcels via courier services is rather common, shipping large and heavy items such as cotton bales is not conventional. How is cotton transported overseas and regionally then? You will have to place a request for an individual offer and our logistics experts will arrange the transportation services based on your requirements. There are several options for safe cotton transportation.

  • PTL which stands for partial truckload is suitable for the shipment that does not occupy the entire space of the lorry.
  • FTL which stands for full truckload is the dedicated van service arranged for a single consignor whose shipment can be wholly accommodated in a truck.
  • Sea cargo shipping is a cost-effective option for shipping cotton bales internationally in large containers.
  • Rail freight transportation is applicable for an immense number of cotton bales that have to be shipped across the country or within the same freight corridor.

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In any case, the cost of transporting cotton bales internationally or domestically would be affordable as Eurosender has strong negotiating power in making deals with our logistics partners such as DHL, Kuehne + Nagel, and other trusted carriers.

If you want to know more about shipping cotton bales internationally and domestically, feel free to contact our support team.

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Materials needed to pack cotton bales

After the cotton is pressed into bales, those should be protected before being transported. We provide the list of materials used for covering and wrapping cotton bales.

  • Cotton cloth – you will need large pieces of rough cotton cloth to cover cotton bales.
  • Plastic foil – it is used as an alternative to cotton cloth, however, it blocks the movement of airflow causing deterioration of a cotton bale.
  • Straps – those are used to secure packaging materials around a cotton bale.

How to pack cotton bales

There are several simple steps to proceed with to prepare cotton bales for transportation.

  • Compress cotton. Use a baling press machine to squeeze cotton and form bales. The average cotton bale size is 225 kilograms (500 pounds).
  • Wrap a cotton bale. Use a rough cotton cloth, plastic foil, or large cotton bags to cover a cotton bale. Afterwards, take several straps to tightly secure the packaging around the bale.
  • Weigh cotton bales. Use scales to determine the weight of each cotton bale to know the exact tonnage of your shipment.

Questions related to cotton transportation

Why is cotton pressed into bales?

When cotton is pressed into large bales, it becomes easier to transport and store this type of fibre. Furthermore, cotton baling allows preserving its original quality.

What is an average cotton bale size?

In general, the average weight of a cotton bale is 225 kilograms. However, its parameters greatly vary from country to country. Thus, a cotton bale weighs around 170 kilograms in India and 330 kilograms in Egypt, which is obviously twice as heavy.

What is a baling press machine?

The hydraulic press machine is the equipment used to compress ginned cotton into bales.

How is cotton transported overseas?

Nowadays, the most popular method of shipping cotton bales is sea freight transportation services. That way, cotton bales are handled with a forklift to be placed in a standard shipping container.

If you want to know more about shipping cotton bales internationally and domestically, feel free to contact our support team.

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